Trouble losing weight while nursing

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Avatar f tn (Symptoms leading to this conclusion = excessive hair shedding, fatigue and trouble losing weight....uncertain whether this is just a postpartum "norm") All of my labs came back normal, but the doc said my thyroid is enlarged so I was sent for an ultrasound. The ultrasound discovered 3 solid nodules (the largest being 13 mm), one "mildly complex colloid cyst" and "multiple small colloid cysts.
148057 tn?1231426991 I know many women praise breastfeeding for helping them lose weight, but have any of you struggled with losing weight while breastfeeding and instead lost it AFTER you were done breastfeeding? I lost all but 5 pounds that I had gained while pregnant. I am 5'8" and weighed 140 before I got pregnant - so I was very average in weight.
4154024 tn?1363755731 My niece is gradually losing weight, what should they do to get her to eat? My sister stopped nursing already but continues to pump whenever she can.
Avatar n tn I've been struggling with my weight since I got injured a couple years ago and started packing on the pounds. I did lose 7lbs, but unfortunately gained them back. I'm 5'3/4", 17, and 131lbs. I want to be 110 and am having a lot of trouble losing weight. I'm an emotional eater/ eat when i'm bored. I know those bad habits need to stop! How long do you think it'll take me to lose 21lbs? I play soccer 2-3x a week; that's my exercise each week.
1467985 tn?1289777446 s possible it could help in conception. If you eat a sensible diet, the natural side effect of that is going to be losing weight. I thought that Weight Watchers had plans out there for pg and nursing mothers? Check that out, so if you were to join, they may just adjust your points schedule. The doctors told me to lose weight while we were TTC. It took us over 3+ years to conceive . . . .
193609 tn?1292180293 How did you guys lose the weight you gained during your pregnancy??? It has been 7 months and I just can't stand this extra fat any longer!!!!!!! WHAT IS AN EFFECTIVE WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT???
Avatar n tn t lose weight while i was nursing, i was the same way with my daugther. i stopped nursing in october, right around the time i went to a weight loss clinic to help with my diet and started seeing a nutritionist. i also work full time, i try to walk as much as possible. i walk during my 30 min lunch.
Avatar f tn I have read about that. Being too skinny or too heavy can affect conception. Honestly though, these are just theories. When trying to have a baby, you feel like the moon and starts have to line up perfectly, don't you? If you feel your weight may hinder pregnancy, I'd try to lose some of it. Add exercise into your daily life and begin cutting calories and eat healthy.
Avatar f tn i was wondering if anyone else out there has trouble losing weight with hypthyroidism?
Avatar f tn I am 30 weeks and I already having trouble with gaining weight but now I think I'm losing it again. Is that normal in 3rd trimester?
Avatar f tn I agree with grannieannie -- don't take phentermine while nursing........ in fact, I doubt seriously that you will even be able to find a reputable doctor who will prescribe it, since you are breastfeeding. You say you are counting calories, so I have to ask what types of food you are eating. You need to eat foods that take longest to break down in the body -- lean protein, high fiber. The longer it takes your food to be digested, the longer you will fell full.
1196055 tn?1266333306 No, eating healthily is the best thing for you and your baby whilst nursing. Trying to loose weight quickly with crash diets or diet pills is not a good thing to do when nursing.
Avatar m tn I really want to lose weight but im having trouble with it,,can any one give me some tips/advise on the ways i can lose weight
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm a 14 yr old girl who is moderately active and likes sport but I'm having trouble losing belly fat that I've had for a year or so.. I also really want to work in my legs to get them all muscly.. Help?
Avatar f tn Heyy everyone I am a 23 yeas old and I am havering trouble losing weight I have been very over weight for some years now I started gaining my weight because of the medication I take but I no longer take then I had been on them for a while but not anymore. The the weight has stayed on over the years. I am desperately trying to loose weight but excercising is hard for me. Any ideas of what to eat? How to go about losing weight? How to eat healthy?
518733 tn?1333017015 t make it seem like the weight will just melt off. It was hard for me to loose the weight but I did seem to loose a lot quicker while nursing then I did after I stopped. I definitely did not loose all of my pregnancy weight.
Avatar f tn less than 3 weeks after delivery, and im back at my prepregnancy weight(i gained 33lbs while preggo). im wondering how safe this is. on top of it all, i have no appetite. i take my prenatal pills, but im wondering if thats ok for the baby? he had a 2 week check up and he weighed a whole pound more from his weight when he was discharged, so im sure he's eating properly. in fact the dr mentioned that 1lb in 2 weeks may be too much gained.
Avatar n tn Have you talked to your doctor about a weight loss plan? Not only can your doctor make sure that you're healthy enough for regular physical activity, but she/he can also suggest nutrition options and workouts that suit your lifestyle and level of fitness. Talking with your doctor gives you an outline and someone to report your success to in order to stay motivated. Plan long and short term goals to help you stay motivated and see results.
Avatar m tn i think they might have been starving her, but it could be from losing nutrients to nursing kittens. today, her tummy is really hard and it looks like its hurting her because she is having trouble lying down and sitting right. i noticed that she is trembling, as if she was cold, and acting weird. is she okay? what is with the trembling? could it be that she is traumatized from the move and leaving the kittens? will her hard tummy go away? is that normal after nursing?