Two menstrual periods in a month

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Avatar n tn During the period before menopause, your period will become irregular, like you will have a couple close together and then perhaps skip a month or two. Eventually you will have fewer and fewer periods. I assume that you have had a pap smear and pelvic exam in the last year and it was normal. If you have not had a pap smear and pelvic exam, you need to go get these two things done by your gynecologist.
Avatar f tn I didn't have a need to (not sexually active or anything). It would come and then not come for a month...sometimes come two months in a row. It was very very irregular. I have kept track of my period from 2007 til now and this is how it goes. 0=no period and #=period. 2007: January 0, February 0, March #, April 0, May #, June 0, July #, August 0, September #, October 0, November 0, December 0.
Avatar n tn I know a lot of women have 2 periods in one month, but most of the cases I've heard about have been instances where the periods are at least a week apart. I just had my regular period and it ended two days ago. Then suddenly, i started heavy bleeding again today. Could this mean that I'm pregnant?
Avatar f tn In one month, the menstruation comes 2 times or even more, which mean that many women in menstruation menstrual disorders. We will usually though from the womb dysplasia, acute or chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, such as uterine fibroids gynecological diseases but we always ignore the life factor. Many of us often didn't realize of bad habit, which likely to cause period maladjusted culprit. For example: 1. Stress 2.Greed cool 3. Hertzian wave 4. Constipation 5.
Avatar n tn Im 30 and I have my periods at least twice a month, this month its been three times. THe first time I have it, its normal. THe second and third is weird. NOt the right color, kinda chunky, just not right. Ive been on the pill for almost a year and I really dont have any stress in my life. Any ideas what this could mean? Some people said early menapause, I hope not, cause I want more children. Other people said something about if you had a lapscopy?
Avatar n tn I am a 26 years old... Aunt Flo was due on the 6th and today's the 15th... That would make me 9 days late... On the day I was expecting AF, when I usually have dark brown discharge and/or dark red blood in the beginning associated with almost unbearable cramps, there was nothing... just a very faint streak of pinkish-ness on the wipe and a bit of a "bubble" feeling in my lower tummy. It didn't last for 2 days... that same night, i went tinkle again and it wasn't there anymore...
Avatar f tn You asked for advice so I will suggest you see your gynecologist to discuss the changes in your periods, a blood test can determine if your hormone levels are dropping which will indicate perimenopause. You can get information on what's in store for you and discuss HRT and other options at that time. Just remember that menopause is NOT a disease or a disorder that requires medical intervention. It is a natural right of passage for all women.
Avatar f tn I also have been gaining weight, but that's nothing new, it's been a gradual thing since high school. Now, I am at a stage in my life where I have a new job, am taking the last college class I'll need to graduate, am trying to find a new apartment, and I'm getting married in less than 3 month, and we're planning the whole thing ourselves, so, I might conceivably buy this "late due to stress" thing.
1713107 tn?1308507953 but is there a way that i could be pregnant because i really want to? how come its two periods in a row in a month then after a week i got another? what tests would i check? i dont really rely on home preg kits...pls help!
Avatar f tn Last time i got my periods in second week of April 2011. for a month i dint do sex but i dint get my periods. After a month we had sex 3 times and this month also i dint get. Also one more thing sometimes i get something white after my **** or when i wash XX tat. Can u please help for the same i dont want to see a gync..m scared of them plz reply.
Avatar n tn ) I can remember a lifetime of light periods, regular periods, no periods and periods during which I thought I was bleeding to death! I would say don't worry about this light period, in fact, enjoy them when they happen. Just keep a watch and if they continue to be light and if that is a real change from your normal periods, you should let your OB/GYN know. Any drastic change in your periods that lasts for more than one cycle should be brought to the attention of your doctor.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been on Effexor XR (75 mg) for about a month and a half. Last month, after I had been taking it for about 3 weeks, I started experiencing light spotting in the middle of my cycle. I have been taking Yasmin for birth control for almost a year now and have had very regular periods and have never experienced spotting or irregular bleeding while on it. I called my gynecologist and she said that she thought my body was adjusting to the new med.
Avatar f tn You also just said you've only had two periods in five months. After pregnancy, my body took about 3 months to adjust back to my periods, and maybe that's what you experienced as well. Give it a week and take another test if you're worried about another pregnancy. If it's still negative, I'd wait and see to see if your period shows.
Avatar f tn This is known as anovulatory bleeding and is not a normal menstrual period. There is a huge difference between cycles in which the woman ovulates but does not get her period, and one in which she gets her period but does not ovulate. In the former case, the woman is almost certainly pregnant. In the latter case, she has had an anovulatory cycle.
Avatar f tn Every month, about a week before my menstrual period starts, I get severe constipation. It started about two years ago, but it wasn't so bad as it has been in the past three months. I'm almost twenty and my menstrual cycle sometimes changes, but this could also be influenced by my high testosterone level. I have lived in three places my whole life, three different states, but moving around back and fourth doesn't seem to correlate with anything.
Avatar f tn however it has been over a month now and I am still bleeding but the last two weeks I have none stop blood clots that are about the size of a cracker and here within the last week I have started to notice that the blood clots are starting to become flesh colored I am not sure what is going on I am haveing awful pains in my lower stomach and fell very tired and weak!!
Avatar f tn Also I've been reading a lot about endometriosis, and it has a lot of the same symptoms that you are mentioning...all in all these are just things that I heard about, so PLEASE GO SEE A DOCTOR ASAP, because those symptoms are very serious and whatever the diagnosis is, as we all know if we catch it early it will definitely help you out a ton. Good Luck and keep us posted on what happens, AGAIN PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR.
Avatar n tn I have always suffered from heavy and long periods. In 2004 I detected a lump in my left breast. It was painless. In 2008 March I got it operated, reports suggested it was Fibroadenoma. In the same year from the month of August I started experiencing irregularities in my menstrual cycle. Apart from being heavy and lengthy (7-8 days) a new cycle started only after 10-15 days after the previous one. I consulted with my doctor.
Avatar n tn i am a lady aged 23. i only have my periods once in three or four months. am i normal or is there something wrong with me. some times i bleed a lot.
Avatar n tn If you make a major change in your life or are really stressed out your body will decide not to ovulate that month (it thinks hey – not a good time to have a baby) and so you don’t release an egg, the body doesn’t have to prepare for the egg, so alas, no period. This can happen to any woman no matter how long they’ve had a period. As for water weight – oh yes! Bloating and water weight are very common for women leading up to and during a period.
Avatar n tn Have you visited your doctor and told him that you have not had a period in two months? I don't want you to think I am lecturing you, but maybe you should, just to see what he says? I understand how you are feeling right now, because I am exactly the same. I am absolutely dreading going to the doctors tomorrow because I feel daft saying 'Pregnancy tests are negative, but I still think I could be pregnant and that there is a problem' I mean what the hell is she going to think of me????
1262563 tn?1269955526 im sexually active with my partner of 6 months and have been on birth control pills for about 18 months #i have never missed a period, which is why im now concerned as i havent had a period since the first week of february and its now almost april! ive taken two hpt tests, both came back as negative. although i havent done a first thing one in the morning but surely a positive should be coming up by now also i have been feeling most of the pregnancy related symptoms i.e.
Avatar f tn Since it's been nearly two years since your last Depo injection, your menstrual cycle should be back to a regular schedule by now. If you continue to miss periods, you could always speak with your gynecologist about your concerns.
Avatar n tn It turned out I had a huge fibroid. In the four months before I had it removed, I got the two periods a month thing, basically 'starting' every 11 days, and the periods being extremely heavy. what I learned from my WONDERFUL doctor is that having fibroids (basically endometriosis on the inside of the uterus) can cause excessive bleeding because they are covered in the same lining as your uterine wall, so it 'refreshes' with each period just like your uterine wall... thus, more blood.
5188624 tn?1364893170 hi, I have got my periods very light during my recent menstrual cycle(two days ago) and it lasted for only two days,while the usual cycle for me is four days with moderate bleeding but this time the bleeding is very light n blood is very thin. I have started to exercise recently with some diet control, like i take oatmeal in my breakfast, my evening tea n grilled chicken or fish in dinner sometimes with a brown bread slice.
Avatar n tn I started taking birth control July 28, 2008 after I began my cycle. I bled for over a month and a half then immediately stopped taking the pills. Afterward, my cycles came monthly until the middle of March which was my last cycle. I had sexual intercourse after my cycle and didn't receive my next cycle until today, June 22, 2009. I never missed more than 2 cycles but apparently missed 4. Am i miscarriaging or receiving a heavy cycle?
Avatar f tn All of which my gyns over the years seem to think is okay. (?????) For the last year I have been having 1-3 full on menstrual cycles a month! Admittedly I have had a pretty stressful year, and lost around 25-27 lbs in 3 months, but i feel healthy and stronger since loosing the weight (needed to for 7 years). I have been with 1 partner for six years and not fearing an STD, but this is not just an inconvenience, it is scary & painful! Has anyone ever experienced this?
Avatar n tn I ended up with a cyst on both sides and had to have them removed. It wasn't long (like weeks) after the three periods in a month that the pain started.