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Avatar n tn My wife is currently in a detox program she is w/d-ing from tramadol and oxycodone. Her first 32 hours seemed like a breeze but now she is having hoorible w/d symptoms. Mainly vomiting. She has been vomiting pretty constantly for the past 48 hours. No one at the hosp seems to be concerned but from everywhere I've read on the net it seems like tramadol w/d is worse than standard opiate w/d. My question is this; Should she be coming off all these drugs at once?
348415 tn?1205126863 I had never taken any pain meds in my life till 3 yrs ago after an accident cause they all bothered my stomach and now have ibs from my stress and other medications but my doctor can no longer give it out oxycodone 15 mgs 4 times a day I took now they gave me tramadol and it doesn't do nothing but bother my stomach I have no withdrawels never felt high or nothing on the oxy but now haven't taken in a month and my stomach hurts don't know if that's a withdrawel or not I have arthritis rheum and o
Avatar f tn this is a very dangerous drug! I know I am a recovering addict. And have widrawed from all the above, Tramadol has been the worst for me. Please pass the word onto your Doctor .Let me know if your having trouble getting off tramadol. I have now tapered using hydro to 5 mg 2 x a day. I hope I can stay on schedule but is very hard, I need to be free , thats the only thing I have going for myself.
Avatar f tn After my surgery I was on a fentanyl patch with a Dilaudid IV and oxycodone by pills every 8 hours (along with the tram I snuck in the hospital w/me), and STILL felt every movement in my neck for days. So It's a med that on its own may not seem strong at first, but it bulds tolerance fast and the anti-depressant additive makes it like 2 meds in one; thus creating additional w/d symptoms when trying to get off it. There are some states in the U.S.
Avatar m tn I've been suffering from chronic neck and back pain for the past 4 years and have had lots of nerve blocks, denervations and botox injections done - nothing has really helped. I've been given Tramadol ER 200mg x twice a day by my Dr and they seem to be working but are making me feel weird/really tired/tinnitus/tearful. Should I keep taking them And how long shall I give them before I know if they are really for me? Thank you all very much.
Avatar m tn I am a professional and a well known in my community. and have had this secret addiction for 10 years off and on but now the time has come to quit after my addiction has gotten me in legal trouble manipulating a prescription. I knew this was coming...I have been off tramadol for a week but after two days of ct, I had a dental surgery which gave me me oxycodone which I have tried to use sparingly to deal with the withdrawals of tramadol.
Avatar n tn I was in the same boat as you. Tramadol IS a narcotic, and you can get addicted to it. I had to change doctors and my new doctor told me that tramadol is a narcotic, is very addictive, and does not help pain much and has too many side effects, including seizures. In May of 2008, Sweden moved it onto their controlled substances list as a narcotic. It stimulates the same MU receptors as narcotics do. I would dump it and try something else. Half a tablet won't do much for you...that is 25mg.
6726276 tn?1421130268 Great job, I too cold turkey from tramadol and oxycodone. It is not easy. I'm glad you stuck with it. Great job. It is important to not go back. Keep up the great work.
Avatar f tn Without it, I have to resort to Bentyl which has horrible side effects and then I need to take a valium or Klonipin to counteract the side effects. I am normally mobile and energetic on Tramadol and can leave the house, but on Bentyl I am sick in bed. Some relief from Bentyl, but not like Tramadol. When I don't take Tramadol, my only withdrawal is that I get extremely fatigue but that can also be from my IBS and pain.
Avatar n tn Then I went to a phycologist and talked to her about my eating dissorder and then told her about the tramadol and how it helpped me to curb my hunger. She said that she couldnt help me and that I need to contact a rehab center but it was so hard for me to get up enough nerve just to tell her. No one can help me. Im not the typical addict you know. Im well educated Im married with a small child and we are living in upper class america the big house and everything.
Avatar m tn obviously it hasn't worked as a final solution for quitting). I do have a script for 50mg Tramadol and my question is this, "Should I risk using the Tramadol so that I may continue to have a "normal" life during w/d's? There's the fear of a new addiction and I've read about a dangerous side effect of the lowering ones' seizure threshold with Tramadol, with seizures more likely when suffering from opiate withdrawal?
Avatar f tn I went from that to norco to tramodol and to a low dose of tramadol which if ur strong enough it possible to stop. I should've and I could've but I didn't 2 years later I'm still on norco due to my back surgery but I ve been wanting to stop for a while but I think if I would've been stronger it would've helped me stop. The w/d from tramadol I thought werwnt that bad compare to oxycodon and I should've delt with it and stopped there, but like I said I think that is one way.
Avatar n tn Her OB took her off Tramadol and put her on Oxycodone. Now she is 7 months pregnant and is worried about her baby going through withdrawal when she is born. Does anyone have experience with pregancy and Oxycodone?
Avatar m tn Omg, I' m trying to stop using oxycodone this is day 2 of not using and i can't take feeling like this. I've been hooked for 2 yrs and can't stand the person i've become, lying, stealing, hurting myself and others that care about me. My whole body is shaking, Ihad sweats real bad last night, restless legs, chills all symptoms, feeling worse today what hell will I have to endure tonight. wish I never took one pill. Trying to be strong but about to break!
Avatar f tn A few months before I started HCV tx I started taking Lyrica and Tramadol for the body pains I was having; they are prescribed by my pain management dr. After researching Tramadol last week and seeing its sx I was wondering if it was contributing to the hallucinations I was having with the interferon and ribavirin. I asked the doctor if there was any other pain med I could take after doing the research and scaring myself silly and was told no.
Avatar m tn My wife is prescribed adderall and tramadol both. She also has a RX for oxycodone every three months. Her adderall script is 10 mg IR 3 times a day. She goes through this in 2 weeks, so she is basically doubling her dose. After she is done on the addell, the next two weeks she is taking the tramadol, doubling her does to the point of 6 or 7 50 mg pills a day. She is currently liked in this cycle. Throw in the oxycodone every few months, which she blows through quickly as well.
Avatar m tn Dear Oxyaddict am abusing man i take 10 pills in one pop every day and i have mental and physical addiction. I tried tapering my dose but it did not work. so Please help me i feel like i hit the bottom. thank you very much i reallu appreciate it.
Avatar m tn Ny drug of choice is oxycodone.. I have heard mixed things about tramadol, espeacially that it isn;t addictive and or a narcotic.. Like I said, just what I have heard.. I have never taken it.. I will be using the tramadol to keep the withdrawls from happening if it is possible.. What are some of the mg's that you or others have taken to help..
Avatar n tn My thoughts constantly turn to ways to get some tramadol and just make this pain stop. Does it ever get easier? Any suggestions? Help.
Avatar m tn I encourage you to look at my blog on Tramadol misuse for more info by clicking on my name and you may be interested in taking a look at my clinic’s website, since we often detox patients with Tramadol addictions. Once you get through the rest of withdrawals, the only thing you should keep in mind is as people start to feel really good after a few months out; they forget how bad the withdrawal really was and think they can start using again. Just once or twice....
Avatar f tn I have been addicted to oxycodone for 1.5 years now and took tramadol in between. I am at day 2 of w/d its hell I won't lie, but you need to realize you will ruin your life, whats a few hours of happiness from a pill compared to the rest of your life? if you stop taking theses pills you will begin to feel normal again you wont depend on a pill to make you happy or keep you awake. You can stop and I believe you can!
Avatar f tn But after taking so many pain meds, and needing to try a new one, he agreed to let me try Tramadol slowly. The Tramadol has worked well for me, and luckily I didn't have any problems with the combination of drugs. Actually the Tramadol has really helped my mood ( I think because of the snri). So I have started to taper off the Effexor. I was on 150, now taking 75 mg and will be starting 37.5 very other day for the next month. I hope this info helps you make a decision.
Avatar n tn I was on Oxycodone 3x a day and tramadol 3x a day for 5 years and quit cold turkey. It sucked yeah but its "doable" if ya really want to quit and aint a chump. I did it at home and by myself. Im not that old and my pain specialist was talking about moving me to methadone or oxys. No way that was going down Im in pain everyday, actual agony a few times a day but it passes and I dont have that **** in body no more.
Avatar m tn Any advice what does Tramadol do? and yes I will only do one trip after that I'm done and the Tramadol. Any advices? I'm literally done birthday coming up and I just wann save money and I know it's been back and forth.
Avatar f tn I have used tramadol frequently before and it definitely can be just like oxycodone. The good news is, it is a lot easier to come off of when you taper down. Some doctors don't see it the same because they haven't had to face an addiction in the same way you have. I understand the problems that occur when you stop using those type of substances and that is why I said taper down.
Avatar n tn I had back surgery and was prescribed 10 days worth of oxycodone up to 12 tabs a day and needed it. Then I was dropped to 3 Lortab. That was too big of a step down. I had about 100 Zydone left and started to taper down. My PCP was giving me up to 180 hydrocodone tabs at a time. I only used one doctor, one pharmacy, and took as prescribed from my PCP. I must say that I only used one doctor, one pharmacy, and took these meds as prescribed and never asked for early refills.
Avatar f tn Hi Dekko, I'm new here and am currently coming off oxycodone but have done 2 Tramadol withdrawls. Coming off Tramadol is really hard. I don't want to freek you out or discourage you but it's hard. The 1st time I came off at home, I had to cut back over a peroid of a month. After my last dose the withdrawls continued. The worst was insomnia, inability to eat and restless leg. Tramadol screws with your mind a lot. I relapsed and the last time I cam off I had to go to a Hospital in California.
Avatar n tn I have been on this road before and know all too well the pain and suffering that tramadol and tramadol withdraw can cause. My battle with this evil drug started probably about 8 years ago. I broke my foot while vacationing in Mexico and the local pharmacy told me it was the closest pain med they had to Vicodin. I popped one pill and was hooked. I had no idea about the drug and what it was all about. It didn't really do much for my pain, but wow it made me feel energized and alive.
Avatar n tn I was addicted to tramadol (as well as hydrocodone/oxycodone) for almost 2 years.. I was taking up to 20 every day, somehow without having seizures. I also tried to quit cold turkey. I know exactly what you are going through. My insomnia and restless leg syndrome were some of the worst parts about the withdrawals. Unfortunatly I don't really have any advice that I know will work for you because I ended up getting on suboxne a few days ago because I just couldn't get through the WD's.
639872 tn?1223338275 HI, I have been on Tramadol for 5 years. I had severe pain before I got a hip operation and kept on tramadol after it. I tried to quit a few times and the pain came back and I started up again. Three days ago I decided to quit for good. I was getting bloated, could not loose weight. I was getting depressed, anxiety, tired etc. I kept working out and excercising. No results on the weight loss. This time I started getting severe pain in my hip, drop leg, tingling in the leg.