Tussionex vs hycodan

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Avatar n tn It's combined with a minor antihistimine that, frankly, I never noticed an effect from - even when I would drink 6 ounces of Tussionex at a time. I truly believe that Tussionex would make a legitimate pain relief option because of its time release nature. You can use it so that it is not narcotizing, that is, you don't get the instant "whack" of hydrocodone with Tussionex that you will from Hycotuss.
Avatar n tn I worked in a drugstore for a few years and developed a roaring addiction first to Hydrocodone(they didn't have Oxycontin or vicodin back then so I drank huge amounts of Hycodan cough syrup and Tussionex. I then switched to Percocet/percodan (same ingredient as Oxycontin). At the time I left the store I was up to 36 Percocet a day (12, 3x per day).Right at the end I started taking MS Contin(Morphine, delayed-release from same co. as Oxycontin), and Dilaudid and injecting them both.
Avatar n tn percodan/percoset.lortab,hydrocodone cough medicines(tussionex,hycotuss,hycodan) and many more. The only way to replinish these chemicals in your body is through abstinence.I know you already know this. Joedice,I think you already know that abstinence is a very difficult procedure. You must get all the help that you can find. Without this help this disease will stay active and you will have a constant battle. HAVE you tried all the medicines that are specifically for migraines. Cafecort(sp)?
Avatar n tn My fave was to wash down 20 or 30 percs with a couple 16oz Tussionex or bottles of Hycodan. What details I show you my federal register arrest.