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1011826 tn?1274496312 After 3 months, I am down to 900 mg of Trileptal, 2 mg Xanax, and 150 mg daily, down from 1800 mg daily of TRileptal originally, and a VERY slow introduction of Lamictal into my system. Of course this happens on the weekend, otherwise I would have called the pdoc by now-- anyway, let me know. Help is appreciated!
Avatar f tn I need advice! I have been on Cymbalta 60 mg a day and Trileptal 1,200 mg a day for a few years for bipolar depression and cuz of an insurance issue, I had to stop them cold turkey about 4 days ago. Besides the usual depression/anxiety feelings, I'm having tingling in my fingers, toes and lips, and my blood pressure which I usualy have to take meds to lower, is now dangerously low.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm new to the sight but have been doing research on Trileptal and MS. I currently take Trileptal for Partial Seizures (my seizures are well controlled with it) but whenever I miss 2 doses in a row (which I obviously try not to), I experience numbness and tingling in my face and head. I know these are symptoms of MS and I know Trileptal can be used for MS patients to help with nerve issues. I guess my question is should I see my neurologist?
1011826 tn?1274496312 Left with lots of irritability, uncontrolled thoughts, paranoia and fear, panic, anxiety and insomnia. Hyperventilation. Reading on the 'net that withdrawal of Trileptal's biggest side effect is insomnia, but as lack of regulated sleep schedule can affect bipolar drastically, I am assuming that that is what this is. Agh.
Avatar f tn Crippling headaches, along with severe nausea preventing her from eating/holding food down, restless legs, aching bones and muscles, and intensifying her anxiety. It has been 12 days since day one without trileptal. And there have been countless ER visits in between and no medical doctors are buying her issues/withdrawals. Anybody out there know how long this lasts or helpful tips or cures???
Avatar m tn Has anyone had feelings of fatigue, anxiety and other side effects after weaning from trileptal? If so how long before you felt back to normal?
1108262 tn?1273182866 And then depression and anxiety worsened over time. I also began to have these weird twitches and movements I couldn't control, one so badly I ended up in an emergency room with a neurologist questioning if the Trileptal was causing the problem. After getting a new psych doctor and a therapist, we all decided to work together to get me off of Trileptal, as the pdoc felt it had not really helped me, and the therapist helped me deal with the depression and anxiety as well.
Avatar f tn I am seeing a new Dr and he says that I'm not stabilized and need to be on one of three drugs. Trileptal seemed to be the best option. I am only on my first week, 300MG and I am sleepy all day. If I take the Seroquil with it, I fall into such a deep sleep - so deep I have actually wet the bed! EMBARRASSING! I'm also noticing my urine has a very bad smell to it.Without it however, I can't get to sleep. My thoughts are a little rambled and I have a hard time with pronunciation.
Avatar f tn im taking citalopram dont remember the mg but its a whole and a half a tab at bedtime and i also take what my doctor calls a mood stabilizer trileptal not sure what the mg is on it either but i take it 4 times daily usually two in the am and two before bed..
Avatar m tn I lost my medical insurance and need help with maintaining my prescription of Trileptal. I was told that the internet coupons may not be available in Maine where I live. Other assistance, maybe directly from manufacture? Only need assistance for 6 mos.
Avatar f tn If I accelerated my heart rate to a certain, seemingly mild, point I would get horrible chest pains accompanied by dizziness, shortness of breath and sometimes nausea. My doctor said it was anxiety and prescribed an albuterol inhaler for before I exercise, and it worked well enough for a while. But as I began with my depression, it got worse to where I would get so anxious about school I couldn't get out of bed for my chest pain and nausea.
Avatar n tn at the Hospital had me on Ativan 1mg every 6 hrs. IV and Tabs. and the day i was released 10 days ago the Dr. put me on Trileptal 1200mg ED 600mg in the AM and 600mg in the PM. but all honesty ever since the Dr. put me back on Ativan i didn't have another Seizure or anything and i feel great myself again and i know Ativan is an Anticonvulsant but i was taking it for my Anxiety originally.
Avatar n tn The problem is that i cant take oral exams, job intervews, writen examinations, talk in public because i feel extremely anxiety and afraid and during the day i go to the bathroom a lot and i dont feel well untill everything is finished . it seems that all my energy goes away because of one event like that. How can i control more my anxiety? Nowadays I take trileptal 600mg, rivotril 2mg,topamax 25mg, seroquel 200mg and twice a week i go to acunputure session.
Avatar m tn We took her to a psychiatrist who put her on Zoloft and Trileptal.. She was better for a while and made 9th grade basketball and golf team. She made nearly straight A's and has never had thoughts of hurting herself. Then about three months into her school year she had to quit both sports because on the attacks. We took her to St. Louis Children's hospital and after $18,000.00 worth of treatment we know it is not Turrets, Wilson,s disease, and supposedly any neourological problem.
2030686 tn?1351692148 When it's over, it just stops and I'm tired and sweaty. I remember pretty much all of it and it lasts only a few minutes. I have severe nocturnal grand mal seizures about twice a year and they don't know the cause of them, but I've never had one while awake. I'm on 600mg of trileptal and have not had a nocturnal seizure in about 6 months.
Avatar n tn she started me on luvox, but that wasnt helping the anxiey or panick at all. ontop of the anxiety and panick, i also have bipolar. for about half an hour to an hour, im fairly happy, and then i drop into a deep depression. my doctor tried depokete, rispredal, trileptal and they didnt help me. my question is, what antidepressant/ and or mood stabilizer would be a good combination to take to get rid of all my problems?
Avatar n tn Is this normal or am I the only person that has this issue with time? It is just so scary. I take Trileptal and the episodes have gotten a lot better.
7827044 tn?1399395043 Last night my BP was 154/84 and pulse was 92 with the severe dizziness and jello legs. I took all my meds I take for anxiety, klonopin, gabapentin and vistaril and just laid there and tried to stay calm. I was shaking all over, like the freezing chills but wasn't cold. It took about 2 hrs for the attack to go away and my vitals to return to normal. It was very scary. This is the 3rd time I have had an attack that severe.
Avatar m tn I have tried Prozac and Zoloft and they actually made me worse. Problem is, unlike most people, I don't have depression and anxiety - just anxiety. I have Clonazepam to take as needed, but my doc wanted to put me on an anti-convulsant med (Oxcarbazepine) - brand name Trileptal. It is for seizures, but apparently also used for anxiety. Anyone try this or something similar? SSRIs did NOT work for me, so this would be the next route.
Avatar m tn I'm now all the time tired also and I have to stay home to keep the level of pain and anxiety tolerable and by tolerable I mean sit on the couch and try to stay calm, if I heard a loud noise or i'm worried about a small thing anxiety increase to the point that I have depersonalisation feeling.
Avatar f tn Im not worried about withdrawl or ever having to go off right now cause i need it that and along with therepy maybe someday i will come off it but i cant worry about that right now cause i have extreme anxiety and panic syndrome and if this med and therepy is helping me right now live a little then i cant have anxiety already about withdrawl and addiction too it if it works for me.
874521 tn?1424120397 i'm bipolar with anxiety and i take cymbalta for depression, anxiety, and pain. i also take abilify for mania and xanax occasionally for panic attacks. the cymbalta is supposed to help with anxiety, i've only been on it a week plus a little so i couldn't tell you if it does but it's supposed to. buspar someone mentioned may work too. your son is on a lot of meds, he needs prescribed less but of the right meds.
Avatar n tn If you do not trust your present doctor , please discuss the present symptoms with other physician because it is not clear why you started taking the drug ( because of Epilepsy or Anxiety ) .Please discuss your symptoms in detail and he will be able to advise you a medication that suits you best . Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
Avatar n tn I am 48, and have recently been diagnosed BP2, I have in the past been on celexa, and seroquel. I am currently taking Trileptal, and weening off paxil. I also take clonazepam. I have panic anxiety disorder too, and probably a little OCD. I would love to hear the experiences of other ladies in the same boat as me. take care.
1011826 tn?1274496312 However, since this is day one of 100 mg, could this go away? LMK. Also, am on Trileptal (1800 mg/day, with 300 mg in am and 1500 mg in pm) and Xanax (between 1 1/2 to 2 mg/ day depending on anxiety symptoms). The doctor wants to get Lamictal into my system and then decrease Trileptal slowly as our next step. Anyway, any comments on these side effects? Thanks for your help!!
Avatar n tn Can it all be related somehow? I also have anxiety and I do think it contributes somehow to the pain. All of my neuro testing has always been normal. My last MRI/MRA was done nearly 2 yrs ago. It was done as a screening because of my mom's death and my sisters were tested as well. All normal as well. Lab studies to rule out infection and autoimmune disorders have always been normal as well.
Avatar n tn Hey this is Anxiety...i recommend you order the program from the MIDWEST CENTER FOR STRESS AND ANXIETY,..ITS AWESOME..
420308 tn?1203044862 I was diagnosed with depression and generalized anxiety disorder about 10 years ago. During those 10 years I was prescribed a number of different combinations of medications like Risperdal, Trazadone, Paxil, Trileptal, Klonopin, Geodon, to name a few. Some of those combinations had horrible side effects and never really relieved my anxiety or depression. Now I'm on 112.5mg of Effexor ER, 200mg of Lamictal, 60 mg of Buspar, 1200 mg of Neurontin, 600mg of Seroquel and .
Avatar f tn She began taking Trileptal and it worked well for her for about 4 years and then she began having break thru seizures. It made her tired, but other than that she did well on it. She then tried Lamictal which made her feel terrible. Awful stomach pains. Now she is on Keppra XR and still on Trileptal as well. Working through side effects.