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Avatar n tn Online research kinda looked like scabies, but couldn't figure out where I would have got it from. I did masturbate using Lubriderm 24hour uncented lotion. Symptoms showed up a day later. They started going away and then I did it again not knowing it may have been the lotion. I will abstain from the lotion and see how it goes. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Itching, burning � inflammation on penis - allergic reaction?</a>.
Avatar m tn Right now I use a cream from Bath and Body Works but it's about to run out now. I see Aveeno, Lubriderm and Jergens every time I do grocery shopping. Are those brands good? Can you recommend cream that suitable for atopic-dermatitis-induced dried skin?
Avatar n tn My family Doctor has subscribed several things at various times, nystatin and triamcinolone acetoneide cream,Mentax 1% cream/Lidocaine 5%0,Lotrisone Lotion,Desitin Ointment, Gold Bond medicated powder, for examples. I have noted some improvement from time to time but continued use of any of it seems not to help. What I seem to go back to most is the gold bond powder. I sometimes get up at night and apply a cold wash cloth before using it.
Avatar f tn the riba rash is out of control. I have tried cerave-sarna and lubriderm and nothing seems to work any longer.I am at a complete loss here and going a little nuts.Does anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar n tn He also gave me an injection of betamethasone and triamcinolone which reduced the inflamation and itching for a short time but the rash never went away. He also prescribed topical creams with no results. I am at witts end and I am starting to wonder whether this is caused by stress or psychological factors but for the fact that my roomate has the same symptoms but not as severe. Can you help me?
Avatar n tn 05%, Triamcinolone ointment .5%, Lubriderm with betamethansone valerate, and had two cortisone shots in August. The cortisone shots were my only true relief, which lasted exactly two weeks. I received 80 units of some sort. The Psorcon-E helps, but the second dermatologist I saw thought it was two strong to keep using. Now I have chickenpox-like scars on my legs and lesser scars on my arms. My right leg is flaring up just like it did in Feb.
1108752 tn?1289755714 So with my own research I have found putting on a lotion called RENU, you can find it pretty much anywhere, or lubriderm, and I also use dove sensitive skin on him. This alone made a tremendous difference. I have also found the less baths I give him the better it gets. For a while I would go about every other day with a bath. But of course kids are kids and need a bath, so I refrained from him sitting in the bath and would take him in the shower with me.
568280 tn?1218126402 I have been using the steriod cream,Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream during the day, and Sarna lotion at night. I have it on both arms this time around. The Sarna burns it and then cools it. I still wake up some nights, but some nights I don't. I have an appointment with an allergist. I'm also ready to cut my arms off. And, it looks really bad. Thanks for the info, I'll be looking at that web site.
Avatar f tn I have read the thread but I hope someone can help me. I got my first tattoo Sept 19. Yesterday I woke with pink rash (not itchy or painful) all around the tattoo (the tatt is fine just still sore). I was using Lubriderm unscented & the artist told me to use Neosporin cream. It has only been about 14 hours now so I guess it takes time. Looks like the bumps have stopped spreading but it turned a brighter red. Should I go to the dermotologist? Or my regular Doc?
Avatar n tn First began after I bought a bottle of Lubriderm cocoa butter/ shea butter lotion, and had been using it while masturbating. Even after things looked fully normal, 2 or 3 times tugging and the same or new tear would appear. Started to think skin was over moisturized or that I was having a reaction to the Lubriderm, so I quit using it after 2 tears appeared a few months ago.
Avatar n tn I don't wear make-up and have been using Lubriderm on my whole face since I was 15 (I'm 32 now). I suddenly developed "the eyelid problem" about two months ago. It started with dry, stiff upper eyelids and then progressed to redness, lines and puffiness.
Avatar n tn I itch until I want to scream! I went to the DR. and he said it was Ecezema and prescribed me Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment and it did not work. I went to WalmART and got AVEENA Calamine & Pramoxine Anti-Itch Cream. to my relief it worked and OMG I can finally relax for a min until another breakout. I also got the AVEENA bath crystals. Which has Colloidial Oatmeal. I am relieved for these products. Soak in the bath water with this product and the welts and itchyness will be relieved.