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Avatar f tn The doctor should access a physicians only database to see if any other medication she is taking can lower the blood level of the Trileptal. If there is a problem in this regard there are many other options as regards anti-convulsants but only a neurologist could decide what the appropriate action is to take at this point.
2047903 tn?1330191149 I had drowsiness, nausea, blurry close-up vision, and low blood sodium levels. One thing I did notice was that my doctor didn't tell me about side effects until I would specifically ask about one. So you probably should let your doc know about the numbness or at least ask your pharmacist if it's a known side effect.
Avatar f tn ER said every thing checked out on her (sodium channel levels, typical blood panel, blood pressure, etc.) and said it must be her meds. Followed up the the PDOC and it was determined the lamictal was the cause of all this issues. Wife was told to drop trileptal ASAP. 300 MG the first day, 300 MG the second day, 150 MG the third day, and cold turkey the fourth day. All the aforementioned side effects then we're amplified and became withdrawals.
1108262 tn?1273182866 if your Pdoc has started it,then it is a good descision as on Trileptal you need not undergo regular blood tests initially or later to check your white cell count.You will have to take this for a long time if you respond well to this medication which is generally well tolerated.
Avatar m tn Last month my doctor took a blood test to check for sodium (the drug can reduce your sodium levels) and white blood cell count. The blood tests came back okay. I have been able to continue to work and it controlled my pain completely. In April I had a Gamma Knife. I was able to reduce down to 900 mg per day. It takes 4-6 months to see if a Gamma Knife worked, so I am still in the wait-and-see mode until at least next month. At that point I hope to wean off the medication entirely.
739070 tn?1338607002 Has anyone experienced altered labs (decreased white and now red cells). The white count came up a tad since last week so we are rechecking again next week in the hopes it was a virus causing the low counts. But, now my RBC are below normals as or my H&H. The sodium levels are also low but the Trileptal or my diuretic could be the cause of that reading.
Avatar f tn However, tell your friend that his/her doctor should be performing blood tests every three months. Trileptal can cause low blood sodium levels that can adversely affect the kidneys and the blood tests will monitor that. It can cause drowsiness, but my doctor had me take a NoDoz with the daytime doses to counteract that. One caution with that is, some people have a pain trigger with caffeine. The doctor should be asked if this suggestion is ok.
Avatar f tn It's difficult though because labwork has to be done weekly for a year then bi-weekly if the blood levels are acceptable. Your weekly labwork has to have acceptable levels in order to get the med, so you have to plan your life around the protocol.
Avatar m tn Trileptal is a newer drug than Tegretol (carbamazapine) and is supposed to have less side effects than Tegretol. You do have to have blood tests every three months because it can affect the sodium levels in your blood, which could lead to kidney problems. I went through 6 doctors before I found a Facial Pain Specialist at a large teaching hospital that actually helped me.
Avatar n tn ) maybe his docs can change him to Trileptal which is in the same family of drugs and has a similar mechanism of action without the dangerous side effects.Also, it doesn't need monitoring of levels or blood counts. That's all I can recommend as I really don't know what specific disease entity you're referring to. Good luck.
Avatar n tn All of your other medications are processed through your liver through the same enzyme system, so they may be accumulating into higher effective blood levels. You should discuss this with your doctor.
Avatar m tn I'm very angry and upset that years of high liver levels have been sluffed off to just a Tegretol reaction and that dispite a safer drug (Trileptal) that does not process through the liver, regardless of Hep. C, was never suggested to him. He is 51 yrs. old by the way. I'd appreciate any information and am reading this forum's files.
Avatar n tn Those are very unusual side effects for Abilify but medications can interact and lithium is a good medication but it can have interactions with other medications although those two medications can be and are often safely given together. Speak to the psychiatrist more about this. They can't do a blood test for Abilify for blood levels but they can with lithium. Trileptal unlike Tegretol or lithium does not generally require a blood test.
Avatar n tn So far I have had three MRI, loads of blood work, full neurological exam, and now the spinal tap. I feel my symptoms are getting worse and fast. I presently have some balance problems, ringing in ears, right pupil dilated under normal light, can't taste many foods, difficluty drinking, difficulty sleeping, facial numbness and pain, although the pain is regulated with Trileptal, and have a tremendous amount of fatigue.
Avatar n tn However, like many people who take Risperidone, he now has mildly elevated levels of prolactin (it's what causes women to produce milk) so we will be reducing the dosage and trying something else, which disappoints me because finding ANYTHING that works with my son is extraordinarily challenging. It has been a nearly miraculous drug for us, so I recommend at least trying it, modifying your child's diet if weight gain is an issue, and checking blood labs yearly.
Avatar n tn Just had a chest x-ray this morning (which I suggested) fearing lung cancer because of being a 20 yr smoker and having shoulder back and chest pain (which could be muscular from having done unusually heaving work. Recently had blood work done. My liver function is 67. My sed rate is normal, but I'm wondering if this would have been thrown off by a) having had a dash of milk in my coffee in the morning before the test and b) having taken tylenol for a few days earlier in the week.
1054665 tn?1305512055 Tell your psych and internest, get your levels checked with a blood test. Yes causes excessive urination but have found the more water I drink the less tremors I have. I like the drug the newer ones don't control the balance for me as well. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn She has been giving phenobarbital with the doses increasing through out the last months, she's also been on Keppra and is now on trileptal and her phenobarbital levels flucuate wildly even while infused by IV. Her fluids are thickened to nectar consistancey except her po phenobarbital , which I believe she aspirates, she is very congested while taking this med po. She's had all the tests MRI, lumbar puncture and EEGs which showed left and right sided abnormalities.
Avatar n tn I have a 4 `/2 y/o male with intermitten petechiae on his chest, neck, and shoulder. He has also had 3 nose bleeds and easy to bruise. He was on Trileptal for a month and it was D/Ced because of these symptoms. He has been off of the med. for a week now and more showed up two days ago. His CBC, comp. and Oxcarbazepine level were fine. What could be causing this?
Avatar n tn Ask your doc about your blood levels if you are on a med that builds up. Maybe you just need to adjust your levels.
Avatar m tn I would suggest that you have your blood levels checked to ensure that they are optimal. You also need to follow closely with your epileptologist. If the symptoms continue, you may need a repeat EEG at a later date. Thank you for this opportunity to answer your questions, I hope you find the information I have provided useful, good luck.
Avatar n tn Trileptal is off label for bipolar, but it apparently has fewer side effects than Tegretol and apparently works just as well. Tegretol interacts with a LOT of things, and needs blood tests, but Trileptal at least doesn't need the blood tests. Those are all in the anticonvulsant class. In the atypical antipsychotics class, Geodon and Abilify are supposed to be weight neutral (olanzapine is an atypical antipsychotic that is known for weight gain).
97628 tn?1204465633 I was recently on an event monitor for tachycardia (just mailed it back)and the cardiologist repeated the blood work I'd had at my last physical about 9 months ago. Back 9 months ago I was told my TSH was "Normal" at 4.3. The blood work the Cardio ordered came last week with a TSH of 6.1. I experience a great deal of fatigue. I get my daily tasks completed efficiently and exercise 5 days a week, but I have to almost "whip" myself up to do it.
Avatar f tn I was on Trileptal and it had started to mess up the sodium levels in my blood -- which could've caused kidney troubles. My suggestion would be to keep doing what you're doing -- research and research some more. Find an option that you can feel good about and go for it. And most importantly of all find the very best neurosurgeon you can find -- that will make all the difference in your outcome. Best of luck!
Avatar f tn Do you know if her Noroligest has done a full work up on her blood levels?Her levels for her medicine should be checked .My son's levels are checked every 3 to 4 months to make sure his levels are where they should be for all his medicines that he takes for his seizures. My son has also had a very lot of blood work checking for things that can cause seizures .And we have not found anything yet over the course of 4 years.
733588 tn?1242935659 Anaemia is to do with the haemoglobin levels in the blood and although blood loss can cause a drop in levels it can also be caused by other factors such as poor diet, or malabsorption. If the docs cannot find a source of blood loss then I would suggest that the anaemia is caused by something else. Have they checked your diet? Have you been losing weight?
Avatar f tn It may also affect blood sodium levels, so you should get a blood test every 6 months. the only real significant side effect i ever got was tiredness. people on oxcarbazepine usually experience even fewer side effects compared to those taking carbamazepine. overall, it's a good drug that is widely used with few side effects. just a side note - i think some metabolite of oxcarbazepine is released in breast milk.
Avatar f tn It lasts in the body for some time ...about 24 hours and blood levels should be taken. Other drugs such as Keppra are more forgiving but its not for all types of seizures. Depakote can be a replacement for Dilantin for some as can Zonegran. Neurologists can only guess on what drug will work and its up to you to give him/her good feedback. When I was going to grammar school and high school I was taking Dilantin and phenobarbital and most days I was not totally myself.
645390 tn?1338558977 I don't think it is a blood clot, but of course how would I know? I am on coumadin for a history of blood clots, and the weird thing is, my levels went CRAZY after the IVSM a few weeks back. About 5 days ago, the coumadin clinic called me and told me to STOP the coumadin! My I&R was 6.8! (they try to keep me between 2-3. I stopped coumadin for 2 days and am now on a very low dose, and am to get rechecked tomorrow. I hope this leg has nothing to do with that.
Avatar f tn Exercise, Anxiety, stress, fear, Fever,Caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, diet pills, Overactive thyroid, Anemia, Hyperventilation, Low levels of oxygen in your blood, Medications such as thyroid pills, asthma drugs, beta blockers for high blood pressure or heart disease, or anti-arrhythmics (medications to treat an irregular heart rhythm can sometimes cause a different irregular rhythm) Mitral valve prolapse -- the valve that separates the left upper chamber (atrium) from the left lower chamber (ve