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Avatar f tn I am o negative blood type as well and i didnt miscarry i only got my first shot at 28 weeks. i dont why they said its your blood type. my doctor was more concerned about me then the baby.
Avatar f tn I'm rh- also, blood type is B-, I got my shots at 28 weeks and 34 weeks, if my baby has a negitive blood type I won't need to get one after she's born.
Avatar f tn You get it 2-3 different times one at beginning of pregnancy, one at 28 weeks, and if baby is born with a different blood type than you,you get one after you give birth. They are given in the hip and not a big deal.
Avatar f tn 9% probability of paternity/maternity (depending on the type of samples used).
Avatar f tn has anyone else had the ant D injection because of their rare blood type?
Avatar n tn Hi im O+ which is a very common blood type I have no idea what my husband is and we have one child with another on the way im not too sure what the doctor meant. with O+ blood type you should have no worries. I know my cousin had a rare blood type in which when she gave birth they had to monitor her carefully but not sure which one but know O+ is good.
Avatar f tn Got Ava's blood type today. Her's is A+, mine is O+, does this mean that her father is A???? We do not know his blood type. I tried to study it but it's all soooo confusing to me. Anyone know the answer to this??
Avatar n tn My fiance just got blood typed as LAN blood type after not knowing his blood type for 23 years, I am O neg. What complications could we have with conceiving and pregnancy?
Avatar n tn Hey ladies I have a question. I have just recently found out my blood type was O+, what does that mean? Is it a rare blood type? Also I have my first u/s today, what can I expect to see? I am 12wk 2days. Thanks ladies!!!
Avatar f tn Have your bf/husband get a blood test too, to determine his blood type. If he's negative all is okay. If he's positive, you will require a rhogram shot at 28 weeks or so. Reason being is you will have foreign blood in your body (babys blood from dad) and your body will produce antibodies because you will be carrying two different blood types. If you notice any bleeding prior to the 28 week mark. Visit the er and they will give you the shot right away. This is what my obgyn said to me.
Avatar f tn I just recently asked what was my blood type because my mom told me I was o-negative. Well I found out that I am but I never received a Rhogam shot. My doctor has never even discussed it with me. Is this a big issue? Will this cause any complications? Has anyone else dealt with this????
1230912 tn?1273496370 ) Like you, I am surprised that that is so little research or interest in the medical ramifications of this rare blood type. I am convinced there's a link. There are claims that that many/most people who are RhNeg enjoy lower blood pressure, pulse rate and body temp. than RhPos people (as I and family do). You'd think that if the Neg factor can make that much difference in basic body functioning then...
Avatar f tn I am O Negative I have a rare blood type how do I know what blood type my child will be ?
Avatar f tn but told me that just having low progesterone was rare. Is it rare??? All my other tests so far were normal (day 3 blood, ultrasound). He seems to think that even me going on progesterone this month - if I do get pregnant - that it will just delay the pregnancy. I'm so scared!!!! Next month he wants to take a day 3 ultrasound and a day 5 with a dye (to look for things wrong with me?) - could something like this be lowering my progesterone?
140033 tn?1189759435 I opted for the surgery. Afterwards I was told that I have a rare blood type and was given human blood product containing antibodies (via syringe in my hip). They said I would need another shot of this product if I ever miscarried again or gave birth. And that my rare blood type MAY have contributed to the problems w/ the pregnancy. Or a combination of mine and hubbys blood types may have done something.
Avatar f tn No and yes. Type O blood type is caused by the recessive gene of O,O alleles. That means that the only allele a person with type O blood can pass down is O. Someone with B type blood must have the genotype B,O-so one that person's parents must have to have a B blood type or an A,B blood type in order to pass that down. HOWEVER there is a VERY rare condition that I studied while I was taking genetics. I just can't remember what it's called.
Avatar n tn Is that true--- I have type AB+ blood n the father has/had type O? I have 2 children-- they both have type AB+ blood type. I am confused???? n startled now, by that????
Avatar n tn ( Has ANYONE ever experienced neg blood results and then found they were pregnant after a week or so. No physical symptoms of pregnancy, just tiredness.I know it would be an absolute miracle from God if I fell naturally but these things do happen. Anyone in similar boat??
Avatar m tn First there is ABO which is type A, type B, Type O or type AB. When someone has O, they express the geneotype O,O meaning they received one O allele or trait from each parent. So two parents with O blood can only give O alleles and therefore the resulting child could only show O type blood. (There are very very rare exceptions to this rule- but they do exist.) By "hr" do you mean the Rh factor, which typically expresses itself as Rh+ or Rh-?
Avatar f tn 0- is not rare but it the universal blood type.. It is the only type of blood that can mix into any other type of blood with out any complications... Although being pregnant and having this blood type the body generally does try to regect the baby.. It is VERY NORMAL to get that shot actually they generally give every pregnant woman that shot just in case so the body doesnt regect the baby..
Avatar f tn There is nothing suspicious about this. Had it been the other way around- type O parents having a type B child- that would have raised serious questions. Sorry to hear your family has been abusive to you.
Avatar m tn I hace type 1a stage 2 fibrosis according to my dr when he evaluated the liver biopsy. he says viral count is 8 million. I will start treatment soon.. I have read 1a is the least most likely to respond. he says 5 to 10 years i could get to stage 4.. is this always the case? or could i live to 70? Is this too negative? my liver is compensated at this point.. starting to feel like i have no future.
Avatar f tn If a question of paternity is riding on it, it would not be too cautious for both parents to get their blood type checked with new tests. Then have the child's blood tested (again) as well. This is to prevent jumping to conclusions. A lot of grief could be prevented if the couple were to find out their blood types weren't what they thought. For example, my husband's blood type is A, why does he know this? Because he thinks it was on his Army dogtag 30 years ago. Mine is O.
Avatar f tn I have recently been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder called IgG4 Sclerosing Disease. I know very little about it and have had multiple surgeries and have seen MANY doctors regarding it. So far none of my doctors have seen anything like it and the only reason I reached this diagnosis was because one of my doctors reached out to a colleague at the MayoClinic in Rochester, MN who has 8 patients with this disease.
572651 tn?1531002957 The Mayo has more precise testing on o-bands( if you have o-bands in the CSF and not in your blood serum you may have MS) than other labs. The standard for how many o-bands you needed was raised by the Mayo. I think it used to be one. The Mayo lab has no real complaints. It is harder to get a MS diagnosis at the Mayo so that is where "hold the Mayo" comes from. It is all individual. Some people have no trouble getting diagnosed at the Mayo.
Avatar n tn HIV-1 DNA not retected HIV 1/O/2 Abs - Index Value 1.96 HIV 1/O/2 Abs, Qual Abnormal repeatedly reactive. HIV Abs/Wb Negative Also they provide me with these values (which i don't know what they mean) gp 160 Ab Absent gb120 ab absent p65 ab absent p55 ab absent p51 ab absent gp41 ab absent gp 40 ab absent p31 ab absent p24 ab absent p18 ab absent I really don't understand what that suppose to mean, but they told me that it is possible that I have HIV2? Is that true!
Avatar f tn Is it true you can't have a genetic test for EDS type III (hypermobility type)? This is what I've been told (or should I say, what I found in my research and read), and it really bugs me because it means I can't get an official diagnosis! My rheumatologist, which I see because of my CFS (NeuroEndocrineImmune Dysfunction Syndrome, more suitable name, really!