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Avatar n tn At night I can't sleep at all. The Klonopin is to help me relax and sleep. When and IF I start taking the Klonopin I will be taking .05 mg only at night. I have been reading on here and other places that this stuff is highly additive. Has anyone ever taking this drug to sleep at night? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I would like to know how to safely taper off klonopin (Rivotril).I SHOULD be taking 1mg 3 times a day, but for the last several years i've tripled my dose to 3/1mg 3 times a day. I was prescribed klonopin 7 yrs ago at the same time as anitdepressants. I've weaned myself off the antideprssants a few months ago. Why was i prescribed klonopin? Was it to optimize the antidepressants? Anyways, i'm feeling much better and all i need is this last step to be completely drug free.
Avatar m tn My doc is suggesting I try klonopin for anxiety , what is the opinion of this drug?
Avatar n tn I recently got hold of some klonopin and I am keeping them to use if I end up c/t off vicodin. I took one when I first got them just to see how well it did and it really knocked me out, which is what I was looking for, to treat the jimmy leg syndrome of w/ds. Anyway, is there a danger of addiction to these things also?
1349329 tn?1276988802 Hang in there, this will pass. Emily was prescribed klonopin for anxiety that only started after being on tramadol for a while. She was on the klonopin for at least a year & had a very hard time when tapering off. You can read back through her journal for her experiences. Benzos are best avoided but IMHO, based on Dr Ashton's recommendations & my experience, the least damage would be done by using the lowest effective dose of valium at night & tapering off that.
Avatar f tn I am normally mobile and energetic on Tramadol and can leave the house, but on Bentyl I am sick in bed. Some relief from Bentyl, but not like Tramadol. When I don't take Tramadol, my only withdrawal is that I get extremely fatigue but that can also be from my IBS and pain. I have read before that if you stop taking Tramadol for a few days, then you will lose your tolerance for the drug and can start up again with good results. Does anyboy know anything about this?
Avatar n tn Tramadol has the same kind of dependency as morphine once you are hooked, and it sounds like you are, so you should see a drug rehab.specialist to walk you through the withdrawals. There are dangers to be avoided, so be under a doctors care for this....
Avatar n tn Hi I've been suffering from severe eye pain and my pain control is not working well enough. I'm currently on Dihydrocodeine 30 mg 6 times daily. And I'm wondering if tramadol is stronger, the information I've found on this drug conflicts and I'm just wondering if you could tell me if tramadol would be stronger than the drug i'm currently using and wether it is adictive. And what type of drug is it, the only type of drug which helps my pain are narcotics nothing else does anything.
Avatar n tn Can't find out what is happening..please help if you can... I have been taking Tramadol for four years.200 mil a day for nerve damage..One week after a mastectomy reconstruction for breast cancer I forgot to get the Tramadol refilled and on the third day started going through withdrawal with severe anxiety and panic! I started taking it again as usual the next morning but the symptoms have continued for four months! I am basically afraid to even leave my house..the Dr.
Avatar f tn Getting ready to come off Tramadol. Last two pills will be taken at 12:30pm. I was up to 8-9 50mg pills per day and took them for 2 yrs I am unable to get any so this is it, it's time. I have 18 klonopin from a prior script to help with the w/d. What i need is has anyone cold turkey'd from this amount? Scared.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been on Tramadol for 10 years (2003-present) because leg pains. I kept it to 150 mg per day until 2011 then increased the dose to 450mg per day because of a laborious job. I have decided to quit but the "weaning" process did not work. Ive been off of them now for 56 hours and basically been awake the whole time. The first night I was off a back pain surfaced. I saw a chiro today and started adjusting.
544292 tn?1268886268 I like feeling angry better than feeling depressed or numb as I did on the tramadol. Anyhow. If there are any other Tramadol Cold Turkey or Tapers out there can you please share your experience? It would help alot to know I am NOT alone. I am using this natural system called The Thomas Method to detox. By now of course, I have no insurance, I'm all scrambled in the brains and my body feels like I am five years old. I feel that weak and I am not a weak person physically in any way.
Avatar f tn After my last injection I developed horrible pain in my knee and my dr. prescribed me Tramadol. I told him that I did not want to use any opiod pain meds and he sd that Tramadol was different and it was not addictive. He assured me it would be ok to take for a few weeks which is what I needed Well i have been taking it for about 4 weeks and a few days ago decided to stop it cause my pain is getting better. It has been 2 days of horrible withdrawal just like with the Percocet.
Avatar n tn I am in the process of getting off of tramadol. It was prescribed for me for ocassional use for mild to moderate pain like headache, muscle soreness, etc. I used it only ocassionally for several months. About 4 months ago, I became involved in a fairly intense project and was experiencing more discomfort. Without really thinking much about it, I started using tramadol every day and then increased this to 2-3 times each day.
Avatar m tn Does anyone have any experience with klonopin for nerve pain, I see that along with its anti-anxiety properties that it also has neurological effects towards pain control. Ive had issues in the past with opiates but benzo's have nether been my thing, they usually just made me tired if I took too much and that was only a few times. I was constantly on opiates of one kind or another and was always to affraid of mixing the two for fear of overdosing.
Avatar n tn So, listen to Milo on the subject of tapering off the Klonopin. I'm a bit curious about how Klonopin works as a pain reliever for you. It must relieve the actual condition causing the pain, as opposed to what a narcotic pain killer would do. Good luck to you.
Avatar n tn You should ask your specialist why he/she would have you take Xanax instead of Klonopin. Does Klonopin and the Wellbutrin have some sort of negative reaction when taken with Tareg?
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm currently taking a low dosage of Klonopin (2mg/day)to treat anxiety/panic attacks. I've been taking it for 2 months (it started out of the blue.) Is there anyone who was on it before they got pregnant? I'd really like to have a baby soon but am terrified of what will happen when I stop taking the medication. Wondering if there's a similar drug that's safe (know that's unlikely) or if anyone's been in the same circumstance? thanks!
Avatar n tn I drink very infrequently. Anyway, is Klonopin a drug that I can just take every once in awhile after having drank? Or is Klonopin a drug which you have to take according to a specific regimen?
Avatar n tn i am on 2mg klonopin a day. when do i stop the klonopin? do i have to withdraw off it before i take methadone? kicking the klonopin scares me more than kicking the opiates. also, someone mentioned they smoke pot. don't the methadone clinics test for this? what do they do to you if you smoke pot? throw you out? i don't have any answers because i have not done an intake. the klonopin are prescribed. will the methadone clinic make me come off them? thanks!!!
290532 tn?1308140370 I tapered down to 6 and then saw a doc and got on Prestiq (anti-depressant), Clonidine for the withdrawal and Klonopin for Anxiety and she gave me Ambien CR for at night and in 3 days, I went CT yesterday. At first it really took away the WD feeling, but last night it was torture. I took the ambien, the klonopin and I took .1 mg of clonidine. and my legs were driving me absolutley insane, up all night in pain. My question is, can I take a higher dose of the .
Avatar n tn (the doc makes me come in every 6 months to get refills) while I was there for the Klonopin he gave me 3 scripts 6 months of Klonopin. 6 reflls of tramadol 50 mg 120 qty. Darvon 30 pills. The last 2 scripts I did not even ask for. He just asked if my back still hurt, I said yes and he gave me the scripts, By the way I lied I was not in any pain.
2122443 tn?1335785718 remember everyday it does get better. Wish I could sleep with out relying on klonopin but at least I get 5 hours with it.
Avatar f tn I have neuropathy and that makes detox even harder because the pain is excruciating. I have some 50mg Tramadol and I was just wondering if I can take a few of those each day during withdrawals or will it just prolong the process? I figured if I took them for only a week then I should have the Lortab out of my system by then. Any insight would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn I was also prescribed Klonopin for the anxiety, but I literally felt zero relief from taking 1mg, and higher doses didn't help either. They just made me forgetful and tired, but I still had racing thoughts in my mind and anxiety. I have smoked weed for a couple years now, and that was always the only thing that helped, but it didn't cure it.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the reply.. I have a script waiting at the pharmacy for tramadol and flexeril.. I also have klonopin on hand.. I do nto get everything from a DR. but the Tram, and Flexeril are prescribed. Ny drug of choice is oxycodone.. I have heard mixed things about tramadol, espeacially that it isn;t addictive and or a narcotic.. Like I said, just what I have heard.. I have never taken it.. I will be using the tramadol to keep the withdrawls from happening if it is possible..
544292 tn?1268886268 I promise Tramadol withdrawal does end. Love and Healing; Emily Klonopin is the last drug I have to get off of. I feel confident after talking to my nice new Doctor that I will be able to manage it.
Avatar n tn I can tell you about tramadol withdrawl. It's horrible. You sweat, can't function, can't sleep, night sweats, have stomach pains, can't eat, incredibly cranky. I was on it for about 6 months when I went off of it. I was taking it as management for cluster headaches and migraines. I was only supposed to be taking 6 a day and ended up like you. It's an absolutely horrible experience.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I had been on Klonopin, Flexeril, Tramadol, and Vicodin. I have been feeling better and stopped all my medication with the exception of Tramadol. I started tapering and found the tramadol makes me feel like I have a seizure when I stop taking taking it. I started cutting my dose by 1/2 pill every 2-3 days. The thing is, i just found out I'm 4 weeks pregnant. So I need to get offf of it quick but safely. any suggetions? I take 350 mgs/day, 50 mg capsules.