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Avatar n tn She has me on Vicadin and Tramadol. I was doing great on the original Hydrocodone 10/660 and only 2-3 Tramadol a day. When we cut back to Hydrocodone 10/325, I had to increase my Tramadol to 8 a day, and was still in pain. I had my feet in ice water every night, and piling on the Capzasion HP to try to deaden the pain, burning, and throbbing. So, I asked her if my quality of life meant more than the drugs I was taking. I will be on pain killers for the rest of my life....
Avatar n tn So after a few days, any withdrawal you feel is going to be a tramadol withdrawal and not a hydrocodone withdrawal. And yes, it will be worse, there are many more horror stories about tram than hydrocodone. I had a doctor try to take me off of hydrocodone by giving me tramadol a few years ago when I was stopping meds after a surgery, and the withdrawals were terrible.
Avatar m tn yes i am on day three of detoxing from hydrocodone and am currently taking tramadol bout 150 mg a day and it seems to be helping im not really as sick and am pretty mobile i have also used prayer but was wondering if im going to be in the same boat when the tramadol runs out
Avatar m tn I just went throug the withdrawals from Hydrocodone (Lortab) and I'm on Day 16 and so it wasn't fun and I can't imagine something worse than that. Please be careful either way! You could ask your doctor but I have fibromyalgia and chronic pain and take St. John's Wort (don't take if you are already taking a anti-depressant) and Magnesium. It has taken my fibro pain away. It actually works! (Unless it's in my head - LOL!!!) Anyway, please call your doctor right away about the rash!!!
Avatar m tn Don't give him Tramadol. That is just is bad. He's only been using for 2 weeks? That jsut escalated really quick. Can you try to help him taper by a pill per week or every few days? He's taking way too much aceteminophen.
Avatar m tn omg i am on Hydrocodone and when the doctor take a urine sample and test for it. It never passes the test though I take 3 times a day every day and have for years for cronic pain for osteo arthuritis. I am soooo upset I just went to the dr this morning as she has me return every three months for my refill prescriptions. She hasn't done an urine for months until today. She said she is going to take me off this because doesn't believe I am taking it. If I was it would show up in the urine.
Avatar n tn It is nice to see someone has the same reaction to these horribly addictive things as I do.. hydrocodone & tramadol are my problem. They give me energy and make me super mom! I can do anything and everything with my kids- art projects, play groups, sports, etc. etc. And then there's cleaning, laundry, etc. etc. I am terrified to quit because I don't want the withdrawal symptoms to make it impossible to function and be a good mother. I don't know what to do..
Avatar f tn It sure helps to know that so many people like yourself have this in common. Due to back problems I've been taking hydrocodone for a few years and more and more to get pain releif. I know it's time to stop and thats how I stumbled onto this site. I'm like you If nothing else I feel the energy I sometimes get is worth the ADDICTION. I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT SOMETIMES IT DOES THE OPPOSITE. After reading your letter and some of the others I feel alittle better knowing that it can be conquered.
Avatar m tn Ive been taking Tramadol and Hydrocodone together for about three months off and on, perscribed of course, then I started reading how bad withdrawals can be from the Tramadol, so I quit taking it cold turkey with little side effects. Now I'm getting ready to quit this Hydrocodone, just a little scared from withdrawal and what to expect. will it be bad after just three months. averaged about 40 mgs. daily. I heard the Tramadol was worse, but it was nothing.
Avatar f tn Can I ask why you have been taking Tramadol? At one and a half pills a day it should not be to hard to reduce. Try taking one half a pill twice a day for two weeks then take a half a pill with you in the morning, and not take in the morning until you really need it, go as long as possible before taking. I know this sounds simple but it can be done. I've been dependent on hydrocodone twice, oxycontin once and the last time methadone and that was way herder than any opiate I ever took.
Avatar f tn Yea Tramadol is much worse than hydrocodone. Tramadol seems more synthetic and chemical feeling. And what they do to the body and the brain is much more complex than what hydrocodones do. And the withdrawals from Tramadol reminds me of withdrawaling from Methadone. And Methadone is about one of the very worst things to withdrawal from.
Avatar f tn Tramadol is now actually a schedule 4 controlled substance, Hydrocodone combination products were just recently changed from a sch 3 to 2. But that does diminish the fact that it's a very nasty drug, with horrible withdrawals.
3072999 tn?1356418332 Well he is referring me to Physical Therapy (yeah, I'm hoping it helps me out) and also massage therapy and prescribed me Tramadol. He said to take it every 6 hours everyday as it is not an 'as needed medication' like Norco or Ibuprofen. Anyone with any experience with this medication and whether it will provide some relief. Dr said once I start PT, I'll be grateful I started it prior.
Avatar m tn I have been wondering why some say to tramadol for tappering off hydrocodone?? is it the same kind of drug?
Avatar f tn I have used Tramadol aka Ultram for wd's and yes it does help, but I was on about 100 mgs of hydrocodone a day. tramadol in a weird way gave me energy to do things I couldn't do without my d.o.c.
Avatar f tn Without it, I have to resort to Bentyl which has horrible side effects and then I need to take a valium or Klonipin to counteract the side effects. I am normally mobile and energetic on Tramadol and can leave the house, but on Bentyl I am sick in bed. Some relief from Bentyl, but not like Tramadol. When I don't take Tramadol, my only withdrawal is that I get extremely fatigue but that can also be from my IBS and pain.
6884999 tn?1385767779 you didn't say enough in this post so I think you may have been misunderstood. You are taking hydrocodone and tramadol and trying to wean down right? Are you doing one drug at a time? Since you were only taking 2 trams, I'd tackle that drug first. Are you able to get any help with a taper plan from your dr? If your overall health is good, it is totally feasible to do this at home. You just have to have a plan. Many things can help your tummy right now.
Avatar f tn My Dr has tried Flexeril, Skelaxin, 500 mg of naproxen and it hasn't work. Now she prescribe tramadol. I have read bad things about it and its side effects. Everything is dated from a few years ago, so I would like update from anyone that is taking it. I was prescribed 50mg/4 times a day as needed. I have read that it causes drowiness but people state that it actually gives them energy (I have insomnia- also on my 3th medication because Ambien, Lunesta didn't work. Now on Tranzodone).
Avatar m tn I would choose the one that was not my drug of choice in that situation and stick to the prescribed dose...tramadol is not as trong as lortab/hydrocodone for pain relief...but 3 -7.5s daily would not help me anyway because of my tolerence to them.....I am not sure what type of surgery u r having and how much pain that would be expected?
Avatar m tn Just today, I came back from the Urgent Care with a prescription for Tramadol and I already downed about 3. I heard that there is evidence that if used correctly, can help ease the withdrawal symptoms of hydros, but after reading all these stories in this forum, I'm starting to wonder if it's really a good idea and it doesn't look like it. I'm 35 years old, married with a wife who's pregnant with a girl for 6 months already and I also have a 7 year old boy who I love to death.
403399 tn?1201836695 Both of those treatment drugs are way stronger than both Tramadol and Hydrocodone by so many degrees. That would only further the addiction and switch to something way way stronger.
Avatar n tn I have moderate arthritis in both my knees due to 15 years of running on hard and irregular surfaces, which wore cartilege away, allowing arthritis to settle in. For the past 5 years, I've been on Hydrocodone and Tramadol(2 a day) to help with the knee pain. For the first few years, it really helped alleviate the pain, but for the past year and one half or so, I've noticed a decrease in the help the meds used to offer, so I've decided to slowly wean myself off them.
Avatar f tn Should I use the tramadol to help ease the lortab comedown? Will it even help? Or should I go cold turkey? I've read other posts about tramadol, and don't know which way to go. I do know I want my life back, and I can't afford the down time of the painful withdrawls I get. Experienced advice would be greatly helpful.
Avatar f tn I began my detox from hydrocodone today. I have neuropathy and that makes detox even harder because the pain is excruciating. I have some 50mg Tramadol and I was just wondering if I can take a few of those each day during withdrawals or will it just prolong the process? I figured if I took them for only a week then I should have the Lortab out of my system by then. Any insight would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Have you ever mixed tramadol with oxycontin or hydrocodone? I have a relative who is addicted to oxycontin regularly and was recently prescribed tramadol as well. I was wondering if it is safe to mix the two?
Avatar n tn I'm on both HYDROCODONE and Tramadol (2 3 times a day). Hydrocodone is for when I can't hardly move & tramadol isn't cutting it. When I take it, it's 1 pill every 6 hours.
Avatar m tn I am a professional and a well known in my community. and have had this secret addiction for 10 years off and on but now the time has come to quit after my addiction has gotten me in legal trouble manipulating a prescription. I knew this was coming...I have been off tramadol for a week but after two days of ct, I had a dental surgery which gave me me oxycodone which I have tried to use sparingly to deal with the withdrawals of tramadol.
Avatar f tn I've had three docs recommend tramadol and they won't listen to a word I say. I wanted and needed to hear these responses from people. Just to be clear, though, do most of you feel that it's the anti-depressant properties of the drug that make withdrawal so tough or is it something else, or both? I DID get my psychiatrist to say "it's a very messy drug"-he doesn't like it and won't prescribe it. So, anyway, my husband can definitely hold the hydrocodone for me and dole it out.
Avatar f tn Tramadol can have terrible side effects. It does for me anyway. And Loretab, which is hydrocodone based, is short acting and is not your best long term choice for chronic pain either.
Avatar m tn I also suffer from migraines, arthritis, back pain, and chronic pain and have tried everything affordable to be in better health. In my teens and 20's I saw a rheumatologist and neurologist and was in excellent health for the next decade. From 1992 until the present time, I have been in poor health.