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Avatar n tn I'm at the end of my rope here! 4 dermatologists have said I have flat warts, and a biopsy said I have "dilated hair follicles with cystic change" as well. I believe I may even have eczema on my shoulder, but that's really the least of my worries at the moment. I've tried every remedy and medical treatment I could get so far, with no results. Candida injections. Triamcinolone cream. Cutting and burning and freezing (they grow back as fast as the skin does). Tee tree oil. Garlic.
Avatar n tn My doctor said it was contact dermatitis, and prescribed Triamcinolone Acetonide cream. I've been applying it for about a week now and it isn't working in the slightest bit. I don't expect a response from anyone, (maybe I posted this in the wrong section?) but a response would be really great.
Avatar n tn Hello, I had mutual unprotected oral sex with a TS escort 3 months ago and am concerned on what may be the onset of genital herpes or warts. Five days after the encounter, I was tested by my primary physician for gonoreah, syphlis, chlamydia, hepatitis B, and HIV which all came back negative. About a month later the tip of my penis started "tingling" for various lengths of time.
Avatar m tn I have never had any discharge and any other visual sign of an STI/STD, and the Doctors I’ve been to have dismissed everyhting as nothing to worry about. I have been tested 4 times for Gonorrhea and Clammidiya, as well as syphalis and HIV. All have come back negative. I did my most recent testings on Monday Aug 22nd and expect the results this Wednesday, although I fully expect all to come back negative.
Avatar n tn Warts don't look like parallel lines. Triamcinolone is too strong for regular use on the penis--it may actually thin the skin and cause "stretch marks." If you wait till lines go away before having sex, you may not have sexc for quite some time. I suggest a more confident diagnosis and appropriate treatment. If the lines are not significant, you can leave them alone and just get on with it. Best. Dr.
Avatar n tn another said they think it is flat warts. one gave me some crappy mineral oil like vaseline stuff. triamcinolone o.1 % ointment. i dont think that will do anything. its been a week. they may look ok but r still there. the bumps on my inner butt look the worst. they are big bumps. like four bumps. i hope its nothing and that it will go away. i dont want my life to be over if it doesnt go away.
Avatar m tn So I've had these itchy bumps spreading around for just over a year now. They started on my hand and have now worked their way on my arms, legs, face, and scalp. I was told by a dermatologist that they were flat warts, but on a whim I just had one of the biopsied last week. The biopsy says the following: Dilated hair follicle with cystic change and features of epidermal inclusion cyst. Surrounding chronic inflammation is present. Atypia or features of malignancy are not identified.
Avatar n tn They gave him Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream USP. The doctor said it was probally yeast. However it is always in the same area and it goes away for a while and will come back but never completely goes away. It worsens and becomes very red after sex. I have not gotten anything so I am not concerned about it being an STD. He says it is not sore,It is not raised,there is no discharge.It just will not go away. But I do have HPV ( not the actual warts) The virus that lives in my cervix.
Avatar n tn 1% im not sure if its actually working to get rid of it but ive noticed its slowing going away and i dont itch. you can also get cream called aldara.. its used for genetal warts but it does stop the itch. you can always go to like walmart and ask the pharmasist if there is a cream thats best used to stop itching that cant hurt your skin.
Avatar m tn The other possibility is of flat warts. Treatment includes tretinoin or Triamcinolone cream. Exfoliation, intensive moisturizing creams, creams and lotions containing alpha hydroxy acids are also helpful. Wear cotton clothes and use mild soaps. if the symptoms persist then get an evaluation done from a dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn Without examining it is difficult to diagnose the cause for your symptoms. It may not be due to neosporin. The causes for the cuts or abrasions on the penile head are dryness, yeast infections, herpes, sexually transmitted diseases, genital warts, allergies and balanitis. They could also be cysts, and infected hair follicles. If there is accompanying swelling, redness, discharge and fever it is most probably an infection.
Avatar m tn Thank you very much for the reply. As well, thank you for the time it took to write said reply. I've been putting Triamcinolone Acetonide cream on my penis the last few days. Wow, what a difference. I've almost completely cleared up in 3 days. Is it possible? I went from a bleeding, pussing, scabing, head of a penis to now just mild flaking. I can't believe how quickly it went away. What can it be? I wish I could share pictures on this forum to share with others.
Avatar m tn Hello, Unfortunately the picture could not be opened and from the symptoms that you have described, I would like to rule out the possibility of genital warts. The other possibility is of course of lichen planus. Warts are tumours or growths of the skin caused by infection with Human Papillomavirus (HPV).They are contagious when in contact with the skin of an infected person. Exactly what it is can be confirmed only after examination and biopsy.
Avatar m tn i was diagnosed with it on tuesday and ive had it for some months now.. ive been sexually active with my boyfriend and he doesnt seem to have gotten it from me.. condom wont help you.. as long as you dont scratch it and keep it clean itll go away faster and itll be a less of a chance to not spread it.. ive been using this ointment called Triamcinolone acetonide ointment USP, 0.1% .. it seems to be helping me.. my bumps have been getting smaller.. and they arent itchy at all..
Avatar n tn Her face looks better, but her arms and hands look worse, and her fingers and elbows look kind of spotted, from a distance they look like litte warts, but the skin isn't raised or anything. Is there something worse going on? We do have a family history of Lupus, i myself have it. Could the sunblocks we use now be irritating her condition? It took 3 months to get an appointment with this dermatoligist, and I just want to understand if there is something wrong or not.
Avatar n tn Here is the situation,started in may 2013 what i believe,started using antibacterial soap(dettol)used after i came from the GYM,I started noticing my penis skin very wrinkly,then it started with the irritations when penis rubs on the boxer shorts,felt like it was on my meatus at first,then right side penis head(circumcised),closer look with a flash light no lesions,no ulcers,saw my PCP in JULY 2013 checked for stds negative,positive HSV1 from childhood,my PCP didnt think it was HSV2 never teste
Avatar n tn My primary physician diagnosed it as fungus and prescribed me Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream USP which seemed to stop the "tingling". I must admit I was using too much and the "tingling" started again about another month later. I reduced the amount and it seemed to stop again, however now I can't help but "feel" that there is something there.
Avatar f tn I was told originally this was hot tub foliculitus however the Nystatin and Triamcinolone along with the clindamycin did not work. I am now on Triamcinolone Acetonide and that also does not seem to be making any difference. What are possibilities that this could be? I have look at over a hundred warts pictures and they do not seem to look like anything I have seen on reputable sites like mayo clinic. However these bumps will not go away.
Avatar n tn The bumps have not returned and no long term symptoms. I'd go see a doctor for evaluation and/or prescription (Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream) Good luck and no worries!
Avatar m tn I also got tested for hsv and everything came back negative, except for hsv1 but i have tested positive for this for years. A year before this incident i tested positive for hsv 1 at greater than 8.0. I also tested positive for BV, and she gave me antibiotics for this. Does this sound like herpes or a fungal infection? Could this be an hsv1 herpes infection on my genitals?
Avatar n tn I have a similar problem. At the doctor's advice, I tried Nystatin for 10 days.. it did nothing. Ketoconazole for 2 weeks, and that did nothing. Then I tried the oral pill Terbinafine for 10 days, and that did nothing at all. Cortizone creme will make the redness go away, but then it comes right back when I stop using it. And it's not good to use cotrizone cream, so I don't use that. Going to see a dermatologist soon. I do eat lots of nuts and seeds in my diet.
Avatar m tn She has since, without knowing for sure, prescribed me some medication (Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream, And Cephalexin 500mg caps) I've been using these for 3 days so far and i see no real improvement, which i know isn't a lot of time, but she only prescribed me with a week supply of both. Anything else i think it could be is either stress related or a fungus. I'm wondering if anyone could help me identify this or if anyone thinks i should go to a dermatologist and get their opinion.
Avatar m tn the Doctors I’ve been to have dismissed everyhting as nothing to worry about. I have been tested 4 times for Gonorrhea & Clammidiya, as well as syphalis & HIV. All have come back negative. On July 21st, I started using canesten cream. I used it for 7 days & noticed no improvement. On Aug 4, I was given Triamcinolone Acetonide / Neomycin, which I applied after a shower in the morning & then again in the evening. I did this for 1 week, no improvement.
Avatar f tn She also uses TRIAMCINOLONE 0.0025% cream for Vitiligo which she has around the pelvic area. we have been using this for about two weeks. Could this be a reaction from the cream? I did make an appointment to see her DR.
Avatar f tn He prescribed triancinilone for my body and non-steroid cream for my face and genitals. Little to no results. Two weeks later I saw him again and he said it looks like I have folliculitis. Refilled the triamcinolone and added minocycline 110mg/twice a day and see him in a month. That brings us to last Thursday. Saw him again, he said it looks like everything is progressing nicely and to schedule in two months.
Avatar m tn The first said bed bugs, the second said fungal infection the third said genital warts and then I went to an STD specialist and he diagnosed it is eczema (skin inflammation). He prescribed me with triamcinolone acetonide cream and it seemed to work on some but not on the other bumps. The doctor that said it was warts burnt some with a freeze spray an those are the one that I'm concerned about. Anyway I'm sorry for the long story but my question is can that one doctor be wrong?
Avatar n tn Sorry for the long post, but it is a long situation and I wanted to make sure I got it all in. Around 12/8/05, I had intercourse with a friend of unknown status whom I know has had a few partners. I stupidly got too drunk and for a 1-3 min period did not use a condom, than put one on. A few days later I noticed some mild redness and decided to go get checked out. About 2 weeks passed and I got checked out for everything but herpes and syphilis b/c I got tested and found clean in September.
Avatar n tn I met with the first available doctor. he said it looked like small genital Warts. He gave me some Condylox. I used that for a few weeks and nothing changed and the burning persisted. I went to see my regular Obgyn and we tested for EVERY STD. Syphilus, Gonnorea, chlamydia, HIV, we even tested cervical cancer, we did a herpies culture and an HPV culture. All cam back negative.
Avatar n tn This all started after what i can narrow down to either unprotected oral with my GF OR using antibacterial soap on my genitals after working out at the gym,SPECIFIC symptoms burning feeling on penis head when rubbing on underwear,irritated meatus looks puffy sometimes especially after mastubation(circumcised) is been going on for almost 10 months now,2 std panels all negative,My PCP didnt think it was HSV so never tested for it,Im positive for HSV1,prior cold soars as a kid,he gave me triamcinol