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Avatar f tn I am 32 years old and have recently been told by my OB that because of my high FSH levels (10.2 on day 3 and 17.7 on day 10) that I need stronger meds than Clomid (which I have taken for 2 rounds). I am going to see an RE next week. I read in another message that the days you take Clomid can make a difference. My OB told me to take it days 3-7, but I have been reading it should be taken 5-9. Any input would be great. I am really trying to stay positive and not lose hope.
Avatar f tn I think your last sentence esp. makes the most sense. Maybe they want us to rest to see if it is still high then, and that is the true reading. Let's see if some other people can also shed light on this confusion. Any experts out there? :-) Bugs.
4842016 tn?1372039067 I loveeee it too!
Avatar n tn We have already tried an IUI with a BFN. I am an 11 a really high number to conceive with IVF? My doctor says it will be hard and my husband also has low counts...any info or thoughts from anyone?
Avatar f tn Today, some authors believe that erythromelalgia is a component of RES, and it is possible that RES is the auricular variant of erythromelalgia.[37] A variety of treatments have been used for RES. Because of the multiplicity of potential causes, there is no a treatment of choice, and many patients are resistant to all treatments.[28,29] A temporary or permanent relief can be achieved by a local anesthetic block or even section of the third cervical root.
Avatar f tn Res Q is a product name from site its 100% pure pharm quality fish oil (omega 3 oils) its the best on the market today! the fish oil is called res q 1250 - the LDLX is a red rice yeast , that I take with the fish oil daily - same company again its pure! compaired to other brands. I found the fish oil really helps me - but also sometimes interacts with b.p meds im on ! so im off and on for now with it..
731353 tn?1305045222 I would be wary of what I told them and what I take - if it's a blood thinner (or excedrin) it will thin your blood, and unless you're a hemophiliac, you shouldn't really have a problem. I know if (GOD FORBID) this go-round doesn't work, I'm gonna be using excedrin again to give me the best chance next time!!
Avatar f tn I'm 6 weeks and I am having my first craving... Salt & Vinegar chips. I've only had one bag but I'm tryna ignore the craving because I feel like this craving will lead me to high blood pressure. Is it hard to ignore cravings?
Avatar f tn Can Metformin cause elevated liver enzymes? I take 1500mg 1x daily. My recent blood work shows that my ALT is high 47 and normal is 6-40. My AST and ALK phosphate are elevated but within the normal range.
Avatar n tn My mother is in her late 70's with very high blood pressure (systolic pressure was at 250). She's getting tests done, but they don't seem to be timely or thorough enough. My mother is horrible with advocating for herself. Her PCP told her that she may just have to live with high blood pressure. Could this be true????I don't think they are treating it aggressively enough.
Avatar f tn m wondering if there is any correlation between having a high blood alcohol content and high blood sugar, as high blood sugar turns into alcohol. Anyone know?
1839241 tn?1319938032 s done or does your obgyn do them! My dr already checked my insides and did blood work she said my testosterone was a little high but my insides and everything else looked good!
Avatar f tn Not true people drink it to regulate periods and all throughout their pregnancy. He amount you consume however does matter! Ididnt start drinking it till i hit 27 weeks im drinking two cups a day. Since i did not know how my body would react i started with only 1 cup a day. When i seen that my body had no reaction to it i started drinking 2 cups a day. When i turn 33-34 weeks ill move up to 3. Everyones different. Its a personal decision when to start.
Avatar f tn Is it true that if you carry low its a girl and if your carrying high, a boy?
Avatar f tn X-rays: Chest, CT Chest, High Res CT Chest (all negative for ILD; some granulomatous found) Labs: No HIV or Hepititas Heart: NM Stress Test; multiples ECHOs, including bubble ECHO, 2 Cardiac Caths -- one to hopefully repair a hole, but hole not found for closure or big enough to cause symptoms; otherwise all negative. During cardio bubble ECHO blood pressure soared (190/100) and oxygen saturation plummeted.
Avatar n tn We have suction Machine but nothing else other than oxygen to help him for He has a DNR order ( do not resuscitate.)He seems to cycle ( I call it that) going from his sats being 95-98 and Blood pressure from 138/83 to 98/63. His pulse 63-83. Res.16-8. temp varies from 97.5 to 99.0 in the last weeks he is increasingly losing the volume of his voice, His pain level increasing and really seeing things that are not there and ordering us to do things( he was a farmer)that are crazy.
Avatar f tn t come back to normal since it started last month. It feels like it could be a situation with my feet muscles, or blood flow. Need advice or permanent remedy. Thanks.
509879 tn?1259338951 Hi all, I belong to another TTC Over 40 group, much like this one (confusing going back and forth--wish there were a way to combine both groups), and a woman there recently posted that she is 43 and just learned she has high FSH levels. She wanted to know if there's ANY hope that she could have her own bio child. I'm reposting my response here, which includes several reviews of Julia Indichova's book Inconceivable. I find the reviews inspiring and thought some of you might as well.
Avatar f tn for 20 days and go for the blood test for FSH/TSH/PRL on 3rd cycle day. My FSH level has came gone up as 47 and doc told me that it will be difficult to conceive with my own eggs but i'll have to go for donor egg option. Even though, my doc has suggested to go for another round test of FSH in next cycle, which is due next month. I very sad now and want a help from anybody, what I can do to lower down my High FSH it affects a normal pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Just checked and read some of my blood work from 2007. Doctor never did any follow up tests with me though, and now five years later I have full blown hypothyroidism they just diagnosed me with! My antibodies they test you for 2 I was positive for one but not the thyroglobulin!
Avatar f tn I never found this to be true, even when I was bleeding in my 6th week. It was normal-looking blood. Certainly it wouldn't be diagnostic of pregnancy, if that is what you have in mind.
10197990 tn?1408455650 I had a mammogram and was told I am high risk with 26% chance of breast cancer and an MRI was ordered with a BI-RADS of 0. I had the MRI report and got a phone call that "they found what they were looking for which was increased blood flow to a certain area" so I have to have another breast MRI and a core needle biopsy. The report has my BI-RADS as now a category 4. The findings read: I have fibrocystic changes throughout both breast.