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1324968 tn?1274788096 female 20y not married with no history of medical importance she had atypical convulsions you cannot say it is epilepsy one year ago she recieved depakine but with no progress then she recieve trileptal also with no progress now she recieve trental and there is little progress the fit with no epileptic characters as no urination or defecation no tongue bitting need your help thanks
1054665 tn?1305512055 Lithium is known to be associated with tremors and passing of large amounts of urine(Diabetes insipidus) so if the med is not suiting you u could ask for a change of med to Lamictal or trileptal both of which are anticonvulsants with excellent mood stabilizing qualities.
Avatar m tn I'm 35 my last period was 2-8-16 and always heavy I'm on elivial and trileptal I only had spotting no regular periods yet it's been 18 weeks I have unexplained weight gain milk in my breasts heartburn fatigue nausea irritation frequent urination not as bad lower back pain fluttering in my stomach that comes and goes I had a blood pregnancy test done 2 weeks and 2 days after the sex then another one 2 weeks later I heard that those 2 meds I listed can throw off the results for a false negative my
Avatar n tn Switching epilepsy med from Tegretol (processed through liver) to Trileptal has slightly helped liver counts. Tomorrow, Wednesday, his Inter/Riba will be delivered and he will get his first shot this Friday. I've read everything I can get my hands on about Hep C. and many posts on this list. My hubby is concerned that his first injection, which will be given under the guidance of a special nurse who will also be his case worker, is 45 minutes from our home.
997898 tn?1303738464 but his eyes are always good! never pinned or large! the other thing is, he is on lithium and trileptal for bipolar. could either of those drugs possibly aid him in keeping his eyes normal? this may not be the right forum for asking this question, but thought who would know better than those that have been there and done that. if no one here can help, perhaps someone could suggest another place to try? thanks in advance for any suggestions you all may have to offer.
Avatar f tn Barely drinks and I try to keep a eye on here urination frequency but haven't seen her go hardly ever in the last few weeks. We've been to ER twice in 6 weeks because the hives get bad and she looks so sick, red rimmed eyes, gagging when she swallows. Can't pee for hrs. Drs in ER say no fever no problem. My daughter is a pediatric intensive care nurse and my best friend is a nurse also. Both say she looks really bad.
147426 tn?1317269232 Had frequent urination for about 3 years. Finally went to urologist in Sept. 08. After t spine MRI was referred to Neuro in Dec. 08. Four weeks later...POOF...frequent urination went to lifetime disease!!
551343 tn?1506834118 Neck pain Headaches shoulder and arm pain Tinnitus (very bad) Nausea Blurry vision (comes and goes) Dizziness Very frequent urination Body aches Back Pain Memory problems Fibromyalgia Chest pain Pain in my jaw Numbness and tingling in my right foot Sore throat Stumbling when I walk Anxiety Confussion Clumsiness Flashing lights and floaters in my right eye Sorry to take up so much of your time. You asked and I guess I just spilled my guts...