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Avatar f tn I'm rh- also, blood type is B-, I got my shots at 28 weeks and 34 weeks, if my baby has a negitive blood type I won't need to get one after she's born.
Avatar f tn They only give you O type blood if they have to because its a neutral blood type and your body wont reject it.
Avatar n tn Hello cdc29, Just reading your question with regards to blood type. If the father is O pos and the the mother is A pos you can NOT produce an offspring that is B neg. Here is why, we will deal with the blood groups and leave out the Rh factor for simplicity (will explain that after).
Avatar f tn 9% probability of paternity/maternity (depending on the type of samples used).
Avatar n tn I looked back through the labwork for my first m/c (from a different lab) and it said I was A+. I asked the new lab to redo it with new blood, and they again came back O+. I called the first lab and they have no idea how it could have happened. Has anyone ever had an experience like this?
419309 tn?1326506891 For a red blood cell transfusion, the blood you get must match or be compatible with your blood type. For platelet transfusions, matching blood types is less important. Even so, you will usually get a matching blood type, especially if you may need many transfusions. If you have had a bad reaction to previous transfusions, you will get medicine to help prevent another reaction. Otherwise, you will probably not get any medications with your transfusion.
282804 tn?1236837191 Jan, as you all know, I don't have cancer but did have a blood transfusion years ago with bleeding ulcer.. Lost half my blood volume..Piece of cake.. they kept sneaking in my hospital room with another pint or quart or whathaveyou.. I hardly knew they were doing it. That new blood with just start kicking A**!!!! You'll feel much better ! And , they screen it so well now.. So well, in fact, that I can't even donate blood anymore . I used to do it routinely when we lived in the Bahamas..
1230912 tn?1273496370 The first I had a miscarriage...so I dont know what blood type the baby had...my other two are both O Negitive...But they gave me the shot anyway...they said to help protect the next baby if there was another pregnancy.
202447 tn?1275095636 A Bio-Rad test is the only one I know of that is specifically approved for screening blood donors for Group O. Until this test is implemented in your blood bank, it will not accept blood from those who lived in West Africa, just to be extra safe. That is my understanding of the issue.
140622 tn?1190102529 hi, im 27, very worried as my hb level is down to 4 and my b12 level is 86, i suffer with heavy bleeding as i have endometriosis and fibroids. im also taking warfarin due to a prevoius blood clot. i had a blood & iron transfusion abt 3yrs ago. my gp has only given me iron tabllets 200mg.
1891031 tn?1329882337 It's very unlikely that you have developed them unless you have been given a blood transfusion of the wrong blood type or have has a previous pregnancy or miscarriage and were not treated. Your blood would have to mix with a + blood type at some point for you to produce the antibodies. They always test your blood type in early pregnancies to know if you have the antibodies already and determine if you need the Roh-Gam shot.
Avatar m tn Hi there. I think you have missed some part in the question. If the female has O- blood, if she crosses with a man with A-, It can be either AO - or AA -. The child can have AO-, OO-. In the 2nd case, O- mating with O-, the child may have only OO-. The rest of the query I could not understand and can elaborate if you put up a follow up clarification. Take care.
Avatar f tn In the event a person with O positive blood should need a transfusion---due to trauma, surgery, cancer, blood disorders or other illnesses---he or she can receive only O positive or O negative blood. As a result, O positive blood is in high demand, trailing only O negative blood, which is used in emergencies when there isn't time to type a recipient's blood. Those who are O positive can donate blood to any of the other positive blood types.
8683847 tn?1410760916 In the process they can also destroy good blood cells because they really can't differ between good and bad. That is why you have to get weekly blood tests to check your blood platelets. You will go UND (undetectable) during treatment hopefully leading to a status of SVR. So I vision the sovaldi and O as the seperator and the riba as the destroyer. Have to separate the HCV cells to make them vulnerable.
1838299 tn?1403496143 He said if it goes to low he would decrease the dosage and there could be a possibility of a blood transfusion. But thats a maybe.. i did research him and he seems to have a good reputation. Good reviews on him. I cant go anywhere else cause i dont have insurance so i go to a place called Mercy Center. They had doctors , dentist, and Specialist that come and see patients that doesnt have insurance or money to pay.. but they are awesome doctors there.
Avatar f tn I threw up another litre as they were admitting me - they took my hemoglobin and they were alarmed at how low it was. Within 15 minutes of walking into the ER I was having an emergaency blood transfusion. They did an endoscopy - it turned out I had an osophoegeal tear - they repaired it with an endo clip. I ended up having 4 blood transfusions and was in hospital for a week.
765439 tn?1292964014 (b) Leukemia (c) Hyperthyroidism (d) cirrhosis (e) Acute, massive blood loss (f) Hemolytic reaction- This condition may be found in (1) Transfusion of incompatible blood (2) Reaction to chemicals or drugs (3) Reaction to infectious agents (4) Reaction to physical agents- severe burn and prosthetic heart valves" Re: decreased hemoglobin It says "found in 1. Anemia states (especially iron-deficiency anemia) 2. Hyperthyroidism 3. Cirrhosis of the liver 4. Severe hemorrhage 5.
Avatar f tn and Canada are investigating the use of ozone to destroy the HIV virus, the hepatitis and herpes viruses and other infectious agents in the blood used for transfusion. The studies were endorsed by medical circles of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) because of a concern that viral pandemics have compromised the ability of world blood banks to meet urgent and heavy military demands." "...
9662954 tn?1405609759 She had plasmapheresis and platelet transfusion and was discharged. She had weekly blood draws and had bi weekly platlet transfusions cause she could not keep her platelet count up. She was bleeding from her gums and nose all the time. It was horrible. She couldn't sleep, she needed a walker, she no longer drove. When we look back at the summer now we realize she was not getting better, in fact she was dying :( In October she was hospitalized again and needed plasmapherisis.
Avatar n tn On one occasion I asked Dr. DeAdamo (Eat right for your blood type) and was told to take bioflavonoids for it. I am beginning to take the supplement now, since the vessel popping has become too annoying to ignore.
1095049 tn?1257225311 Hi, A recipient with blood type A may receive a kidney from a recipient with blood type O or A. The plus or minus factor relates only to a particular cell type in the blood and this factor is not part of the kidney. This is the why the positive or negative feature in blood typing has nothing to do with the matching of a kidney between a donor and a recipient. It is important, however, during a blood transfusion. Take care and best regards.
Avatar f tn If you find it is faster by 6 beats, you are allergic or have a sensitivity to it. If you have typeOblood, use 4 beats as the criteria instead of 6. It’s that simple. Keeping accurate notes of your results is very important. I have referred to some notes of mine, that I may have shared with other people in the past-so I just copy and paste sometimes for convenience.) I can go forever here.
Avatar n tn Hi there. I can understand your predicament. Since your husband is also Rh negatve, your children would be Rh negative, and the miscarriages could have been incidental. Unless you received a blood transfusion from a supposed Rh positive donor since you were labeled that wrongly and assuming that you have had a monogamous committed relationship with your husband, you should not be isoimmunised.
Avatar m tn You can google blood types and it will tell you what possiblities there are for blood types in a child depending on what their parents blood type is
Avatar f tn I just gave birth on june 13th to a healthy 7lbs 11 ounce baby boy. My son came out with A+ blood type. I had no troubles with it. I bet u wont either. I would deff.
553878 tn?1226510894 Interesting about the 0 Rh neg blood... that's my blood type A complete blood transfusion will not kill the virus, as it hides in the organs and even passes the blood brain barrier...
Avatar n tn its more of a technical term than anything, and its no different than having any other blood type. if you need a transfusion, youll probably receive o- blood as a precaution, but people with weak d are usually good with either. its not something youll have to worry about, if you're in an accident, the hospital will take care of you.
Avatar n tn I found out I had the antibody when I donated blood. The most likely way I contracted HCV was a blood transfusion at birth. Your daughter would most likely have been infected at birth if she were going to be infected. It is possible to get hep c by sharing razors/toothbrushes etc, but I have not seen data indicating what the percentages are. IMHO, they are pretty small, though still there.
Avatar f tn At the same time, its disease-free advantages, the most important issue of exclusion would also avoid blood transfusion, but also to create O-all type of Rh-negative blood can be used.” Janna told Peter King, reporter of AGGP media center: “A dormant cells in the blood of man-made invention was accidental, it is different from restricted the hematopoietic stem cell research in the United States today. Not everyone could extract.