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Avatar n tn My 11 year old son has had Type 1 diabetes since age 5. His A1-C has always been between 6.0-7.0- until the last year. His most recent A1-C was 10.9 and I am very worried. His endocrinologist prescribed Glucophage tablets at his January 07 visit. He is a pumper (Novolog) and during the summer he chooses to get off of the pump so we give him Lantus(basal) and he uses the Novolog flexpen when he eats.
Avatar n tn And while we focus on Juvenile Diabetes (or Type 1), we don't just focus on juveniles who have this disease. We deal with issues faculty adults with diabetes, whether they hvae Type 1 or 2. Hope you find the site useful!
173975 tn?1216261375 The past 2 long weekends has helped. I slept most of yesterday myself. Was feeling kinda dizzy. But don't remember all the side effects from 13 years ago. but I do know that I continued to work. Hope I can this time too. I wish you all the luck with your treatment and in whatever you decide to do.