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Avatar n tn I am trying to withdraw from Tramadol but don't know if the pain I am feeling is from Shingles fallout or some other virus I have not gotten the labs back on yet - OR withdrawal from Tramadol!. I've been on T for 8 months now. I am 60 years old. When it looked like pain from Shingles had gone on too long, I was referred to a specialist. I am 5 days into withdrawal and I will see the specialist again in 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn I don't even know if any of the normal therapies for managing withdrawal would work for tramadol, but I've somewhere down the road anyway. I just wish I knew how long it would all take. It's so muc easier to be in a hard place if you know when it's going to end. I guess I'm paying for my pain free months this month. I am trying to manage it with kratom to have days that are at least partially productive. I'm hoping I'll get some feedback on that as well. Good luck keeping yourself off drugs.
Avatar f tn I have been taking 50 mg of Tramadol per day, once in the morning for back pain for less than a month. I don't want to take it anymore, will I possibly experience withdrawals? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/958589'>What are the symptoms of tramadol</a>.
348415 tn?1205126863 i just read a post about prescribed tramadol for sever migraines and the doctor never told me it was addictive. How addictive is it? How many would you have to take a day to be addicted?
Avatar m tn I take Tramadol for my severe neurological pain. Your doctor prescibed 200mg 2x a day? WOW! if I was you you can play with the dosages (unless in gel packets). My Humana would not pay for the 200mg tramadol, but I can get 50mg out the kazu, so then I would have to take 4 a day. 2 in the morning and 2 at anight 12hour intervals. Beccause they will make you all tired and sleepy.
Avatar f tn I was put on it at that time for back pain (it was Ultram then, before the generic Tramadol came out a few years later). For me it was not such a great pain reliever per se, but after using in (at prescribed doses then), I found it just made me "feel better", like I could pretty much do anything. Had the Super Mom syndrome going for a few years.
Avatar m tn and have had this secret addiction for 10 years off and on but now the time has come to quit after my addiction has gotten me in legal trouble manipulating a prescription. I knew this was coming...I have been off tramadol for a week but after two days of ct, I had a dental surgery which gave me me oxycodone which I have tried to use sparingly to deal with the withdrawals of tramadol. I'm using less than 40 mgs since last week 20 in the a.m. and 20 in the p.
Avatar f tn I have read before that if you stop taking Tramadol for a few days, then you will lose your tolerance for the drug and can start up again with good results. Does anyboy know anything about this?
Avatar n tn Hello Andrew, I'm sure you have probably received replies to your posting by now, but I thought I should let you know about my experience with Ultram (tramadol). I was taking Ultram for about 6 months, right after its introduction, for lower back pain from 2 spinal surgeries. During this time, I was also suffering from depression. I was prescribed elevil (tricyclic antidepressant) along with Ultram. These two meds didn't mix!
Avatar f tn I won't take the Lorazepam because I researched them and found that they are a different kind of classification but people become just as addicted to them as opiates. So if anyone has any advice or comments for me regarding withdrawal symptoms and time frames for both physical and psychological, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone and I wish you all the best of luck with your struggles ahead.
Avatar m tn No no no you have not done perma damage! Tramadol has a anti deppressant in it so the w/d's do take a little longer than the regular opioids. You're actually not suppose to just quit them cold turkey because you can have seizures. You're 22 days off them so you should be clear of that now though. I really would recommend not drinking though. It is so easy to become dependant on something else well trying to quit a substance.
Avatar f tn My question is I have decided to go cold turkey for the 3rd time from hydro one or oxycodone about 15 10/325 each day for last 2 years...I was so absolutely just hating life ( I am on day three)...i decided to take 1 50 mg tab of tramadol at night last night and tonight...will these 2 tablets of tramadol prolong my withdrawal symptoms?? I have to go back to work in 3more days...i am going to be able to function??
Avatar m tn I have endured the typical withdrawal symptoms - shivers, sweating, anxiety, tingling, and depression - as reported by many others. But I could not find good comments for other oxycodone withdrawal questions with this typical profile since many of the commenters have admitted to extensive oxycodone use in the past. My question: what's ahead for me? Am I over the bad part, or is there a lot more bad stuff to come? How long does the withdrawal effects last? Physically? Mentally?
Avatar m tn obviously it hasn't worked as a final solution for quitting). I do have a script for 50mg Tramadol and my question is this, "Should I risk using the Tramadol so that I may continue to have a "normal" life during w/d's? There's the fear of a new addiction and I've read about a dangerous side effect of the lowering ones' seizure threshold with Tramadol, with seizures more likely when suffering from opiate withdrawal?
Avatar n tn My daughter was taking Tramadol for chronic back pain when she became pregnant. Her OB took her off Tramadol and put her on Oxycodone. Now she is 7 months pregnant and is worried about her baby going through withdrawal when she is born. Does anyone have experience with pregancy and Oxycodone?
Avatar m tn Monochrome, Yes, Tramadol is an opiate and would prolong your withdrawals. It also has other effects similar to anit-depressants, so, get hooked on that stuff and you will end up with classic opiate and anti-depressant withdrawal symptoms. I'd highly recommend flushing them while your mind is strong. I'd really hate to see you take some of those in a week moment. I'm sure you know, one leads to two and so on. Please flush them. Oxy480Jim, Do you have any clue what you're talking about?
Avatar m tn We must educate ourselves about EVERYTHING we put in our bodies and not rely on doctors. Good for you for flushing the tramadol...Keep putting your recovery first, and I promise it will get better every day. HYDRATE...Drink as much fluid as you can and eat small amounts often. Bananas (full of potassium for RLS) peanut butter and toast, chicken broth...whatever you can handle. Sleepy time tea is great to sip all day long..Helps with the anxiety and chills as well.
Avatar f tn Hi I am 57 year-old female, in good health, but afraid of running out of Tramadol! I have used Tramadol since October1 to help me get off of Suboxone (a "detox drug," which I took as a "maintenance medication @2mgs/day for 3 years)which got me off a mild year-long Oxycodone habit). It's almost impossible to stop Suboxone, period. It's a Long-Acting Opiod Agonist, which is just med-speak for "some really sticky dope.
220965 tn?1189759423 I know that doesn't sound like a lot compared to what a lot of people are on but the withdrawal is still unbearable for me anyway. I recently found out I am pregnant and have for the last week been trying to quit cold turkey and have been failing miserably. I feel like such a selfish, low life, piece of scum but my withdrawal symptoms are so intense I keep giving in within 24 hours.
Avatar f tn I have been addicted to oxycodone for 1.5 years now and took tramadol in between. I am at day 2 of w/d its hell I won't lie, but you need to realize you will ruin your life, whats a few hours of happiness from a pill compared to the rest of your life? if you stop taking theses pills you will begin to feel normal again you wont depend on a pill to make you happy or keep you awake. You can stop and I believe you can!
Avatar f tn I am 5 1/2 clean from an insane IV heroin addiction. I was in an accident and prescribed Tramadol for pain. My Dr.assured me that tramadol was non narcotic and non addictive. He said it was just like a motrin. I am 5 months later feeling like I'm going through herion withdrawals again. I hate this feeling and would much rather be in excruciating pain daily than to allow myself to be addicted to anything ever again. Is there any helpful hints on how to ween myself off? My Dr.
Avatar f tn Hi I have been taking 150mg of tramadol per day for a yer for back pain! I have heard withdrawal is pretty bad and you cn have seizures! Should I ween down my dose over time or is it safe or me to jut stop on my dose?? Thanx for your time!!
Avatar m tn Please take this opportunity to quit. Tramadol does act on the same opiate receptors as vicodin etc & has all the tolerance issues of narcotics but with a kicker, if you keep increasing your dose as many do because they like the feel, you have a real risk of seizure. There are plenty of posts on here from people who have started in your position & before too long found themselves taking 20 pills a day. There are also plenty who have reported seizures at these high doses.
639872 tn?1223338275 HI, I have been on Tramadol for 5 years. I had severe pain before I got a hip operation and kept on tramadol after it. I tried to quit a few times and the pain came back and I started up again. Three days ago I decided to quit for good. I was getting bloated, could not loose weight. I was getting depressed, anxiety, tired etc. I kept working out and excercising. No results on the weight loss. This time I started getting severe pain in my hip, drop leg, tingling in the leg.
Avatar n tn I was on tramadol for yrs i didnt have any iddiction. They worked for my pain well then didnt Now on gabinpentin Ibrufen 600mgs and stong cocomol and 200mgs amitripiline at night SOMETIMES i cant get out of pain so i try and fight it by dragging my selve up town or on pc etc to take my mind off it from Dorothy.
5587604 tn?1370426348 mostly with the Tramadol, which I took for about 15 years at very high doses. Please do not attempt to quit all of these meds at once! The safest way to do this would be with the advice and guidance of a doctor who could assist you with a taper plan and monitor your progress to ensure your general health is not jeopardized. At the least, I would NOT quit the Diazepam suddenly without tapering; as I believe this one to be the most dangerous in terms of seizure risk.
Avatar f tn I have been taking oxycodone for 10 years... I got sober for a year but got back on due to pain. When I detox ed from oxy before I thought I was going to die cold turkey from 30mg a day. I'm now prescribed 30mg oxycodone, 6 times a day... I only take 2 of the 30, s... sometimes 3. I'm scared to death to go through withdrawal again. Does and one know a way to detox from oxycodone in a way that I don't end up like last time, considering even suicide. I'm terrified.