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Avatar m tn Osteoarthritis can affect any joint in the body, including the spine. Osteoarthritis of the spine occurs when there is deterioration in the discs between the vertebrae. With primary osteoarthritis of the spine, the cause is not known and it is usually attributed to the aging process. When the cause is known (i.e., injury, other disease, obesity), it is referred to as secondary osteoarthritis of the spine.
Avatar m tn i was also wondering about the osteoarthritis as my dr told me that i have severe degenerative osteoarthritis of the lower spine (I forgot the numbers), hips, left shoulder and both feet. I had major surgery last summer and mesh was used to attach part of my bowel to my spine. My dr figures that this may have jump-started the arthritis issues. Currently i have probs walking, bending and overall it hurts to be on my feet for more than 20 mins at a time.
1257704 tn?1269493583 Sometimes that doesnt help and I had to go in last week to the ER for 2 rounds of strong pain meds thru IV when I got it that bad, so you can see they are bad when they hit. Thanks for any advice and help you give.
Avatar n tn Although I have had 2 surgeries on my cervical spine for ruptured discs and lax ligaments (am now fused from C3-C6), I am now told that I have significant osteoarthritis at C1-C2 (atlanto-axial joint) Accupuncture did relieve a lot of the associated muscle spasms but I still get bone pain sometimes even at the base of my skull. I've also wrenched the left side of my neck twice in the past 6 weeks at work.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your question. Although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern. It is quite unlikely that your arthritis problem would have been caused your migraines. But your illness may have triggered the symptoms.
Avatar f tn Spondylosis is the slipping (Subluxation) of the 2 adjacent vertebrae over the joint (called as the facets).The main treatment is Physiotherapy as 90 of the cases get resolved with it.Here also, the Orthopaedician would surely help you out, with proper clinical evaluation. Hope my answer was clear to you. Regards..
7486852 tn?1410355784 Yes osteoarthritis can affect any joint in your body. You seem to be having a great deal of pain, in a lot of areas of your body. It may be due to something else. You really need to see a doctor to get a diagnosis. The popping and cracking sounds more than arthritis. It is difficult for us here to make a diagnosis. Don't you think it would be wise to ask for a refferal back to the specialist?
3060903 tn?1398568723 The 10 best blogs for osteoarthritis The 10 best blogs for osteoarthritis Many osteoarthritis blogs can provide support and helpful tips for managing what is often a chronic condition. READ NOW Emotional stress High levels of stress lead to physical symptoms, even in healthy individuals. In people with OA, stress can exacerbate joint pain, which in turn amplifies stress. This may lead to difficulty sleeping, which can further increase a person's sensitivity to pain.
Avatar f tn History indicates neck pain and back pain. CT scan of the cervical spine demonstrates degenerative disc disease. No spinal stenosis. Small central disc protrusion is noted at C3-4 without impingement on the dural sac. Minimal annulus bulging is present at C4-5. At C5-6 there is some posterior osteophyte formation. Disc space cannot be evaluated at this level or more caudally because of shoulder artifact. There is no acute finding.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar n tn - whatever the # it is normal. 1. What exactly are the symptoms of mets to bone (like hip) or spine? 2. Do these symptoms sound like anything related to bc mets or cancer of any kind? Just don't want to pester doc unless these symptoms sound like something that needs to be investigated and I would like the answers to questions 1 and 2 as I'm unclear. Thanks so much.
Avatar f tn Cervical Spondylosis actually means Osteoarthritis of the Cervical Spine. So the answer is the same to your question regrading Osteoarthritis. I would assume you medical provider would refer you to a Neurosurgeon. I want to commend you for educating yourself on your condition. Read - Read - Read. Learn all you can about your condition so you can ask questions of your physicians and will understand their responses.
Avatar f tn I had an MRI last May when I was 29. There were no lesions so I was sent way. Well I was in so much pain I went to ortho in Nov. age 30. He said I have what looks like it could be a possible birthdefect in my lower spine. His words. Then a customer of mine with MS said that it sounds like I have MS plaque on my cervical spine & the Neuro should have done an LP due to all my symptoms even though the MRI was normal because of my age. I just don't know how hard I should push. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn It would be best to consult an orthopedician for an evaluation to the cause of pain and the mode of treatment that would suit you the best. Accordingly a management plan would be chalked out. Hope this was helpful. Take care!
7505421 tn?1391433822 Other people find seeing a chiropractor or osteopath helps, depending if any joints are out of alignment like in the spine and neck. Unfortunately, there isn't a cure and it also depends on which type of arthritis he has. There are different types of arthritis, but the most common ones are osteoarthritis which is degeneration of the bones, rheumatoid which is an autoimmune disorder; Gout where uric crystals form around the joints.
Avatar n tn If you are in constant pain, I would hope there is SOME treatment for you. Sometimes surgery is a good option. But I would definitely go for another opinion. Personally, I had very successful fusion surgery in my cervical spine. It improved my life immensely. But, you do need to find the right surgeon, for sure. And make sure it is your only option. Surgery is serious business. I think you may find better help on some of the other forums, too, like Chronic Pain, or Arthritis forums.
Avatar f tn In your report they talk about a prominent central canal V a Syrinx. For the first few months of life the center of the Spinal cord is hollow, it eventually closes. Some Doctors argue that it dose not close completely and this is why a Syrinx develops, the CSF enters the center that was hollow and forms a cyst. Either way it is an abnormality that needs to be explained.
1293616 tn?1272327810 , he/she will be monitoring your bloodwork to see if you need any additional meds to keep your blood counts in line. Be sure you are scheduled for a viral load test at week 2 and/or 4 of treatment. It's important to see how you are responding to the meds. A lot of people start on an anti-depressant before starting treatment. Many will never need them, but it's something to keep in mind if things start feeling overwhelming or you notice yourself getting irritated with friends/family/co-workers.
Avatar n tn I have just read some of the comments about post treatment symptoms. I went through 48 weeks of treatment for hep C which included having to be hospitalized for shortness of breath and another time for disorintation and extremely blurred vision. Having worked for the first 24 weeks I was then forced to take medical leave. I may also add that during that time my lung capacity had dropped to 68% of normal. These were all attributed to the treatments.
Avatar n tn I have read on this site that there are a few people who take fosomax. I too wanted to give it a try for treatment of my osteoporosis but am hesitant because of the things I have read on how it is damaging to the liver. Does anyone have something to say about this? sites that I have read this at:
587787 tn?1218808059 The MRI showed DJD in the C-Spine and osteoarthritis with buldging disc and narrowing of the disc space but no compression of the nerves. Keep in mind the MRI was early in the morning, laying flat on a table with a towel roll under my neck, and a head stabilizer strapped to the back board. So I still wonder that if the headaches are worse as the day progresses, the weakness is worse, the numbness of my face, tingling of my fingers and feet.
Avatar n tn I've tried the Glusomine, MSM, ect for my joints and still have lots of joint pain. ( of course I still have Hep C ) I did 6 months of the combo, but could never clear > I also developed some bad neuro sx during tx. So you see I am really in need of trying some new supplements & joint juice. I would appreciate any information you can share. One more thing......I drink 1 cup of coffee in the AM.
159785 tn?1276229625 If you decide to try this, we can suggest come questions. Although the rule of thumb for FT4 is midrange, and for FT3 is upper half to upper third, some of us are more comfortable lower in the ranges. How are your hypo symptoms? Do they persist, or is your main symptom PVCs? The increased PVCs on Armour was most likely due to the high T3 content in it, which is why it improved with Synthroid. BBs can make you feel tired...
748543 tn?1463449675 In my experience, examining both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients of my practice, I have found most often that even in asymptomatic patients the area of conflict lies within the spine; namely the cervical area. So the price for accommodation to the poor bite is most often paid for by our neck. Of course only about 24% of the population formally complain about TMD/TMJD, however if we closely examine all patients I believe we find that the incidence is much higher than that.
1318483 tn?1318350782 I don't know if you all remember that I got new MRI's recently (on a 3T) because my daughter was diagnosed with Chiari 1 malformation (CM1) and my doctors wanted to get new ones done. Anyway, my brain one didn't show CM1 and it seemed to take FOREVER for me to get my C-spine back. I just got it in the mail. It says I have straightening of the cervical lordosis and from what I saw on the internet, that is not really anything to worry about and is very common.
5692606 tn?1372495303 Minor reduction of the L1 and L2 on the behalf of the superior endplates anteriorly. Presence of transitional lumbar vertebra (L6). Presence of marginal osteophytes. Narrowing of the disc space. A recent previous hip x-ray reported 'both hips show mild degenerative changes'. A few years later I was diagnosed with Sciatica also. What I'd like to know is what the x-ray results mean (in lay terms please!
Avatar m tn Given that I recently learned that I've quite a bit of degenerative changes in the cervical and lumbar regions of my spine, what type of specialist should I see first? I've noticed that people on this forum have seen several types of specialists, such as neurologists, rheumatologists, osteoarthritis specialists, orthopedic surgeons, and pain management specialists.
Avatar n tn In another viewing situation, it may be possible to appreciate the scoliosis in the MRI, but not from these images. Plain xrays of the entire spine are the best way to look for scoliosis, not MRI. I see that you have been to many doctors at well respected places, I would suggest now that you choose one doctor who can coordinate your care to cut down on the confusion.
Avatar m tn com and 3) learn what your options are for treatment, as well as the risks and benefits of each. The word "serious" in your MRI report implies that action is required immediately. Find those physicians who have much experience in treating lumbar spinal stenosis and consult with them. Get a copy of your MRI, both on film and on disc, to bring to your consult. Also bring a copy of the written report for their records. Keep copies of everything.
701334 tn?1262857103 Unfortuantely, you are not too young for arthritis. No one is. There are many different forms of arthritis and it is important to find out which kind you have (if he was not more specific it could be osteoarthritis OA which is what most people think of when they say arthritis.) I know many people swear by their chiros and that they can be very beneficial. I think there are times when you need to combine the approaches and see a regular doctor, too.