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Avatar f tn I am 32 years old and have recently been told by my OB that because of my high FSH levels (10.2 on day 3 and 17.7 on day 10) that I need stronger meds than Clomid (which I have taken for 2 rounds). I am going to see an RE next week. I read in another message that the days you take Clomid can make a difference. My OB told me to take it days 3-7, but I have been reading it should be taken 5-9. Any input would be great. I am really trying to stay positive and not lose hope.
Avatar f tn A friend of mine rushed me to emergency. 2 years (now) later, we are still trying. I changed RE's. I had a complete l blood work up, and I was told I have a high FSH level. (14) I as told that I would need IVF if I wanted to conceive. I had an ultrasound and it was discovered that I had Fibroids and Polyps. I had a hysterocopy, 2x's, because they didn't get all of the fibroids. I just met with the RE and he said I had a clean bill of health.
Avatar f tn I was devastated to know that. If anyone else has high E2 levels or high fsh levels at a young age, please reply back with your experiences.
509879 tn?1259342551 Hi all, I belong to another TTC Over 40 group, much like this one (confusing going back and forth--wish there were a way to combine both groups), and a woman there recently posted that she is 43 and just learned she has high FSH levels. She wanted to know if there's ANY hope that she could have her own bio child. I'm reposting my response here, which includes several reviews of Julia Indichova's book Inconceivable. I find the reviews inspiring and thought some of you might as well.
4548024 tn?1474842725 OK, im confused, My Endocrinologist is an amazing doc, Hes really nice, and i saw him a few years ago, cause my Prolactin was way to high and we thought at first that that was causing the infertility cause i leak milk and still do now,,I always have, Well now im back seeing him cause of my TSH, and my OB and my RE say i should be on something to lower my numbers, but of course my Endo believes under 5 is normal so he says i dont need anything,I told him i was going to bring in articles from here
Avatar f tn My RE told me to stop taking my progesterone today, as he wants it to get out of my system for my visit on tuesday. that way he can tell what my true levels are. my levels have been very high, ranging from 7200-15000. i am nervous to stop though. i am only 7 1/2 weeks. what if my body takes this drop in progesterone as a signal to shed my lining?? this is going to be a horrible three days. why not just let me stay on till 10-12 weeks? did any of you guys stop your progesterone so early?
Avatar f tn Also had a liver biopsy in May 08, but did not get results back yet.Add high blood pressure and high cholesterol to that. Now, since I had to have medical clearance for the hysperoscopy, the Dr took and EKG in her clinical office, and said I needed to have a stress test done. I REFUSED. She said she "thinks", from reading the EKG that something is wrong with my heart. Since I refused, she ordered an ultra sound of my heart instead.
10197990 tn?1408459250 Small pleural effusion on the right. Normal lymph nodes seen in both axillary regions on the scout images. On the high res post-contract images I have multiple lymph noces seen on lateral chest wall. Extensive fibrocystic changes are seen bilaterally. Small lymph nodes are seen laterally on the right. On free standing DYNA-CAD work station I have some scattered fibrocystic changes in both breasts. A mild ductal ectasia is present not no abnormal enhancement is identified in the right breast.
343006 tn?1314450071 There a number of reasons for "high" blood pressure. And a high blood pressure, though connected with a higher incidence of strokes, is not necessarily "bad". Mother nature never "does nuthin for nuthin' " Remember that. To control high blood pressure, one has to look at the reasons. Sometimes there is no apparent reason. In many cases, higher blood pressure is compensatory. You have to be careful in fooling with compensatory high blood pressure.
Avatar n tn You could always get a High Res CT which has a very high hit rate for restrictive lung disease. Lung biopsy by VATS is not as invasive and recovery time is quick. A good site to post on where some have experience of lung biopsy is Good luck.
Avatar n tn You might look into trying omega 3 oils or fish oil pills.. such as Res Q 1250 one of the top brands of pure omega 3 oils. I have been on it for over 4 years now - and it works fine ! both hdl and ldl levels are lowered - it took about 5 months to see results happen. it works good for most people. however beware some will say it does not work good - Doctors dont like it ! as they like to push the crestor and other brands of cholesterol lowering meds at us all. its $$$ for them !!
Avatar n tn I had a positive ovulation test on 9/7, which was day 11 of this cycle. Exactly two weeks later, on 9/21 (day 25 of this cycle), I had a blood test that showed my hcg was 27, and my progesterone was 27. The RE's nurse said that those numbers indicated a very early pregnancy. Three days later, at day 28 since my last period, my hcg was 63, and my progesterone was 23.
Avatar m tn I haven't used it but this I can tell you! beta-glucan" refers to a class of soluble fibers found in many plant sources. The best documented use of beta-glucan involves improving heart health; the evidence for benefit is strong enough that the FDA has allowed a "heart healthy" label claim for food products containing substantial amounts of beta-glucan.1 Much weaker evidence supports the potential use of certain beta-glucan products for modifying the activity of the immune system.
Avatar n tn She is a wonderful person and she is great at diagnosing LQTS. I sent her ours and she was instrumental in our getting a referral to an EP. I sent her high res EKGs via email and heard back from her within a few days. She also gave recommendations for EPs in our country. I am from Canada. Good luck at your appt.
Avatar m tn 05/31/12 Doc Blood Draw, TSH = 1.76 uU/mL 10/26/12 ZRT Blood Spot, TSH = 3.7 uU/mL, T4 = 3.2 H ng/dL 11/21/12 Labcorp Blood Draw, TSH = 7.0 H uU/mL, T4 1.36 ng/dL 12/11/12 Doc Blood Draw, TSH = 2.85 uU/mL 12/19/12 Labcorp Blood Draw, TSH = 4.21 uU/mL, T4 = 1.62 ng/dL My CRP is 4.4 H mg/L on 11/21/12. My blood spot cortisol was high on 10/26/12 and my saliva cortisol was OK at morning and daytime but moved to high end at night of 0.9 ng/ml. Usually on waking my blood glucose is around 105.
337157 tn?1199639806 I am also fit, with great blood pressure, and no real health problems, so the high risk was simply my age. We were not going to do the amnio, but I guess there are other blood/ultrasound tests that a perinatologist can run at 11-13 weeks to see if the fetus appears normal, so we wanted those tests run. I do hope your ob-gyn will refer you to a high-risk specialist if you want one; insurance should cover it as a pregnancy-related expense (as opposed to fertility tests).
Avatar n tn Don't know anything about "Serenity" or "Amoryn", however, Brigham had some good suggestions. I am familiar with GABA and DHA (fish oil). An alternative medical doctor suggested that I take GABA for anxiety as I have "white coat" syndrome. My blood pressure shoots up sky high when I walk into a doctor's office. They get readings like 186/110, whereas, this mornming my blood pressure was 118/82. Normal is considered 120/80.
Avatar f tn They just look at the one 9 which we aren't sure if it was a lab mistake or true and mark me as boarderline high FSH. I have just started taking DHEA and Wheatgrass to try to lower it because I am getting ready to have my FSH taken again and don't want a high number. I had never taken those supplements before but was told by a friend to try them and see if I can get lower than 6.
2033435 tn?1329947108 I came across the stopthethyroidmadness site and would like to know what is the general consensus around here on the type of meds the author recommends and her point of view. Is it true that everyone should take i.e. medication that contains T3, etc? Or does it depend on each specific case/person? I would like to understand this better so I can discuss with my doctor when the time comes.
Avatar n tn It seems like when you get clomid from a regular doctor or OBGYN, they don't do much monitoring, while REs do. REs will usually do an ultrasound on CD3 to check for possible cysts and also to check your antral follicle count (resting follicles), then they will check again before ovulation to make sure you have a maturing follicle (or more that one). As for the dosage, I think bumping it up to 100mg is a good idea. many women need a higher dose than the 50mg to ovulate. Good luck!
233488 tn?1310696703 859–866 View In ArticleMEDLINECrossRef 14.Datiles MB, Ansari RR, Suh KI, et al. Clinical detection of precataractous lens protein changes using dynamic light scattering. Arch Ophthalmol. 2008;126(12):1687–1693 View In ArticleCrossRef 15.Sebag J. Molecular biology of pharmacologic vitreolysis [thesis]. Trans Am Ophthalmol Soc. 2005;103:473–494 View In Article 16.Sebag J, Ansari RR, Suh KI. Pharmacologic vitreolysis with microplasmin increases vitreous diffusion coefficients.
Avatar m tn Experts believe that a major part of the reason for the difference prostate cancer rates is diet. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) “diets high in red meat, dairy products, and animal fat have frequently been implicated in the development of prostate cancer”. The traditional Chinese diet consists of vegetables, fish, sea vegetables, fiber-rich foods, and a small amount of soy, a fare that is typically low in saturated fat and sugar.
Avatar f tn Got a BFN and was devastated. Changed REs for next month and they started me on injections. I took 150IU of Follistim for cd3-cd8. I also had to take Ganirelix for cd6-cd8 because I had one follicle that was growing quicker than the others. RE used Ganirelix to inhibit LH surge until she was ready for me to ovulate. On cd9, I took Ovidrel to trigger ovulation. On cd10 had IUI and cd11 had another IUI. They did an ultrasound on me on cd3, cd6, cd8, and cd9.
Avatar n tn Several months ago, I wrote to you about some studies' that show Fish Oil Supplementation has a tendancy to INCREASE LDL. Well, apparently, that seems to hold true, at least in my case. Before Fish Oil my lipids were: TC-180 and Direct LDL-87. Only 6 months later, without a dietary change, my lipids went to TC-235 and direct LDL of 150. Tri's remained boderline high at 170-200. My cardiologist is having my blood retested this week, as he thinks a lab error occured.
Avatar m tn - How does the oncology team etc determine whether it's cancerous or not - can this only be done via biopsy or blood test/tumour markers? Can a CT scan alone determine whether a "lesion" is malignant or cancerous?
Avatar f tn I will have an more acurate test done in 6 weeks. but my blood levels are extremely low wbc 1.6 rbc 3.06 hemo 9.9 and now I have an upper respitory infection. My doctor said that he does not want to prescribe procrit at this time. I went to the clinic for the cold and practicly had to beg him for antibiotics to kick this. I was told to only take a half a shot this week if I am not better by Saturday.
Avatar m tn activity grade 2, high ALT, and Genotype A. The only non-ideal condition is high hbvdna. I don't why you are not keen on the Interferon Lamda trial as you will be well monitored. Is your specialist from RPA, Sydney? In your next test, be sure to test your HBeAg and HBeAb status as you may have already seroconverted to HBeAg-ve inactive state. Why take Chinese herbs? It will only mask your ALT numbers. Just my opinion.
6702452 tn?1383920367 I actually wanted to make sure the Ovidrel shot was out of my system which it is so anything after this I can consider a true positive. But I can't help but feel devastated. Has somebody have this happened and have a positive after day 4 after the blastocyst transfer. I am immensely greatful to those of you that can give me some hope.