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Avatar f tn I have not seen the loss of appetite or weight loss others above have discussed and I would never take a pain medication for weight loss unless under the care of a doctor who specifically prescribed this for weight loss. There are stronger pain relievers (hydrocodone and other true opiates), but the side effects are just too extreme for me. The worst side effect I have ever had with Tramadol is nauseated - for some it is important to take this on a full stomach.
Avatar n tn Now I can try to break away from this tramadol (ultram) I have a full bottle of vicodin and a bottle of valium ... and a very strong survival instinct. Every morning I just hate having to take these 2 1/2 pills to start my day. Today I cut it to 2 1/8 of a pill .... and I felt the difference by nightfall. Tommorrow I watch the kid while they are packing .... and then it begins.
Avatar n tn I still have the bookmark of the internet place I bought the Tramadol and that has to go too. I have to cut myself off of all access and have told my wife and family about my problem to make it harder for me to relapse. This time I'm doing it for good.
Avatar f tn Our labradoodle had a back injury and was put on Tramadol. Over the course of about two months all of the hair on her back fell out. Once she finished the meds, her hair slowly grew back in, just as thick as before. This is perhaps the same thing happening with people who have commented here? I hope no one is offended at mentioning my puppy, but my husband and I have been stumped about why her hair fell out, the vet said it was not the tramadol, but its the only thing that changed.
Avatar f tn Hi and sorry you are having this pain. I was on tramadol for about 2 months for back pain. It helped some but I got insomnia from it after a while. I was told to switch to just mornings instead of twice a day and I still had some insomnia. I took Phenergan to control nausea every day so I never got it. I also took Miralax so no constipation. You can't be on Miralax long term according to the bottle but you can try Metamucil if you need it. I didn't gain or lose weight or lose my appetite.
1550149 tn?1340004330 Drowsiness; Dry Mouth; Increased Sweating; Headache; Loss of Appetite; Nausea. This is not complete and I am sure there are more, less common side effects. I took Tramadol for a short term but it was simply not effective for me. Among the side effects are dry mouth, this would seem to indicate that your mucosa can be dry which may account for your dry eyes. I cannot find reports of ENT side effects such as your under water feeling.
Avatar m tn I did tell myself this morning I had had a day of no pills for the first time in 5 years. BIG QUESTION I have a bottle of 60 tramadol. How would it hurt me to take 2 or 3 tramadol on the worst days say like the next 2 days. I have valium, tons of vitamins. Are the headaches from not getting acetomenaphine my body has been used to. Take 3 Tylenol and it barely touches the headach. Where is my energy.
Avatar f tn I stopped cold turkey at 15 a day. One of the scariest and hardest things of my life, and I've been on a PDR's worth of meds over the years. Tramadol has an anti depressant effect....that accounts for the energy it gave you. There are symptoms you'll have and things you can do to treat them. I'm not normally a "vitamin girl" but I learned to be. I was desperate, so I took the advice I was given, and just held on as tight as I could to my friends here on Medhelp and at home.
Avatar n tn I have never been addicted to anything before and wasn't abusing the tramadol. It didn't make me high or anything, but it did get rid of ALL of my aches and pains and let me do everything I needed to in the day. I don't have any major pain and I know I shouldn't have been so lazy about my health. Now, I am trying to be really careful without losing myself to laying on the couch all day. My questions are: How long will the tramadol withdrawal take to be completely over?
Avatar n tn We have created this site as many of us have unanswered questions about Tramadol. We come from different parts of the world on the Tramadol support site....many, of course, in the US and UK. If you'd like to identify your country, it would help when we look at your laws, for example.
1700380 tn?1308589383 I always wondered why I had more energy on Tramadol, and frankly I kind of assumed it was simply because my legs didn't hurt so bad. I have been taking 15 to 20 pills a day for the last year or so, and recently stopped. I have had severe diareah, not much appetite, hard time going to sleep at night, and some problems with nausea in the mornings.
Avatar f tn I have never had any side affects from Ultram except the loss of appetite. To me, that is a good thing as it helps me lose weight.but what do you do if you still have the pain? I have never had an addictive personaltiy my whole life. I was a social smoker and drinker (not anymore) and never did pick up either habit. I hate being addicted to the pain meds.
348629 tn?1212329273 Risk of seizure is highest among those aged 25–54 years, those with more than four tramadol prescriptions, and those with a history of alcohol abuse, stroke, or head injury --Long-term use of high doses of Tramadol may be associated with physical dependence and a withdrawal syndrome. The atypical withdrawal symptoms are probably related to tramadol's effect on serotonin and norepinephrine re-uptake.
Avatar f tn I explained I had never planned on staying on Tramadol the rest of my life and would prefer to taper so I could function and that I was taking four a day until they either changed the prescription or I ran out. If they decided to not write me enough to taper with and give me a sensible taper plan then they would have to write me a sick slip so I could take a week off work.
Avatar n tn ive read the antidepressent amplifies the affect of the tramadol! ive been on tramadol on and off for over 5 years from having 14 ops on my leg! my longest period has been the last which has been 15-16 months on tramadol. i started to notice that the days i didnt take the pain killer i felt really low, anxiety and not wanting to do anything. when i took the tramadol it seemed to pick me up within a matter of 30minutes!! i decided to go cold turkey and my god the first 10 days i was sick!
Avatar n tn I am now 35, 3 children and when i was diagnosed manic-depressive i was on prozac, wellbutrin and taking hi levels of prescription weight loss pills. I was losing my mind but i wasn't losing any weight! When my Psychatrist decided to try me on Topamax it was because of my anieity over my weight gain with the standard mood stabilizers. Within these past two years I have lost 38 pounds taking this medicine.
Avatar n tn I take Lexapro with it too just one a day but I wonder if the doctors know of a reaction to Tramadol like mine or is it possibly a combo of tramadol and Lexapro. My mom tried tramadol and it does nothing for her pain or for energy. But for me I am just a lightning bug all day and come bed time I am totally relaxed and comfy and fall right to sleep.
1684282 tn?1505701570 I am becoming somewhat frustrated with the way a lot of my colleagues practice medicine. Disenchanted, angry would be the other words that could be used. We all get ostensibly that same training and all of us are supposedly in it to help our patients. So, how come have I been getting so many letters lately on my addiction forum from desperate people unable to quit taking the tramadol pills that their own kind doctors have so freely prescribed for them?
Avatar n tn Should I wean myself? I was up to about 16 - 20 pills a day. The sweats, nausea, diahhrea, loss of appetite, restlessness are killing me. I need help...
Avatar n tn listen to music, read inspirational quotes to get you thru b/c where I am sitting now was worth 5 days of hell and then a handful more of days of a tired I had never known in my life. Speaking of appetite for life ... question. During wd's i lost too much weight and was looking almost scary skinny. Now my appetite is back and my body is demanding food, food, food! Can anyone talk more about this with their own experience? Also ... the constipation, does it ever go away?
Avatar f tn Of course the RFA gave me a lot of relief (fortunately) but the Fentanyl 50 was already giving me a lot of relief. I'm wondering if my loss of appetite that happened at the start of my PM program with the patch was my body getting used to it. Then after a few months it's gotten used to it and evened out now. Just curious if this could be what has happened? Hope everyone is having a pain free day!! :) ...
1833175 tn?1319931206 150Mg of Tramadol and am having a bit of a reaction... nausea and light headed. Pain in the back is diminished. Definite loss of appetite.
Avatar f tn That's reassuring. I hadn't heard about anyone increasing their appetite during withdrawal...only nausea and loss of appetite. From day one I've been like this. I was expecting to be sick to my stomach and vomiting and instead all I wanted was some sorta food to put in my mouth...I've actually gained about 4-5 lbs. lol.
1059641 tn?1277525976 I am amazed at how much of me remained under the veil of tramadol, hidden away under layers of fear and anxiety. I have learned so much about myself. I still love playing my guitar, reading, being outdoors, talking to people. I want to exercise and eat healthy foods and sleep at night and get up in the morning. I want to walk and breathe fresh air and feel the sun and the cold and everything else. The haze is gone. What remains is strikingly beautiful, although not perfect. It is good.
Avatar n tn Some of the side effects of the medication Tramadol are drowsiness, nausea and sweating. Other side effects of Tramadol are dizziness, loss of appetite and swelling.
Avatar f tn Anyway, it helps my pain (not with the nerve pain) but, I have loss my appetite completely. Lost 11 pounds in 5 months and I was a healthy, athletic weight prior. Not sure if it is the depression, meds, combo. I eat protein bars/shakes just to get my fill every day. I was not a big eater prior to my accident,but I always stayed a steady healthy weight. I use to workout a lot!! So, at first I thought it was muscle loss....just not sure what is going on?
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors, Many people have come here for many years, giving support and getting support. Because I still believe that Tramadol is unique in it's ... terror and torture of humans, this thread continues. The people who can understand what you are going thru are the people who have kicked it and there's people here who come back to lend a hand. You also will never need an understanding ear as much. You can do it. You can quit. You do not need to be a slave to Tramadol.
544292 tn?1268886268 You can do this tramadol warriors! You can beat this! You will do this!
544292 tn?1268886268 Understanding is essential! You can do this. And yes. Eventually you will heal!
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors, I know you can do this. People are here to help you. It's going to be ok.