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Avatar n tn If your pain is not electrical in nature, it may not by trigeminal neuralgia. I would suggest seeing a neurologist or pain specialist to get a reevaluation.
1140169 tn?1370188676 Both types can result in severe facial pain. It makes sense to place the MS type of Trigeminal Neuralgia into a separate category so as to be able to consider its cause and its treatment in a more appropriate way. The words "trigeminal neuralgia" mean "nerve pain in the Trigeminal Nerve" - without any indication as to the cause. I think having the subsets is bery useful.
Avatar n tn Is it possible that nerve regeneration takes this long and causes pain like this, or is this something I should be looking into and/or treating. I figured after 2 years, the nerve damage is permanent. My GP mentioned trigeminal neuralgia- I've been researching, but I want to know what's necessary to stop this.
1475492 tn?1332887767 Both TN and ATN can be bilateral, though the character of pain is usually different on the two sides at any one time.[2] [edit] Causes The trigeminal nerve.ATN is usually attributed to inflammation or demyelination, with increased sensitivity of the trigeminal nerve. It is possible that there are triggers or aggravating factors that patients need to learn to recognize to help manage their health.
Avatar m tn Would someone who has Trigeminal Neuralgia please help me out with the progression of this condition. For about a week now - I have numbness above my left eye that seems to have gotten worse everyday - first my eyebrow, then my forehead and now my skull. I have a low grade headache at times and when I lift my eyebrow, pain shoots up my forehead and skull, although not intense pain. I went to see my PCP and he thinks it is Trigeminal Neuralgia and wants to do an MRI.
Avatar f tn I have been told that I have trigeminal neuralgia type 2 or atypical. Just last night I was coming down with a migraine so I took a imitrex. The burning pain in my upper and lower teeth went away. Could this possibly be facial migraines and not TN?
228463 tn?1216765121 I am now 2-3 weeks post the meds and have developed Psoriasis on my left arm along with what appears to be Trigeminal Neuralgia. I have sharpo shooting pains in my right eye, jaw, ear and back of head. I also have a headache that will not go away. My neuro is out of town until next week. I do not have a GP, I just go to Urgent care places.
Avatar n tn How successful are botulinum injections to treat atypical trigeminal neuralgia? My pain is centered in my left upper gums but spreads throughout the left side of my face below my eyes. Throbbing pain with knife-like pain are the usual problems. I always have some pain. Wearing glasses triggers intense pain. I've tried numerous medications with limited success.
Avatar m tn Hi again, I was consulting with a pain doctor and she said that the raumatic trigeminal neuropathy is actually TN type 2.Now I have TN of type 1 (Classic ) in different nerve ( maxillary ) when type 1 is on mandibular nerve. Have you heard about a case like this ??
215220 tn?1191460464 I don't have glassopharyngeal neuralgia, but I do have trigeminal neuralgia and occipital neuralgia (or what I think it occipital neuralgia--the sx fit exactly). Both came on around the same time that was the start of this current "flare" (I'm un-dx). Having a killer headache with TN was pretty crappy. Luckily neurontin seems to be helping both problems. Can you call a doctor for a script for the pain w/o going in?
Avatar f tn There is not a place where you can push on that makes it exquisitely worse. The type of TN that would be confused with TMJ is the Type 2 or the "Symptomatic TN of MS." When I had TN the trigger tooth would hurt, but so would the whole jaw and the pain went all the up to the TMJ - which makes sense, because that is where the Trigeminal nerve emerges to give sensation to the face. Now, there are three branches of the Trigeminal nerve (Cranial nerve V) These are V1, V2, and V3.
Avatar n tn I am 38 and have had symptoms like atypical trigeminal neuralgia on going for over 2 months now. It started with left sided numbness, changes to burning, a few incidents of a stabbing pain. My first MRI showed numerous (neurologist counted 13) white matter hyper signal intensities on FLAIR and T2 weighted images, mostly in the subcortical white matter on both sides. Radiologist stated that findings are not classical for MS although that remains the most likely diagnosis.
405614 tn?1329147714 If the X rays are fine, then I guess TMJ is a possibility. What about Trigeminal Neuralgia? This sounds more like TM than TMJ to me. Let us know what the dentist finds. Did the Lyrica help the pain?
Avatar f tn Has anyone had any experience with TMJ or Trigeminal Neuralgia? If so, please chime in. I don't want to be on any medications that could possibly make me gain weight. I have read that most of the treatments for TN have a side effect of weight gain. I just lost 24 lbs through eating healthier and exercising. By doing this, I thought some of the neurological symptoms would subside. For the most part, they have,.
Avatar f tn My mother is wheelchair restricted, almost 80, has Progressive-type Multiple Sclerosis, and suffers from attacks of Trigeminal Neuralgia (about 2-3 a year). She is has a regular neurolgist who sent her to a neurosurgeon after her last painful attack which lasted approx. 2 weeks, landed her in the ER is excruciating pain. She has an appt.
485259 tn?1519050626 I have had Trigeminal Neuralgia for about a year now. At first it was severe, more the type 1 classic and mostly the horrible pain was in my head. Later spread to my face. Now I have been diagnosed as type 2 or Atypical TN with the constant pain with the occasional episode of breakthrough stabbing pain of the classic type. What makes me different than the average case is that originally shingles was suspected although I never really had sores, only a slight red mark on my scalp.
Avatar n tn after the accident.!!! Again, (1).can this be the cervicogenic headache if the whiplash injury was 2 years prior?(2). Can the pain and the strange rolling wave like sensations both be from this? (3). I now really don't have a headache and I don't have any numbness now, I have triggered burning, sharp stabbing facial pain and pain on my head and face that follows the trigeminal nerve (including the top front of my head) , so could this still be the problem? (4).
Avatar f tn I have a 14mm chiari , I've had problems with tiredness, tinnitus, balance, gait, headaches etc since childhood, misdiagnosed with everything from ME to meniers. For almost 2 years I have had typical and atypical trigeminal neuralgia, it affects all 3 branches of the nerve. My MRI picked up the chiari and showed the cerebellar artery was touching the trigeminal nerve and probably causing the problem.
1298230 tn?1286313679 When I get the pain its sometimes seems to shoot down my back and along the front of my chest as well if it's really bad. Ive been told by my doctor its probably Trigeminal neuralgia but im only 17 and Ive seen a lot of info on it all saying that onset of TN in young adult suggests MS, How comon is it for TN to be a first symptom of MS in young people?
Avatar n tn What is the typical length of time before we would expect to see significant pain relief with the Tegretol? Is Tegretol even effective with Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia? 2. In your opinion do you think the use of oxycodone is valid while she waits to receive the full benefit from the Tegretol (the neurologist says it won't help the pain - but my mother sees a difference in the pain level when she uses it versus when she doesn't)? Thanks for your help!
567677 tn?1246771376 Ok so I have bilateral trigeminal neuralgia for those that don't know. The left side is by far the worst with only a few attacks on the right that are no where near as intense as the left. So my question is: Is it normal for the left side of my face to have big long red streaks as if to follow the trigeminal nerve? If I keep heat on my face it is not as noticeable but is still visible but only if you are looking for it.
Avatar m tn I think i have Trigeminal Neuralgia but the doctors and the psychiatrist will not listen to me, please if anybody can help i would be very appreciated. It has be going for 12 months now symptoms where crazy for 2months with burning through my body everyday all day plus numbness and burning on my face checks which has been there for 12 months everyday. The symptoms i get are. Numbness/burning on my maxillary sinus area sometimes goes all the way to my left ear.
Avatar n tn also 2 things 1) if you have sensory loss ont he outer ear it is highly suggestive of a neuralgia of some type--does ice feel as cold on the back of your affected ear as on the normal ear 2) dysfunction of the nervus intermedius will result in decreased taste sensation on the front part of that side of the toungue. ear infection wont. check and see if you taste a samll amount of sugar differnetly on one side of the fornt of the toungue vs the other--you will likely need help with this.
1695384 tn?1306455153 Hi Ravit, Do you know if you have Type 1 - brief intermittent pain like electric shocks or Type 2 - constant pain like burning? Some people have pain relief from accupuncture. Some people have pain relief from upper cervical chiropractic (although there are only a few practitioners that know how to treat TN). I have Type 1 and heat works for me. But every person is different. Some people say Vitamin B-12 is good, but it's not a cure. Have you found a doctor who specializes in Facial Pain?