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148588 tn?1465778809 I watched the shining bright moon last night turn into a crescent. Was that it?
3060903 tn?1398565123 march 13/14 total lunar eclipse 2044 march 3/4 total lunar 2045 rick died near a Annular eclipse during the period of may 10 through to the lunar eclipse may 24 1994 speculation that began years ago, when kings used astrologers to map out the plans of their cities based on atrology. meaning that this is the year for me to have great change.
7128540 tn?1399083912 45:40 am (CEST) simultaneously with the full moon. However, it will hardly be visible in Europe because at this point in time, the sun will have already risen. Things are looking better in America or Australia. We have compiled some information and times:
7128540 tn?1399083912 45:40 am (CEST) simultaneously with the full moon. However, it will hardly be visible in Europe because at this point in time, the sun will have already risen. Things are looking better in America or Australia. We have compiled some information and times:
419158 tn?1316571604 ~( I have to wait untill they make the last 2 movies! So not fair:~( I think I might have to just re-read the darn books again!! Or maybe I will just wait untill the last two come out and get all 4 and watch them together. I hate waiting for sequels. I am impatient, lol!
Avatar n tn Im in Arizona and just finished watching the entire eclipse with my 3rd child in my belly. Im perfectly fine. I watched the eclipse last year also with my 2nd child. Its total superstition. I dont believe in that stuff and nothing has ever happened to me the 2 times i have watched it. I eat, drink and do everything that i normally would. Youll be fine hun.
Avatar n tn he only gives 20-30 min attention to the school lesson out of 3 hours school time, and after that keeps on roaming around the class insisting he wants to do other things like drawing the spider while its making its web, etc..HE DOES NOT FINISH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES LIKE TRACING LETTERS, but IN THE HOUSE, HE CAN STAY MOR THAN 2 HRS WATCHING DISCOVERY CHANNEL LIKE THE LEANING TOWER OF PISA; GLOBAL WARMING, ROCKET LAUNCHING,ETC..sometimes, he is out of the class talking to highschools explaining a lot.
Avatar f tn I was driving with my mom when the total eclipse happened causing the moon in some states time be blood red did any one else see it I thought it was amazing it stayed like that for an hour now it's oranges I love the moon
Avatar f tn I thought these lyrics were so appropriate for sobriety.
Avatar f tn is where i'm at on this Friday night. Although, it is pretty peaceful (: I've been reading some poetry and came across this on by e.e.
145992 tn?1341345074 They did a really good job about putting a lot of the details that were in the book, into the movie. That book was long so I can totally understand how hard it must've been. The only thing they really left out was the history of the other cast members. We only learned about Rosalie and Jasper's past. Alice has a profound past as well. Unless that was in Breaking Dawn? I can't recall. Anyway, the action was awesome.
477746 tn?1254784547 I'm like a storm cloud Eager when you go out Calm again I'll ask permission for the wrong to win Drop the bomb and get your story out and get it on In a haze, the beginning of your days Gonna fall down Got to get back up but at your own pace Got to fill your cup and find the way Out of your own maze What you said now And hide the rule book throw it in the waste Look strong Like you belong, cause you do belong Whether right or wrong you belong I'm on your side if you fail at leas
Avatar f tn The eclipse tonight is not a solar eclipse but rather a lunar eclipse. A National Geographic (fairly reliable I would say!) article I just read said it is the third in four with the last eclipse being at the end of September with the four combined being called a tetrad. I wouldn't worry too much. Thanks for mentioning it but we already survived two others! I have heard of hurricanes effecting pregnancy but we dont have to worry about those just yet! Not sure how true it is anyhow!
Avatar f tn I've heard of this but I don't believe it. It's basically a superstition, an ancient belief dating back as early as the Aztecs! They believed that an eclipse was 'a bite on the face of the moon' so if a mum watched the eclipse the same would happen to her baby - e.g a birth defect such as cleft lip. Apparently, a mother must carry something metallic - a safety pin on underwear is a common precaution. The red thing is also very common, underwear or some sort of red ribbon....
6943374 tn?1392700430 I'm not so sure what the eclipse means in other culture but in the Hispanic culture (which is very spurious) we believe that the eclipse has enough power to harm our baby..we believe that the eclipse could "eat" pieces of the baby..and by eat I mean damage parts, like the ears, toes, lips, we wrap red string around our bellies and pin safety pins on our bra..thats supposed to ward off the rays of the eclipse from the baby...
Avatar n tn I just received word of a new (unapproved) cardiac surgery using the Eclipse Lazer (?) which is inserted and used through a catheter threaded through the patient's blood vessels. It was performed in Detroit via "special compassionate approval" by the FDA on a waitress with an unusual set of cardiac problems. The surgery was apparently successful and has previously been used (the article says -- it's a Canadian article) in both Argentina and Italy.
Avatar f tn "Monster" by Skillet The secret side of me I never let you see I keep it caged, but I can't control it So stay away from me The beast Is ugly I feel the rage, and I just can't hold it It's scratchin on the walls In the closet, in the halls It comes awake, and I can't control it Hidin' under the bed In my body, in my head Why won't somebody come and save me from this? Make it end!
Avatar f tn & the eclipse was in the morning like at 1am & it stopped at 5am there no eclipse tonight
Avatar f tn Based on your location, some places are in the morning (the Americas), some places are in the evening (Asia). Europe will not be able to view the eclipse.
Avatar n tn One form of therapy that works for me is writing - specifically lyrics - which as a collection tell the story of my life and my descent to the dark place we have all been (or are still). Every now & then I get the urge to share my lyrics for an unknown reason, normally I don't. Too many people judge harshly and THAT I do not need.
Avatar m tn Have you ever seen Vitreous liquefication caused by the sun/eclipse? I wondered if the irritation/inflammation from looking at the eclipse resulted in the Vitreous syneresis. The opthalmologist and retina specialist have said there are no signs of inflammation or damage to the retina by the sun. It just seems odd that this all happened after the eclipse. Advice to all:. Never look at the sun, even for a few seconds! What are your thoughts on this Dr. Hagan.
Avatar f tn Scrambled egg whites...............110 cal Wheat toast w/ butter 2.............160 cal coffee.......................................7 cal TOTAL.........277 cal Dinner: Sandwich.................................