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Avatar m tn Halllo, I am addicted to tramadol. Please can you help me with tappering? I tried to go cold turkey, but I am not able to do it. Please help. S.
Avatar n tn yes, Tramadol in small doses will help you detox off the Norco. Take one first thing in the morning and another 3/4 hours later. DO NOT take too many as they will make you very sleepy and feel dizzy. If you get any relief from the tramadol you should then start to take walks at night, drink lots of water and take warm baths to induce sweating/detox. Take them for a week at the longest and taper to only one a day..TRAMADOL can be just as hard to get off of.
Avatar m tn I detoxed in April , I had a three week relapse in aug and have been clean since Sept 3rd. It is a rocky road but its doable. post often let us know how you are doing ....
Avatar f tn it help me to ease the pain,but when the pills where gone ,i just crosed the border to mexico and got a bottle w 50 pills for 15 bucks, that was all i needed for 3 weeks, it was so cheap and easy to get them,i would buy 3-4 bottles at once,so i will not run out of them,6-8 months later,i was doing so good, they gave me a little boost of energy,i was feeling really optimisctict at everithing,then i found a place where i could buy tramadol 100mg. for 17 dlls,for 100 pills!! i was in heaven...
Avatar m tn I have never been on this much Tramadol in a day but it's only been about 2 weeks that it's been this high. I think I need to shut it down now. I need to get a job cause all I do is sit here at home bored and look for work on the internet. I occasionally go and do some computer work with a few customers but nothing steady. I know there is no good way to come off of these and I absolutely hate the W/D from these.
Avatar n tn My battle with this evil drug started probably about 8 years ago. I broke my foot while vacationing in Mexico and the local pharmacy told me it was the closest pain med they had to Vicodin. I popped one pill and was hooked. I had no idea about the drug and what it was all about. It didn't really do much for my pain, but wow it made me feel energized and alive. After I came back to the states I googled it and couldn't believe I could order it online. So easy, too easy.
Avatar n tn I don't know if it will be an issue for me since it hasn't been in the past, but I guess I;ve entered new territory. I can tell you that the Tramadol I have in the cupboard isn't calling to me at all! It scares the **** out of me instead.
Avatar m tn Now Im not an expert in tramadol w/d but I do know that for those who have had bad w/d's it can last anywhere from 1-6wks depending on different circumstances. I personally used to take tramadol when I lived in san diego, I used to go to mexico to get it, I thought since it wasnt a narcotic that I couldnt get addicted to it.
Avatar m tn I am not able to take Tramadol as it gives me a bad headache but I find it amazing that here in the USA you almost have to be dead to get pain relief but in Mexico you just go to the drug store. WHAT A COUNTRY!
Avatar f tn Since you got your trams OTC in Mexico, I'm not sure if they have the same chemistry make up as they do in the US, but IF they know they have an antidepressant component in them as well as the totally synthetic opioid, right? If you can taper at all, it would be the safest and recommended. We have another forum member who had seizures while on doses about as high as yours and yet found she couldn't taper the trams....and she went CT. BUT, you do have seizure risks to consider.....
Avatar n tn I would take the hydros until they ran out (can go through 120 in a little over a week), then I would take the tramadol until they ran out (about 120 in a week), then I would be on the hunt for more. I started taking them for legitimate pain, now it is because I need them. I am miserable, not sure which I'm withdrawing from or which one is the worst. How long does this last?
1830782 tn?1318499676 One thing I forgot to tell you is that, yes, I'm Canadian, but I live in Mexico and have my Tylenol #1s brought down to me each time a friend comes for vacation. So I 'feel your pain' as you try to get effective pain medication when it's not available without a lot of struggle. I do hope you find a sypathetic doctor in the UK who can help you get the relief you deserve.
Avatar m tn If not, talk to your doctor. I've had my oxycodone refilled early because I was going to be in Mexico. She did have to write the prescription slightly different, otherwise the insurance wouldn't pay for it. (I think the original prescription was something like 30 mg. oxycodone, 1 pill ever 4 hours. The early refill was 15 mg. oxycodone, 2 pills every 4 hours.
1337425 tn?1278177587 stinkin' tramadol is what got me hooked 6 years ago!!! my bf and i used to drive down to mexico, buy a bunch of bottles, empty em' in plastic bags and duct tape them to our crotches. suffice it to say we were young, stupid and HOOKED. i had a terrible experience and terrible withdrawals with tramadol. i personally say, stay as far away from it as possible. good luck! i've been reading your posts btw...they are very inspiring.
Avatar m tn Hi. This is my first post. I have been a Tramadol user for 5 years until last July 02, 2009. I used it because of Chronic back pain caused by abusing my body in earlier yrs. Racing cars, mountain biking, skateboarding ect. A friend of mine (at least I thought he was a friend) who worked in a Dr's office told me about Tramadol after one of many Mtn Bike crashes. I chose to self medicate my self. With Mexico being 10 min. away I would always could supply my need.
1078583 tn?1256347114 I ran out of norcs in Mexico and was going through it pretty bad... achy/sick/sweating/crying... and found a pharmacy and bought some Tramadol... i took three of them... i think a total of 150mg (not too sure though) and within a few hours, i felt better.. my symptoms stopped for a while... and got me through until i got back home. I too did not feel any high from them and found them to be a God send to help with withdrawals... although what I read you can get addicted to them too..
Avatar m tn First,I imagine you can't bring the tramadol through customs or can you bring some in a pill box or something? Usually,slow and easy goes the taper with this stuff. A taper is simply cutting back on the daily dose every 5 days or so...It needs to be slow so you can adjust... We have a member on the forum who stopped cold turkey. She's done well but had the usual withdrawals. She took clonidine(a B/P med that helps A LOT) and Prozac to cover the antidepressant portion of Tramadol.
348629 tn?1212329273 In most cases, tramadol withdrawal will set in 12–20 hours after the last dose, but this can vary. Tramadol withdrawal lasts longer than that of other opioids; seven days or more of acute withdrawal symptoms can occur as opposed to typically three or four days for other codeine analogues. --Rarely, dependence may occur after as little as three months of use at the maximum dose—generally depicted at 400 mg per day.
Avatar m tn I am wonderring if there is any drug to help one with the w/ds when coming off Tramadol. I only take 2 a day but have for 5 years. I am living in Mexico at the moment so I thought I might be able to buy something at the pharmacia down here. Any thoughts??
Avatar n tn it would'nt have helped me anyway as I bought them OTC in Juarez, Mexico HA HA.. !!!! Thats weird I too started taking them in 2000, I remember I had a cyst about the size of a small orange on my right testicle... Doctor had been giving me Vicodin, 5, 7.5 them 10. I was prescribed 120 10mg norco everymonth. I finally complained about not having enough and I was swirched to Ultram 50mg. Back them ultracet 35/15 did not exist.
Avatar f tn I was taking up to 70 50mg pills a day! Believe it or not! I got the pills in Mexico AND on the internet. I go down to the border all the time, because my husband is from there, so I had no problem getting them. I had the seizure last Saturday. My husband said it lasted about an hour too! I've tried the slow taper thing and I still feel like ***! I guess the only conclusion is: if Tramadol is in my body, I am going to feel like crud!
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors, Many people have come here for many years, giving support and getting support. Because I still believe that Tramadol is unique in it's ... terror and torture of humans, this thread continues. The people who can understand what you are going thru are the people who have kicked it and there's people here who come back to lend a hand. You also will never need an understanding ear as much. You can do it. You can quit. You do not need to be a slave to Tramadol.
1035021 tn?1296824307 Hola, llevo tomando tramadol por mas de 4 años, a la fecha he llegado a tomar 400 mg al día. Ahora lo quiero dejar pero me preocupan los efectos de la abstinencia y quisiera saber cual es la mejor manera de hacerlo. Espero contar con su ayuda. Gracias!
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544292 tn?1268886268 This is like poison leaving thru sinuses, but then turning around to but me in the A$$, in the form of bronchitis. I was ready for it. I'm all stocked up, because it has happened before. Just have to e aggressive abut the physical medicine. Lots of VICKS, hot steam .... and NO exertion which would push the bacteria deeper into the lobes of the lungs! And how are all of the rest of my Trama-Poison friends doin this fine evening? Everyone hanging in there? It's freaking poison. They lied!
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi! Welcome to Part 11! There's a huge number of posts on Tramadol recovery here. Please come in and make yourself Comfy!
544292 tn?1268886268 Drug use should always make you question your perception. I know Plamp is in Mexico, but I wanted to say, again. I don't have serious back pain AT ALL. I have hours of mild pain. At the moment I don't even have right leg pain. That has not happened since pre-accident 2000. If you understood what a massive miracle that was .... It's incredible really. But the Tramadol was poisoning me.