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2121656 tn?1395678349 She actually has tramadol left from her surgery in Feb. 2011 and there's no expiration date. She also has Glucosamine tablets we purchased from the vet. However, we can't get either down her. We try with a piece of turkey, roast beef whatever will help get them in her. She's spits them out. My husband holds her mouth open and trys to shove it to the back of her throat and he holds her mouth shut. Well, needless to say when he lets go of her mouth out comes the pills.
176838 tn?1211463974 No one ever suggested taking it at another time,however they suggested I get bottles with short expiration dates. That is not always possible. If I skip one day, NO runs....I am wondering if anyone else has this problem and if they have any suggestions? I seem to have some stomach allergy to levothyroxin period. It does not matter which one or dose I take. I have no thyroid so I have to take it to live.
Avatar f tn Why do you say on methadone the damage may occur more quickly? I have not heard that to be true and I have done quite a lot of reading on the subject, of course I could be wrong. And my labs are good, F1- F2. Nothing showing trouble, just the high viral load concerned me that I had alot of virus hangin out. I have not wasted the drugs at all. This is not a fire I am headed towards so if I wait a few months I think it will be just fine.
Avatar n tn Please try to let the guilt and regret go. Everything you wrote tells me you made the perfect decision. There's just no telling how much time any person or animal has where cancer is concerned. All it takes is for it to invade one "wrong" place, and that's the end. There is no expiration date with cancer. Try to look at your decision this way: you did him a huge favor. I recently had to euthanize our old dog who was in kidney failure and know how terrible that decision can be.
Avatar n tn In fact, when I first had the accident, they gave me a big bottle of vics and I took one and for whatever reason, felt nothing--same with Ultram. There they sat in my cabinet until the expiration date past, and I threw a hundred some odd lortabs into the trash. Silly me. Years later I was given the prescription again for another accident, and then I was hooked. Again, silly me. You are in a tough spot. You have the legit pain, the diabetes, the operations.
Avatar n tn and 1 for ultram (tramadol). Ive taken countless ibuprophen and diuretics for pain and swelling which you need to know, the swelling has been HORRIBLE! To the point where i have been in tears on countless occasions because of the level of discomfort and weight gain. And on the topic of weight gain, i dont care what any doctor or ANYONE says, the Paragard DOES cause weight gain. I am a fit and active person and have maintained my weight for years. I HAVE GAINED ALMOST 15 POUNDS!