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567677 tn?1246771376 Wow, sorry, I missed this. It is a favorite topic of mine after learning a great deal about it when I had it. Trigeminal Neuralgia is literally a "pain syndrome of the Trigeminal nerve. This nerve is the 5th Cranial Nerve and supplies most of the sensation to the face. There is one on both sides. The Cranial Nerves are nerves that emerge directly out of the brain or brainstem.
Avatar f tn I went to the dentist, who x-rayed me, and said I had an abscess, above my left upper 1 tooth. He did root canal treatment, but could not find anything, the pain did not go away, and after several root canals, he referred me to a consultant for an apicectomy. When the operation was done, as he drilled through the bone, he said there was lots of pus to drain away.
Avatar n tn I read the response posted to a question regarding trigeminal neuralgia and its relationship to head trauma. The response was that any such relationship was "very rare." However, as a neurologist with over 15 years experience, I have seen many cases of trigeminal neuralgia following head trauma.
3115088 tn?1341860925 Hello, I have been diagnosed with atypical trigeminal neuralgia, which my neurologist believes to be caused by inflammation of two front teeth in my lower jaw and the surrounding bone following a root canal treatment and multiple root end surgeries on those teeth. It took 8 months for the diagnosis (I went to see several doctors during that time because of lasting pain until finally I went to see the neurologist).
Avatar n tn I have Trigeminal Neuralgia,,,I also was diagnosed with MS. I am now in LD treatment., and TN is a very common symptom of LD...funny that it also affects those with MS. My MS doc prescribed a seizure med that didn't help me,,, my lyme doc on the other hand prescribes antibiotics and for the first time my TN is improving. The abx brings the TN back, but for shorter periods...this "revisiting of symptoms " is how we know we are getting better.
Avatar n tn This summer I was overseas and one of the doctors suggested that it might be trigeminal neuralgia. I started taking Tygretol. First, taking even one pill (200 mg) helped. I was really happy though after Tygretol my face feels kind of numb and I have some other side effects. After about a month I had to increase the dosage to two pills as one pill was not working anymore. After another month to three pills. And now to four. This is kind of scary.
Avatar n tn I went to an endodontists who drilled into a tooth that felt to be most likely cause of the pain. He found infection and started a root canal but insisted that I had trigeminal neuralgia and would not finish the root canal until I took Tegretol. My internists and I did not think my symptoms consistent with trigeminal neuralgia. I went to another endodontists who finished the root canal I think finding another root of the tooth. He did not feel I had trigeminal neuralgia.
Avatar f tn If no sinus pathology identified by ENT, trigeminal neuralgia is a likely diagnosis. If trigeminal neuralgia is the culptit of your dental pain, pharmacologic management or decompression surgical procedure is generally effective. Seeing a neurologist or orofacial pain specialist is advised.
Avatar n tn I have been having pain in the left side of my teeth, upper and lower for the past few days. I had a root canal done on 6/13 on a lower tooth on the left side. Prior to getting root canal done I had pain only in lower teeth on left side and mainly in the tooth that got root canal done. Ever since then I was having pain on the left side in all my teeth and occasionally even pain in all my upper teeth(where no work was done) and left lower.
Avatar n tn Started for Wife who had mild toothache over a year ago, but before she scheduled an appointment - the pain was gone, But it came back, so off to the dentist, and she had a root canal, on an abscesed tooth, she came home in a lot of pain, from the procedure, they used something to keep her mouth open for an hour or so.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal with crown done on my #12 tooth two months ago,ever since then I have been having shooting pains between #12 and #13, and at times between#13 and #14. The #13 tooth is an old root canal with crown. I have had my bite adjusted teth x-rayed no sigh problem. I finally went to endodontist he said it was trigeminal neuralgia, went for second opinion and he said it may be craked tooth but does not believe it is TN. He put me on a night guard for grinding of teeth.
405614 tn?1329147714 The more I read about TN, the more I hope I need a filling replaced or to have one last root canal. I think there's only one tooth up there that hasn't had one.
405614 tn?1329147714 If the X rays are fine, then I guess TMJ is a possibility. What about Trigeminal Neuralgia? This sounds more like TM than TMJ to me. Let us know what the dentist finds. Did the Lyrica help the pain?
Avatar n tn Hello, Without a complete evaluation it may be difficult to determine the exact cause of your symptoms. Most root canal treatments do not lead to any complications. In trigeminal neuralgia the pain usually starts in the lower face and jaw and can also affect the area around the nose and above the eye. It is intense, stabbing; electric shock-like pain caused by irritation of the trigeminal nerve. It is common after any injury to the face or dental surgeries. This is only speculation.
405614 tn?1329147714 hi i have had root canal done several times sore for maybe a few days after just tender where work has been done the whole top of my mouth is crowns i went over a few months had a few abcesses ect the worst thing i had to have done was a procedure where they have to cut the gum at root level top front tooth to get to tip of root as root canal from tip of tooth on several attempt did not clear up abcess i had to have gum stitched up with several stitches normal root canal a scoosh compared to the
Avatar n tn I would advise you read about Trigeminal Neuralgia. Some people have unnecessary root canals when it is really a nerve issue.
Avatar n tn I went back to see him and he now tells me that I have an infection in the root of the molar and now needed a root canal on the molar. He further explains that this infection was not there before and was likely a result of removing the old filling. I went to an endodontist and had the root canal. A month later I am still having pain. It hurts to touch the molar crown and also hurts when I bite on the neighboring bicuspid.
467070 tn?1224628977 I have been to 3 neurologist, 2 oral surgeons, 1 endodontic specialist, and they all agree that that its Traumatic Trigeminal Neuralgia from being butchered by the dentist. He did not know what the hell he was doing, and should have sent me to an oral surgeon. HE caused this. Narcotics do not work. I am scheduled for a nerve block, and if that does not work, my neurologist is already talking surgery. The tooth extraction that I had back in March was BRUTAL.
607400 tn?1220333318 Trileptal, etc), so I was eventually started on methadone and mexitiline, which did not help. For the past four years I was on Kadian (morphine), hydrocodone and Baclofen, but the morphine just never helped the pain. Now I am on oxycodone 40 2x daily and hydrocone 10/325 2x daily for breakthrough pain. I'm also on Valium and Baclofen for backup and to help with sleep.
Avatar n tn I am a 34yr old female who recently developed left sided trigeminal neuralgia (TN). I was seen by a neurologist who wanted to put me on an antiepileptic drug. I really don't want to take this drug because of the side effects and have been told by multiple people that these drugs make you into a "zombie" and that is not acceptable for my job. I got a MRI and it came back "normal." A few days after my MRI, my TN went away. One and a half months later, it has come back.
Avatar n tn Have had tregeminal neuralgia for 12 months which has been felt mostly in upper front tooth.Despite having a root canal done (which as it turns out was unneccessary) I have still got pain in the same tooth.
Avatar n tn I told him I had discomfort on #13. He took xrays and said I needed a root canal right away because the root canal from #12 that I had 2 years ago infected #13. He drilled and prepped for a crown on #14 as well. That night I was in extreme pain. I went to an endodontist on Friday and he preformed another root canal on 14. Right after the novacaine wore off I wasn't in pain, but I felt this strange pressure sensation in my check where my maxillary sinus is. I have no history of sinus issues.
Avatar n tn My lip was also very painful to touch. I went back to the dentist, he said that he must perform a root canal on this infected tooth NOW. When the tooth was drilled, the dentist said that pus came out. He had me squeez my cheek to get more pus out. Afterward, the pain slowly subsided but it has been 2 months now and I still can't touch my face on the right side near my right eye with out a sharp pain occuring in my right cheek, just above the eye tooth.
Avatar m tn My wife had root canal treatment on a lower molar over two months ago. Since then her incisors 2-3 teeth along have been in considerable pain, and now into the gum in that area. She has been back to the dentist many times, had the root canal opened up and cleaned, and had lots of antibiotics and X-rays. Her incisors look healthy. She has been referred to a specialist who suspects nerve pain rather than infection.
Avatar f tn Susan I have a fractured root after a one year old root canal and a retreat I suffer w chronic pain and migraine but have never suffered these symptoms same as yours I am about to loose the tooth next to my pointy one towards the back am devastated getting an implant an so scared due to chronic pain issues. In my face and head. Trigeminal neuralgia. Rsd nd chronic migrains thats just my head.
Avatar n tn Severe pain for several months, finally went to regular Dr.. He said the tooth was dying, and prepped for root canal (used formaydyhyde for disinfecting ???. Went to endo, drilled, recleaned, redrilled. precautionary antibiotics. Endo used dye and light for possible missed tooth fracture, many xrays. When Endo tapped on tooth it hurt also gum area behind the tooth, biting causes pain and dull pain is always therre.. Endo checked surrounding teeth with heat and cold, they were ok.
Avatar n tn I too have Trigeminal Neuralgia due to a combination of a root canal that was performed on an infected tooth, and a tooth extraction which followed right after (same tooth). Within two months I had TN. I saw many doctors and neurologists for help and was put on many, many drugs. Initially, I was taking carbanzbine(sp?), along with another nerve drug, oxicotin, moraphine, steriods, the list goes on and on. Luckily, I finally saw a neurologist familiar with TN.
Avatar n tn Did the dentist place a crown or a cap on your tooth after the root canal? Some only place large fillings, and after a root canal is done, the tooth is very brittle and can break very easily. If your bite is off, even a mm, it can cause pain due to the constant pressure on your tooth. See the specialist and then get some more information. You don't want to lose your tooth that you have most likely already put a lot of money into to save! I know how expensive dental procedures are!
Avatar n tn I have been recently diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia which began after dental work, specifically a root canal and, then, apicoectomy. The pain is very much focused in the gum around the affected tooth, but spikes into my face when it really gets going. The pain in the gums is fairly constant. From what I have read, this is not typcial T.N. My question is, do situations like this ever resolve themselves?
Avatar n tn My daughter had gone in to the dentist to get a filling,a couple of years ago and when we left she said the filling hurt, well I figured it was her first ever filling and she didnt know what to expect, well a few days later she was playing soccer and had severe pain in her face, I took her to the emergency room, they gave her pain killers and sent her on her way, even with the pain killers she was still in severe pain, the only thing that seemed to help was letting warm water set in her mouth, w