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Avatar f tn I am freaking out to find that my blood type O has to do with me having manic episodes (I've been hospitalized five times). For about 4 years one of my friends has been talking about the EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR BLOOD TYPE book. I thought it was a bunch of non sense, but a couple of years ago I did try to find out my blood type and none of the nurses I asked could find it.
Avatar n tn Depending on the severity (stage) of your cirrhosis certain foods may need to be avoided or portioned such as “protein” commonly induces symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy (HE) or a low sodium diet may need to be exercised to avoid water retention for those with ascites.
Avatar n tn This can be hard to prove with blood tests sinceit is a temporary thing, and you cannot produce a hypoglycemic episode necessarily just when blood is being drawn. You may want to work some small changes to her diet -- avoid simple sugars, for "reactive" hypoglycemics, those whose pancreases are overstimulated by sugary foods, will suffer lows after eating foods high in simple sugars. Complex carbohydrates are not as likely to stimulate insulin production.
469720 tn?1388149949 Regular screening can tell you what your numbers are and whether you need to take action. Blood pressure. Regular blood pressure screenings start in childhood. Adults should have their blood pressure checked at least every two years. You may need more frequent checks if your numbers aren't optimal or if you have other risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Optimal blood pressure is less than 120/80 millimeters of mercury. Cholesterol levels.
Avatar m tn If you find it is faster by 6 beats, you are allergic or have a sensitivity to it. If you have typeOblood, use 4 beats as the criteria instead of 6. It’s that simple. Underlying pathogenic Infections.
413852 tn?1317312312 My hCG levels were down to 19 on Friday, and I'm going in this morning to have blood drawn again to see if they're below 5 yet. So, yes, I got my second BFP au naturale, but it either got stuck in my tube or it was chemical. I'll keep trying!
8683847 tn?1410760916 In the process they can also destroy good blood cells because they really can't differ between good and bad. That is why you have to get weekly blood tests to check your blood platelets. You will go UND (undetectable) during treatment hopefully leading to a status of SVR. So I vision the sovaldi and O as the seperator and the riba as the destroyer. Have to separate the HCV cells to make them vulnerable.
Avatar n tn there are two blood tests out there to measure liver damage, Fibrosure is the one to the closest results to a biopsy. Sorry to hear that the wear and tear in your "vehicle" is so extensive, too bad we can't replace any parts or change any fluids.
Avatar n tn Testing anytime is not a good idea as it fails to provide an accurate insight on your blood sugar levels. Also, be certain to sterilized your test site prior to using a lancet to avoid contamination, or you will end up with inaccurate results. Lastly, I suggest you see your doctor for an A1c [HbA1c, HgbA1c, HA1c] test. The A1c measures your blood sugars over the past 2-3 months and provides a better idea if you are a diabetes candidate or not.
Avatar n tn The news mentioned this last week - https://www.nbc12.com/2020/03/21/study-says-your-blood-type-could-make-you-more-susceptible-coronavirus/ "New research shows your blood type may make you more susceptible to catching coronavirus. The study published in Wuhan, China compared blood types in 2,173 people in Wuhan and Shenzhen with COVID-19 to more than 3,600 healthy people in the same areas. It showed people with type A blood are more likely to catch the virus and die from it.
Avatar n tn Now my saliva is clearly white (except when it's mixed with blood). I think to go to dentist, but I sense that the blood is coming from my throat, or maybe I mistake, because I heard from others that frequently it's unnoticeable when it comes from dums. Today I looked my teeth in the mirror and I saw that I have caries in 2 of my teeth and I know that I have 3 teeth that are growing from my dums. After all, sorry for my bad english. See you.
Avatar n tn I had stopped breathing, my heart had stopped and the nurse did CPR until the Doc came in and saved me. Obviously I was bleeding to death internally and I had to get immediate treatment and blood. I am not trying to scare you, but you need to be seen. When you called for your appt. did you tell them what had happened? Or were you casual about it? I think if you told them you had passed a clot the size of a grapefruit then they would want you in there A.S.A.P. or even tell you to go to the E.R.
Avatar n tn I couldn't get rid of the hiccups for 3 days, so I went to the Dr, and he said that it was simply because I ate too much fatty or spicy foods right before going to bed. He asked me to take one tablet of Zantac 150 before bed along with 4 teaspons of milanta. Two days into the treatment my problem got better and then finally my hiccups went away. Hiccups as he explained to me, are caused by irratability of the diaphragm, which makes it spasm. This treatment calmed the irritability.
Avatar n tn On one occasion I asked Dr. DeAdamo (Eat right for your blood type) and was told to take bioflavonoids for it. I am beginning to take the supplement now, since the vessel popping has become too annoying to ignore.
Avatar n tn Also, many people in my family have never been able to get a positive from a urine test, and also get their periods all through the pregnancy, the doctors out here won't give me a blood preg test and it'll take me 3 weeks to get into my obgyn to get either a blood preg test or an ultrasound.... Is there any other way to find out if it's pregnancy, or anything? the doctor told me it was safe to take gravol during pregnancy, but that doesn't even work, so i'm still stuck puking every morning.
1047234 tn?1253547296 I had mine checked when I had surgery. I'm A positive. I had never heard about blood type and fibro link. It could be very interesting to look at. There is a book "Eat Right for Your Type." It outlines each blood type and what foods you should and should not eat. I don't follow it but it's interesting, most of the foods for A positive that I should eat make me feel yucky or I don't like.
Avatar f tn Hello Mom of 4, First of all, I'd like to say you're doing the right thing by being concerned and getting your daughter to the doctor. I'm not a medical professional, just a parent of a child with type 1. I have to apologize, the archive search isn't working, so I can't look up your post history, but I think I can figure out what it was about.
Avatar n tn hi i was reading ur post and i to experience the same exact thing, i also work in a emergency setting as well as the guy that commented last, and i have asked doctor after doctor, and the guy above seemed to hit it on the nose, what i was told that some people notice there heart rates increase and some dont that one can notice a 10 beat difference while the next person couldnt notice a 40 beat difference, also have you been checked for ulcers in ur stomach, they also can cause this after eating,
1423357 tn?1511089042 Besides sugary foods and liquids simple carbohydrates are one of your worse enemies. The sugars in these foods are quickly absorbed into your blood stream. Avoid white foods; foods made with white flour such as white bread, white rice, crackers, potatoes, pasta. Other foods/drinks need care too. For example; milk has Tablespoons of sugar, fruit & fruit juices [fructose aka fruit sugar] also can cause blood sugar to rise [so serving sizes and moderation are important].
Avatar m tn When I eat chili I put vinegar in to counter-act the acids. Say goodbye to fried foods as well. Anything greasy or spicy is your enemy now! Exercise is something that can help you expedentially. Important tip: DONT EAT LATE. Make your last meal around 6 if you go to bed at 10 and do some slow yoga around 8 to expel the gas before bed. Because we all need our beauty sleep.
Avatar f tn Supersally, my thinking mirrors yours....I simply wish to avoid foods that will raise my BG to levels like 149 (like the rye bread). I know it came down to 103 after an hour, but I'd rather stick to foods that don't raise it that high . Right now, this monitoring is experimental to see if I can bring my A1c down.
Avatar f tn The presence of cortisone negates the effects of the blood patch. The cortisone is there to avoid inflammation and yet the blood patch relies on clotting. As a male with large inter-vertabrae spaces, the likelihood of clotting is less. The clotting relies on tighter spaces to collect and congeal. The cortisone lowers the immune response. The cortisone masks the initial symptoms making detection slower.
Avatar f tn Since I only do pizza w/o meat. Anyhow, it seems to help to keep them from falling so fast. As far as the red blood cells and anemia goes, somebody else may have another suggestion.
446896 tn?1237806342 I am trying Transcendal Meditation (TM), there's a lot of research that supports its effectiveness on anxiety and high blood pressure. I think that I'm going to need to take an SSRI (like Zoloft) as well. I welcome any other suggestions....
1468090 tn?1289097010 Rice, potatoes, bread, tortillas, cereal, milk, fruit, and sweets are all carbohydrate-rich foods. If you are hyperglycemic (High blood sugars) you need to reduce your carbohydrate intake. Either of these conditions can be an dangerous but low blood sugars that drop under normal levels can lead to all kinds of problems, doing any exercise when your sugars are low will burn up more carbs and can cause your sugars to drop more, even to the point of inducing coma.
Avatar f tn At the time of my original NS appt in 2012, I weighed almost 350lbs as a 21 y/o female. In order to have decompression surgery, I had to lose 100lbs as it was too unsafe. It was incredibly difficult (I practically gain weight by looking at something) but through a medical supervised starvation shake diet (500-750 calories per day and only the shakes for several months), I lost the weight over a period of a year and a half.
351317 tn?1204755471 In North America you should take L-Tryptophan rather than 5-HTP to avoid high and potentially dangerous levels of serotonin in the blood (all to do with passage through the blood brain barrier). There are many pathways in the metabolism of L-Tryptophan, and each step in a pathway is controlled by an enzyme. These enzymes are the product of your individual genetic expression and can vary greatly from one person to another.
Avatar n tn i saw my dr a few days ago and he told me to make blood, urine, and semen tests. things are more complicated now. blood comes out after i have sex. when i masturbate there is no blood. he told me that this is very strange. he told me to test my semen 3 times. he told me not to ejaculate 3 or 4 days before the 1st test, then to do the test again 3 days later, and to test it again 3 days after and immediately after having sex. this way he will be able to compare the results.
Avatar n tn I visited an endocrinologist on May 31 and a blood test revealed I was now HYPERTHYROID...in less than 8 weeks I went from hypo to hyper! The muscle pain and fatigue has literally crippled me. I cannot do any much beyond lying down. I'm litigation paralegal, and I work long days, and I'm currently unable to even drive to the office. Showering causes me to have to lie in bed for at least a half hour to recover.