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Avatar n tn Withdrawal symptoms from Toprol XL can be severe. The heart gets used to the beta blocker and Toprol XL keep the levels constant throughout the day. The Atenolol is like Toprol, but does not keep the levels constant throughout the day. Atenolol peaks and drops. This is most likely why you had problems with it. Lopressor is Toprol. There is Toprol, which is not time released and there is Toprol XL, which is time released.
Avatar n tn My husband got put on b/p medication Toprol xl 25 mg. He has been taking it for 5 days now and his bp has stayed within 117/71 to 120/79 with a pulse that ranges from 64 to 77. I understand these are very good readings, but I am concerned about the long term effects since he is only 31. His bp readings were 138/87 to 145/97 and at times as high as 148/101, but only at times before the medicine.
Avatar n tn male with a history of accasional ectopic beats, I was on Toprol XL 100 mg/day to lessen ectopic frequency. Two months ago, the PVC's became much worse and my Dr. switched me to Pindolol (he noticed I tended to have the extra beats in bradycardia). The ectopic beats stopped miraculously. However, in their place, I now have jittery tremors, some tingling, occasional blurred vision and twitching and frequent urination. I have the general feeling like I need to leap out of my own skin.
343006 tn?1314450071 Hi : I am on Toprol xl and Diovan daily. for h.b.p. iv been on the meds for about 5 years total time. I have had nothing but adverse side effects from the meds. sometimes so bad, I cant stand it ! between blurred vision and harsh cramps and belly bloating and waight gain almost overnight..its hard to belive that a pill could do this ! as well my hair is thinning out and balding in spots !! ouch !!
406399 tn?1201887900 im ok now, but still have some slight problems from the toprol xl withdrawal symptoms. beware of this happening ! and keep in step with your doctor daily. untill you get free of the effects of the toprol and diovan evil grip.. best to say this , keep hydrated - and eat good solid foods (no junk foods) and dont lay around , get up and move and walk.. as you start to feel better -as times goes by. and keep on the new meds.. its hard but you will get threw it .. I know I did it..
343006 tn?1314450071 ahh you have one bad effect I read , dizzyness .. that adds a strike aginst Toprol xl !! I just got off toprol xl after weaning down slow for the past 2months, I have to say I feel wonderfull ! have energy and the one bad side effect I had went away totaly now.. low blood sugar problems. caused with long term useage 3 to 5 yrs .. I hit 5years on this junk ! I taking a Natural medication used for stubborn high blood pressure and its working so far.. fingers crossed it stays working !
Avatar n tn You can get off the Toprol - its not easy - weening slow works the best your side effects are pretty normal of toprol - I took toprol xl for about 6.5 years - long term useage ! I hated it - have to say it was the worst beta blocker iv taken in my life ! and I would never take it or anything like it again ! if you get help from Doctor in weening off it , expect to be put on another drug after your off the toprol - for h.b.p. ccb or ?
Avatar n tn I was on 150 mg Toprol XL (a beta blocker)per day for about a month and it was not doing the job of controlling my recently diagnosed hypertension. Also, I was seeing resting heartrates of 45 to 55. My doctor (Family Practice) is having me cut back to 100 mg of the Toprol and add 5 mg of Norvasc (a calcium channel blocker)for 7 days, then quit the Toprol and go to 10 mg of the Norvasc.
Avatar n tn I am on 25mg of Toprol XL (the generic form of that...whatever it is called). I feel hopeless....I've quit all caffeine products, no longer enjoy a glass of wine, have nightmares which make me fearful of falling asleep, and have developed tightening of the chest. I went into the hospital with borderline hypertension and left with a full array of symptoms. I don't want to end up in the hospital again, but from everything I'm reading...when that withdrawal time comes - it's very likely.
Avatar n tn nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, restlessness, and leg movements, or jerking.
Avatar f tn Since they are in the same family of drugs, you really shouldn't have any side effects. I went off propanol onto Toprol XL, both beta blockers with no issues at all. The problem may be in the dosage or even the fact it's a generic. I find the generic not to be as effective as the brand but perhaps that's just me. I suggest you call the doctor or pharmacist. You are on a very low dose. I take 50mg of Toprol XL twice daily and that does not totally keep the SVT under control.
343006 tn?1314450071 well thats another good reason to get off the toprol xl .. $$$$ I can only hope , when I stop the toprol xl the symptoms go away , and low blood sugar goes back to normal ,without toprol xl pushing it down at times.
Avatar n tn Im a long term user of toprol xl and diovan (over 5yrs now) for high b.p. never had any real big problems. other than normal side effects that suck ! for the last 3 days iv had itching on top and bottom of my left foot ? as well at night when laying down in bed..the foot aches on top and at the ankle area.. no swelling - if I rub it it helps the ache go away for a while - lasts most the night. in a.
Avatar f tn I have access to both Toprol XL and Xanax, and I'm curious which one will help mediate some of my stage fright symptoms (I told intend to take them all the time; only when I know I'll be afraid). I'm sure both will help, but can someone recommend one over the other and offer reasons for doing so? Much appreciated.
343006 tn?1314450071 I have been switched from toprol xl beta blocker - to ccb verapamil for the past 4 to 5 weeks iv felt pretty good- no real bad effects from the medication . Yesterday while working - I had a strange thing happen - then had remember this happend before to me. last time I took a ccb medication. hmm as I worked at a fast rate, I got winded and it felt like my lungs were acheing and starving for air ?
343006 tn?1314450071 I was slowly weened off Toprol xl and Diovan - about 8 months ago - and put on ccb -verapamil and dieretic maxzide iv been on them for about 4 months - and have been having problems, such as ankles swelling. and closeing throat when eatting! as well bloating belly conditions. over the past month iv noticed my face is always red in color. and my left eye has been twitching off and on.. I seem to dehydrate rapid and cant hydrate fast enough - even when I cutt down on the dieretic med.
Avatar n tn Never had heart attack, and recovery was perfect and complete with no complications. (Thanks God) Am on Toprol XL and baby aspirin. I Excersize three days a week, changed my diet and no longer smoke. How long can I expect the bypasses to last? On average, for someone my age. I've heard of cases where the patient went back to smoking and made no other positive changes, and it's been 20 years. If I did suddenly stop taking Toprol XL, what would happen? Would it cause a heart attack?
Avatar f tn No, I took Toprol XL or the generic Metoprolol Succinate, but I don't think you'll notice anything as far as blood pressure is concerned. In my experience Beta Blockers don't have much effect on blood pressure anyway.
Avatar n tn I have ultra stubborn high blood pressure. im on toprol xl and diovan . long story short iv tryed now 3 times to get off the meds normal way and weening slow. both times my b.p. jumped up high.. sky rocketed to 167-115 both times. forced me back on the beta blocker again. as I feared heart attack or stroke ! now im finding and reading online that ,after you get off any beta blocker med or toprol xl your blood pressure will jump high on you. its a effect you cant stop !
Avatar n tn I just had an appt with a cardiologist on Thursday. I have never seen one, but am on bp medicine Toprol XL 25 mg twice a day for 3.5 years. I made a mistake by stopping my nighttime dose two months ago. Readings were normal until three weeks ago when I experienced major stress over a family member. It seems that kicked me into withdrawal. I had an EKG at my local doctor's office and he said it was basically normal.
Avatar f tn 5 or should I taper down further to 6.25mg? Anyone else stop taking Toprol XL while on Zoloft? I'm so scared of withdrawal symptoms but every doctor and pharmacist I talk to seem unconcerned.
Avatar f tn Please advise - should I continue taking Xanax and taper off and then start Ativan or should I just continue taking the Ativan and assume the panicky feeling I had was from something else? Also, I've been taking Toprol XL, a beta blocker, for anxiety symptoms including racing heart. It has made my resting HR go down to 45, which scares me. So, my doctor told me to switch my normal 12.5 mg a day dose to 5 mg of Inderal per day. Should this small dose control my anxiety?
1744581 tn?1311306011 I have been having episodes of sinus tach which usually occurs when I am walking or standing up (determined this by doing orthostatics). I have a history of heart block & have a pacemaker that was put in in '05 for complete heart block. I often feel lightheaded, dizzy, have chest pain, L arm pain & a headache. I also get palpitations a lot.I have been in the hospital several times for this. EKG shows a 100% paced rhythm (normal for me), blood work, chest x rays are normal.
Avatar n tn He bases his speculative diagnosis on the fact that my heart rate reached 150 during this period and I wasn't engaged in physical activity (just having an intense panic attack). He prescribed 50 mg Toprol XL. He says that the flutter isn't life-threatening, which is contradictory to all I've read. Should I get a second opinion on his speculative diagnosis? Also, is it safe to take the Toprol with the meds I take?
Avatar n tn I have never seen one, but am on bp medicine Toprol XL 25 mg twice a day for 3.5 years. I made a mistake by stopping my nighttime dose two months ago. Readings were normal until three weeks ago when I experienced major stress over a family member. It seems that kicked me into withdrawal. I had an EKG at my local doctor's office and he said it was basically normal. I decided to see a cardiologist after I started taking my nighttime does again, but have been having spikes.
Avatar n tn I was weaned off of propranalol three months ago, due to low blood pressure, which was diagnosed as neurocardiogenic syncope from a borderline tilt table test. We tried Toprol XL(50mg/day) and it did not help and discontinued. My tremors have came back, but are manageable. Until 2 weeks ago, I was having at least 7 episodes of pressure in the head and weak, like I was going to pass out.