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Avatar n tn My dad was adopted, but lineage tracing appears to reveal mostly Irish and some French heritage - no Asian. However, after the birth of my first child in 1991, I too have developed a severe reaction to alcohol. Sometimes just touching a drink to my lips causes it. The reaction is an immediate flushing feeling, heaviness in the chest, palpitations, heaviness in the arms and head, stomach cramps and a general feeling of malaise.
1268921 tn?1288922656 -) I've been doing lots of research this last week and this site seems to be a wealth of knowledge. My story--An overall healthy 32 y/o female. Last Monday as I was responding to an email, I started with bright halos/aura in my eyes, very bright--I then realized I could not read what I had just typed and could not figure out what words I wanted to type next. My right hand then went numb and the numbness travelled up my right arm and into my face/cheek/teeth/tongue.
1740498 tn?1328966185 it isn't as common as MS and tends to be seen more often in patients with Japanese heritage than other backgrounds, though as I type this sentence I realize I'm making a total assumption that you're not Japanese. And it is certainly seen in patients of other backgrounds, just not as often as MS is. I had the NMO-IgG testing done well over a year past my RRMS dx and well into my DMD treatment. It was not considered during the initial differential diagnosis.
285896 tn?1237214827 my first and middle name are both of French origin...and I don't have a drop of French blood in me. Bottom line is, if you like a name than you like a name.....but I applaud you for being the bigger person here. I would just chalk it up to pure ignorance on her part. For the record....I think Chancellor is a great name!!
2112931 tn?1335102002 I told her that I do not want the anti-depressant type though. She said she will ask the doctor about that as well and said maybe they can give me a combination drug that helps with tremors and migraines. The nurse is going to call me back.
Avatar n tn The ped kept telling me that he was fine, but he actually started going into a seizure type fit everytime he needed to have a bowel movement. I really think some babies just have trouble with it and some don't. Water is something that will help, but if it persists I would just speak to the ped about it directly. They have lots of things they can give to produce a bowel movement.
146021 tn?1237208487 Let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say, Spare Thy people, O Lord, and give not Thine heritage to reproach..." Joel 2:17 F. Moses told the children of Israel that in his intercession for them "I stood between the Lord and you." Deuteronomy 5:5; Psalms 106:23 G.
250084 tn?1303311035 Glad you are doing well at18. Were you clear at 12? I am still somewhat undecided on the vote, so anyone I hold in high esteem (like my friend beamish) has influence over me. Of the many issues that I am strong on (of note, population control - or maybe management is the best word) I believe I am swayed to the Democrats...\ so bring it on.........
Avatar f tn Did you just suffer with it or were you able to find something that helped? Willing, your knowledge and understanding of this science type stuff amazes me. Good for you. I'll have to look at GFRY's thread and try to see why you say that resistance might be good for re-tx.
29837 tn?1414538248 Being Italian, and following in the footsteps of my heritage, all my relatives had a glass of wine with dinner. In fact, my mother did as well, and lived to be 95. My uncle is 94, aunt is 82 and grandmother died at 92. So, I would like to hear from anyone here who has asked this question to their doctor and let us know what he said. By the way, my grandfather was an exception. He drank a quart of whiskey every adult day of his life and lived to be 92.
Avatar n tn I ended up needing a blood transfusion... and not because I lost alot of blood... Our blood cells will break down under situations of extreme stress... yet doctors still continue to tell me that Thalassemia Minor should have no symptoms.... I am always tired god help me if I should run.. I get so out of breath so easily. I get heart palpatations off and on out of the blue, My hands and feet (mostly feet) are always cold!! I used to get bad headaches but not as much anymore...
902019 tn?1249865014 Re: Symtoms of AIP Before my final weeik when I was in unmistakable pain and had jaudice etc, I had very little sign of a problem. Only in retrospect did I realize that I had had a continuing and unusual thirst and some lack of whiteness in my eyes for about 9 mos. I had passed those things off as "just getting older". Big mistake.
Avatar n tn My inner thighs, vaginal area and armpit got darker when I got pregnant with my babies, also because I have diabetes type 2 when i turned 30, but my blood sugar are controlled. I am slightly over weight however the dark inner thighs is not the cause of the darkening, it was caused by hormone changes. Being clean is not the issue either, I take a shower everyday. So, I'll tell you all my secret on how I got rid of them.
649848 tn?1534637300 Refineries in Houston and along the Texas Gulf Coast can handle heavy crude such as that extracted from Canadian tar sands - the type of oil that would flow through the Keystone XL pipeline. Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., said he doesn't believe the Keystone XL is a dead project. He said the Obama administration did not have enough time to review the project, given the Republican-imposed timeline. "I don't believe this is the end of the story," Conrad told The Associated Press.
694979 tn?1232316978 Why I thought of this illness was because of your Raynard's symptoms, but also your blood cells being abnormal. People with this autoimmune condition have slowing of blood flow with occlusion of superficial blood vessels by agglutinated RBCs and that can cause Raynard's symptoms, chronic fatigue, weight loss, respiratory infections (due to M pneumoniae infection) and other symptoms. http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/135327-overview http://www.caringmedical.
Avatar m tn then he really made my blood boil when he proceeds to tell me that I am still trying to work (my four hour days you idiot) and if I am willing to work then why should he think I am deteriorating. I told him that I can't run, jump,swim and can't even go for a walk with my kids. i am trying to support a family . He knew I was getting upset (boy what a revelation) and then agreed to order evoked potentials testing and a thoracic MRI. He also ordered a neuro psych test.
Avatar f tn But it never hurts any of us to eat a better diet - it will only improve our weight, cholesterol and blood pressure. Fixing those things makes our entire body function better.
380530 tn?1239166138 Your mention of your heritage brought back many fond memories of my early 20's when I became an honorary Ukie (of course it required a great many shots of Vodka, but it was well worth it. NASTROVIA) Sorry to hear about the evil MIL. Her loss is our gain. Perhaps if she was the kind of person you could talk to, you wouldn't have stumbled upon this site. Any symptoms or twinges? Don't mean to add to the stress, just curious. Lisa: What's up with those parents.
162948 tn?1205256292 also and i know this for a fact as this happened to me march of 2006 when i found out i was pregnant with my one year old i had negative tests on cheap hpt's the cheaper ones only pick up the higher amounts of hcg where as if you pay the extra it picks up from 10 rather than 20ml of hcg it could be that you have a low dose of hcg and it is not picking it up try getting a blood test, if the blood test is negative then put it down to stress.
534800 tn?1217170959 OK, so this is what we know thus far; 1) this condition doesn't affect any particular age group (the idea that its "over 50" is only because the spattering of medical doctors tht have seen it have come from individuals in the age bracket who happen to be more proactive about their health concerns that people younger) 2) absolutely NO topical cream for itchiness, or swelling (cortizone for instance) reduces the redness, swelling or discomfort) 3) weight plays no role in the cause of the
1294995 tn?1330666336 We are all getting regulated which is huge. My first cycle I did O which was huge. And eventhough last month was a bust I did get a lh surge which is something. And I think most people we have seen get their bfp had been on clomid for a few months. So I definitely think it will be our turn soon :) mango so glad to hear you did O. That's great. Good luck this month. Sherry sorry af showed up. I had started my post last night hoping for your bfp.
Avatar n tn I'm trying the Peter D'Adamo Blood Type Diet as well as higher doses of Allegra, believing that mold allergies may well be at the root of my health problems. Since increasing Allegra, the intensity of my headaches has been reduced as well as the foggy feeling. Since introducing the blood type diet I'm experiencing less stiffness and body pain and have been able to cut back on Ibuprofen.
314833 tn?1263263099 But, I will admit I do it in the ocean on a regular basis, lol. There aren't any port-o-potties at my beach. *blush* Peek-you do have a way about getting the truth out there, don't you?!? Tagging: kellym ZevasMom rdh1981 heather5 paranoidpatty(ie)-which is it now Trish? ie or y?
Avatar m tn I know this is the type of discussion that sometimes causes debates, so I asked privately being it has been discussed already, but in seeing the thread, I am glad Jasper did post public in case there are those that never heard of the taper and want to discuss it with their doctor. Thanks Jasper. Jasper, I had asked you because I thought it was you that tapered. Maybe it was "Cruelworld" now that I think about it??
Avatar n tn His peds have done tons of blood work but could never come up with anything. i worry all day every day feeling his head because he gets sick every 2-8 weeks. If you find any answers please let me know!!!
288415 tn?1231634102 and yes it is really hard o stop the itching.. But unlike u i cant take tablets..
476246 tn?1418874514 I haven't any info to share here, but do you have a written printout of your PCR so that you can quote the type of test here? The log drop is still a huge drop, which is certainly showing your system is responding well to the meds. I guess some more research is on the cards for your decisions; maybe we should all boycott Dr D's site until you manage to post him?
Avatar n tn I almost hate to type the words out of fear of breaking the spell, but the eve primrose oil seems to be working. I see less hair in the brush everyday. If this continues to get better, i will be thrilled!!
1647691 tn?1363727302 Hi ladies, So I am 9 days post embryo transfer and my blood test date is scheduled for this coming Monday, but I got very curious:( and anxious! and took the HPT. the result is negative:( is that it? I guess I didn't make it, did I? Did this happen to anyone and turned out it was just too early to test? Anything anyone????? PS.