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1722607 tn?1335751458 Trade Names (Magic Mouthwash) First-Duke's Mouthwash - Mouthwash (kit for compounding) diphenhydramine hydrochloride 525 mg, hydrocortisone 60 mg, nystatin 0.6 g, First-Mouthwash Suspension II 236 mL First-BXN Mouthwash - Mouthwash (kit for compounding) diphenhydramine hydrochloride 200 mg, lidocaine hydrochloride 1.6 g, nystatin 1.
Avatar f tn i also use equal parts of benadryl, malox and lidocaine and swish and spit or you can get it prescribed already mixed its called Magic mouthwash. About the blood work, i am not to good on that. But i have had the rash and mouthsores for most of my tx. i am in week 31 and hopefully will be doing 42.
Avatar m tn You can get what they call magic mouthwash from your doctor, Or u can use Phillips milk of mag along with liquid benedryl they make it for children and swish in you mouth. I found this stuff called Benzodent at cvs and walmart it coats the sores helps for a bit. On the incivek i have gained 20 lbs because you have to eat 20 grams of fat three times a day. It really sux, but this Thur will be the last of that crap. Hang in there I have anemia and have even had to have a blood transfusion.
Avatar f tn If I use insect spray they will come back and sting me with whatever I spray them with. I stopped eating sugar, I use windex, the doctor gave me triamcinolone and cream and nothing worked, using mouthwash, vinegar and borax. They are a little better but still getting into my head and on my feet and the same on my husband. Also I cleans myself at night and feel free, however they are so bad in the house, when I move about in the house they get back on me. The doctor act like I a loosing my mind.
Avatar m tn You might try the Biotene products (mouthwash, spray, toothpaste, etc.) to see if they will help. Tx contributes to changes in the salivary glands which create "dry mouth". Lots of people develop a bad taste in their mouth, distaste for foods and flavors and textures, and oral hygiene problems as a result of dry mouth. This may exacerbate your thrush condition. We have several forum members who struggled with thrush throughout tx.
114870 tn?1210301946 My doctor prescribed me a mouth rince called Mary's Mirical Mouthwash. It was awesome!! It took some of the sores away after the first use. It was great. Maybe this would help your mom. Hope this helpes.
Avatar n tn I use to use a product called Gleoxide (spelling?) It is like a mouthwash and it did help a lot. I guess they still make it. Go to your pharmacy and ask if they heard of the stuff or something like it. Good Luck!
469210 tn?1219191728 A series of 12, one tablet per week, along with the Magic Mouthwash, (which is an oncology mouthwash.) I have the formula for this, if you need it for the druggist. This will help to clear the sores up. Watch what you are eating. Garlic, heavy spices,onion, some fruits, etc., will really make your mouth flair. Good luck-these will help you!
Avatar n tn The medical name for your condition is cheilitis, roughly eczema of the lip. It's a sensitivity rarely triggered by something specific (toothpaste, lipstick, mouthwash, etc.), so unless you're convinced of such a correlation, I wouldn't look too hard for one. Try using over-the-counter hydrocortisone 1% ointment, along with a heavy moisturizer like Aquaphor. Used regularly, these will quiet down each outbreak. In between, no need to do much of anything.
475300 tn?1312426726 Ultram ER, Tramadol !!! Ulcers - mouth ulcers Magic Mouthwash (ingredients might be different) recipe: Diphenhydramine syrup 60ml Licocaine 2% Viscous 60ml Maalox Suspension 60ml = 180ml - non prescription bio-act. enzyme protect. Biotene Oral Balance - oral thrush clotrimazole Mycelex lozenges nystatin Mycostatin - severe mouth ulcers Palifermin injections Kepivance Rash - ribarash infections fluocinonide 0.
1682219 tn?1305022670 i learned in school you can use olive oil as a home remedy, be care rinising with salt water, dont do it to hard as this can loosen the clot you could go to the dentist and have them put dry soclet paste in there, this will save you from having to pack it a few times a day, you could ask them to prescribe the paste to you, its called Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.1% Dental paste. some dentist will give you some, some wont. but i would ask and dont take no for an answer!
Avatar f tn Cheaper than magic mouthwash too! Someone recommended triamcinolone accetonide which is a dental paste. I think the mouth sores are one of my biggest worries because they sound so yuck:( rita- now I am a little freaked about the rash. I sooo feel for you! that must be horrible. I know I must drink lots of water, have a really good moisturizer to slather on and already have some hydrocortisone(sp?) cream. I will be on the lookout for bumps! First shot last night. So far so good.
Avatar n tn Metal taste--the last couple of days I have had a really strong taste of metal. Brushing/mouthwash does not help. Any ideas? Procrit--can anyone describe how this has helped them? What about added sx from the Procrit? Depression-- does anyone not get depressed from the interferon/ribovarin combination? (after week 4 I HAD to have some help-- Effexor seems to be helping me) Itching--this is a 'new feature' as of late.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed an dental paste for me called Triamcinolone Acetone dental paste. Usually I can get rid of canker sores and such with lysine or simply eating lots of parsley or using acidopholus, but when all else fails, a little dab of this stuff does the trick. Although it may be aggravated because of dental issues, you can't say it isn't there because of tx. It could be a combination of the two as well.
495402 tn?1220621003 Corbett, one of the cochairs for this series, recommended Kenalog (triamcinolone acetonide) in Orabase. Another participant suggested that the combination of Bacitracin and Loprox (ciclopirox) was very effective. Patients should put a “dot” of each on their fingertips, and then apply enough to the corners of the mouth every couple of hours to keep coated. Excessive moisture and secondary bacterial and/or fungal colonization can keep the lips from healing.
Avatar n tn used biotene toothpaste and mouthwash (Wal-Mart) and got an rx of chlorohexadine gluconate 0.12 mouthwash from the dentist which really helped. My nose would also bleed from being so dry, the best thing I found (after all the expensive rx's) was vaseline which I put on a q-tip to line the inside of each nostril. The ENT gave me an rx of sesame oil spray for my nose. Never heard of that one, but I quit using it because it leaked out and attracted flies!!
488823 tn?1218374167 rash - the topical prescription ointment that worked best for me was clobetasol, i also used triamcinolone ointment. the oral prescription drug that helped me with the itch was hydroxyzine. finally i was placed on prednisone, after i was pulled off of the incivek at week 10.
Avatar n tn Mouthwash containing lidocaine/diphenhydramine/activated attapulgite followed by triamcinolone treatment For Nausea/vomiting try: Avoid cooking smells and food that triggers; small meals; acupressure bands; antiemetics; dronabinol For Diarrhea try: Fiber therapy; antidiarrheals For Dyspnea try: Modify activities; avoid smoke, cold air, and allergens; CXR if needed; oxygen PRN For Cough try: Fluids; humidifier; cough drops; antihistamines; guaifenesin with or without codeine; hydrocodone syr
Avatar n tn I've been to my doctor twice in three weeks, the first time he perscribed a triamcinolone dental paste to rub on my lips , and nothing happened, if anything they got a little worse. The second time , he prescribed me a Nystatin oral suppension rinse, which I am almost finished with and theres still no change. Over the duration of the past few weeks along with this the gums on the top front of my mouth get this gritty feeling, like I never brushed in a few day's feeling that comes and goes.
Avatar m tn Night time benadryl by mouth. Ask your dr. A scrip for triamcinolone cream .1% from my doctor. Seems to work. Don't know about the lip.
Avatar n tn , Chapstick, Aquaphor, Vaseline, Blistex, etc... (for chapped lips), Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bactieral, Mouthwash, Switching toothpaste, Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent, Desonide, Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment 0.25%, ELIDEL (pimecrolimus cream 1%), Elimination diet (no gluten or dairy), Fasting, Drinking lots of water, Vaseline while sleeping (in-case of drooling), Allergy medication There are some things I probably forgot to mention. I don't know what to do anymore.
317787 tn?1473362051 He gave me some cortizone cream for my back rash It's called Fluocinonide 0.05 and he gave me Triamcinolone acetonide that you put on the sores in your mouth. My mouth is better so is my rash. So don't feel lonely I have the same thing. I am slowly getting through it just day by day. May God bless and keep you through this horrible mess. I know God is there to help me and everyone always. Keep in touch..
Avatar n tn I haven't had the mouth sores, but my mouth was so dry and sensitive. I've been using Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash. It's an antibacterial and helps to keep ph balances, etc. It's really soothing on the mouth. Helps from being so dry. Right now my scalp and shoulders itch so bad I could scream. The doctor gave me some shampoo and a foam for my scalp. Tends to dry it out. My skin is like a snake, it flakes and peels. I'm always reaching and stretching to scratch!
1807991 tn?1438783370 I wondered if anyone else has had this happen and the rash subsided after starting triamcinolone acetone cream usp 0.1%?
Avatar f tn I've been on many medications like NyStatin, Fluconazole, Clotrimazolele, Montelukast, Magic Mouthwash, Triamcinolone dental paste, Predisone, Gabapentin, Lidocaine, Hydrocortizone, warm water mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide and there has been no help except the Lidocaine numbs the tongue for about 20 min and the dental paste put on the tongue helps at night to get to sleep. When I am taking in food there is no issue and I can enjoy food. So thankfully, I can eat and sleep O.K.
Avatar n tn I too have the burning tongue syndrome. I was give Dukes miracle mouthwash by my dentist and it cured it for several months. It is back again and I have an appointment with my dentist in several days. I tried increasing my B12 intake but it only helped for a few days. An associate who also has it has to take B12 injections to releive her pain. A topographical tongue seems to be the common issue, small "cracks" in the tounge.
Avatar n tn Like no ‘wine sauce’ at dinner, no 'just a sip of wine.' No mouthwash- It contains alcohol- unless you want to be violently sick. I wish you all luck in getting your issue taken care of. Thank to everyone for all of your posts!
Avatar f tn I use biotene mouthwash and gel as well as chew xylitol gum. Try searching biotene and epic xylitol products.