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Trouble losing weight while exercising

Common Questions and Answers about Trouble losing weight while exercising


Avatar f tn I have read about that. Being too skinny or too heavy can affect conception. Honestly though, these are just theories. When trying to have a baby, you feel like the moon and starts have to line up perfectly, don't you? If you feel your weight may hinder pregnancy, I'd try to lose some of it. Add exercise into your daily life and begin cutting calories and eat healthy.
1519805 tn?1291058650 I'm 18 yrs old & I've always been a chubby chick but my weight is increasing ridicioulsly. I'm really up for losing weight but its just so hard for me I've tried so many things & don't really see results so I give up. I want to go to a dietician or a fat camp I don't care I jus want to loose weight. Please help me!
676912 tn?1332812551 I know that Slimfast is one of the diets that is said to be most helpful in losing weight -- I keep a few shakes in my fridge for those days when I don't have time for cooking, etc.
Avatar f tn Losing 10 pounds in a month means losing 2.5 pounds per week. That translates to a calorie deficit of 1250 kcal per day. Assuming your BMR is 1800 kcal. Your daily intake allowance would be 550 kcal. A safe diet would be eating at least 1200 kcal. That means you should do 650 kcal of exercise. Exercising that much would be tough though.
Avatar n tn have you just been diagnosed with thyroid trouble i put on a load of weight when i first got it, once i was diagnosed and started med the weight loss slowed and once i was on the right dose for a while it stopped but i have never managed to lose it. i havent found many that have lost the weight some have lost a bit with a lot of hard work once there meds are ok, but many of us struggle. you need to get the meds sorted but i dont think theres a pill you can get from the doctor for weight.
Avatar n tn I've been struggling with my weight since I got injured a couple years ago and started packing on the pounds. I did lose 7lbs, but unfortunately gained them back. I'm 5'3/4", 17, and 131lbs. I want to be 110 and am having a lot of trouble losing weight. I'm an emotional eater/ eat when i'm bored. I know those bad habits need to stop! How long do you think it'll take me to lose 21lbs? I play soccer 2-3x a week; that's my exercise each week.
11513017 tn?1425723993 I lost weight in my first trimester and I am barely gaining it back since then. At my weight now because of my pre-weight I am considered "high risk", but with my daughter I lost weight in the beginning too so no one is worried. The baby is healthy and so am I. I am sure you are just fine.
Avatar f tn It depends on what your starting weight is and the way you are losing it. If you have a higher starting weight and you are losing weight because you are eating healthier and exercising than your okay. If your doctor says its okay, you should be fine. Plus you have more than half your pregnancy ahead of you to gain some of that weight back. Don't stress, i am sure you'll be fine.
10366239 tn?1409616907 I am over weight because for the last few years I've had a "desk job" and I was not exercising at all because I was always wiped out because of my hours. I have a new job and I walk constantly. Today I walked 5 miles just at work. I'm not eating differently but I'm losing weight because of the activity. I know I'm supposed to be gaining weight. I don't know how this works. I can't not work and exercise is important anyway.
Avatar n tn If your calorie intake is greater than the calories you burn from exercising then you will not lose weight. What type of exercising are you doing? Cardio or strength or are you doing both.
Avatar f tn Hello! I am 36yrs old and weigh 265lbs. My doctor put me on a low carb/no sugar diet. Last month, I faithfully exercised doing The Firm DVD's 5 days a week and walking at least 30 min. 5-6 days a week. I also stuck to the eating plan all month, with the exception of 2 days. The scale only moved (up and down) within a 3lb range. I am very discouraged. I've lost weight before using Weight Watchers. I haven't exercised like this in years....
Avatar f tn I kept losing weight at the beginning too, I wouldn't worry about it too much, I'm 30 weeks and have barely gained 15 pounds.
Avatar f tn Have you been eating healthier or exercising more?
1293887 tn?1332702847 i started exercising when ezra was 4 weeks old and lost all my baby weight in 2 months i would still like to lose another 10...
10913038 tn?1424227711 I lost weight for a while too. Dr always said my weight was fine. I've been gaining a little back the last few weeks, but still not a lot.
Avatar f tn You shouldn't try to lose weight while pregnant, but eat healthy and continue exercising (not over exerting yourself of course) and all will be fine. Trying to lose weight during pregnancy is just as bad as being overweight, so I'd just continue what you're doing, and if you lose weight, then it's not from anything unhealthy.