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Avatar n tn Folks: Here's the deal. I was put on 50mg of toprol xl last week for pvc's pac's and svt and let's just say it has not been a picnic. I'm exhausted and feel out of it. But here's my question. I read that long term beta blocker usage significantly raises your risk of getting type 2 diabetes. What's worse is I have a strong family history of diabetes including my two uncles and my grandfather who died from it. I'm only 40 and wondering if I should switch to a calcium channel blocker.
Avatar n tn I wanted my doctor to let me try it (I am currently taking Toprol XL - which helps a little, but not a lot). My doctor said it is an older drug, so he wanted me to stay with Toprol. I think whenever you start a beta blocker - you feel more tired until you get used to it. I'm not sure about the blurred vision. Why don't you call your pharmacist - they can be very helpful.
443862 tn?1238003039 I actually was found to benefit from Toprol XL (also called Metoprolol Succinate ER). For me, the combo. of my Toprol and my benzo (Ativan/Lorazepam) have proven highly effective in my treatment for my panic disorder and panic attacks. I have never heard of it causing/increasing anxiety....most either get some relief, a lot of relief, or no relief from it for heart problems and panic attacks. I will look into this for you if you want, as to why it is causing your anxiety and panic.
Avatar n tn I take TONS of pills daily also- toprol XL 200mg, lisinopril 30mg, digoxin .25, furosomide 40 mg, K+ 10 meq, synthroid, just to mention a few. I feel like **** on a daily basis- I get very drousy and tired from the meds- but it is keeping me alive. I am hoping when I get my pacemaker 3rd lead placed in march my ef will go up and I will have more energy, and maybe I can decrease my meds. I have hard times trying to deal with the pills and fatigue- and I miss feeling young.
Avatar n tn They slowed it down with the usual drugs, and started me on Toprol XL 25mg, once a day. My cardiologist took me off it, as I didn't like the meds, and I cut my decaf down to 24 oz. Then in December I had a third episode, and ended up in the ER again with a rate of 193. The gave me a prescription for Cardizem CD, which I took for two weeks, and asked my cardiologist to take me off it, which he did.
Avatar n tn My palpitations were still continuous until the time I saw the doctor (Duke, in Raleigh) at 4.00pm. I have now been put on Topol-XL 50 mgs daily, and these have stopped the palps. Since then I have only experienced the mild ones. I am now reading about Topol and are concerned about the memory loss! Is it something I need to get worried about? Am I now hooked forever on this drug? What are the side effects of long usage?
Avatar n tn In the begining my cardio said that thte beta blockers can sometimes make things worse so I avoided them for two years, finally I couldnt cope anymore and got the lowest dose of toprol xl 25mg I think it was. Beings that im such a light weight I took 1/4 of a pill the first two days and the third day I took 1/2 and six hours on the dot I had the worse run of nonsustained vt. I so happened had a loop recorder implanted so it got recorded.
Avatar n tn It scared the hell out of me but of course like a dummy my recreational usage never stopped. A year or 2 later I felt it again, this time while being interviewed for a job, no drugs this time. Through the next 2 years I felt it once every 6 months or so, and then all of the sudden one day I started having them frequently. All day long. This went on for about a week. When it got to the point that I was feeling them every 8th heartbeat I went to the hospital.
Avatar n tn or tachy episode spoils my day. I am currently taking 50mg of toprol xl and it does help with the tachy, but my goal is to get off it. I don't really have a lot of side effects, but I would rather not take it. I have an appointment at an anxiety disorders center at a teaching hospital near my home on Feb. 12th to address my anxiety issues. I know that anxiety plays a part, but I don't believe it's the cause entirely. Hopefully, I'll get some answers.
376186 tn?1219283105 I am wondering if any of you have any experience, good or bad with this drug? (I also take toprol XL, 50 mg for the PVC's but it has not seemed to help much at all since I rarely have palp free days or nights.) I am just so worried about taking anything like xanax and hate the thoughts of side effects, but I was also worried about my lack of sleep. I can not for the life of me figure out why all of a sudden, I started getting PVC's when I would go to bed.
Avatar m tn It helps me, also what helped me w/ heart racing after drinking was switching to a calcium channel blocker, I was on toprol XL, NOT anymore, I take 180mg SR of verapamil 1 x a day and my heart doesn't race all day anymore nor does it race when I drink. Not a suggestion, just something that worked for me. Those beta blockers can cause all kinds of strange things, especially orthostatic hypotension (dizziness, lightheadedness, heart-racing) upon standing or sitting from a laying position.
Avatar n tn There are many theories, but I do know that if I didn't have access to medications throughout my life I probably would be a basket case by now. First of all, beta blockers have helped my PVCs and PACs. I have tried Atenolol, Toprol XL and Inderal. Most important is correct dosage. Not everyone needs the same dose. Some people need a much higher dose of beta blockers to get relief of palpitations because their nervous tone is so much higher.
Avatar n tn Actually this incident caused anxiety! The next week I was put on 50mg of Toprolol XL (I'm still taking this and it helps a lot). Since the first episode over a year ago, I have noticed that every time I eat a high protein meal like chicken, whole milk, eggs, peanut butter, etc, my bp would go high.
221122 tn?1323014865 At the reception they started back up and have been going strong for the last 10 days. I began toprol xl - 25 mg. about a week ago. A couple of days in and I was starting to drag - a few more days and I was sick to my stomach all day long. The heart beats became more normal but I was either 1/2 asleep or on the verge of throwing up all day long. Not a great condition to be in when trying to run a 7 person household.
Avatar n tn I am wondering - there was a post above about TV watching and Computer usage. I hate to say it - but I am in front of a computer all day and then at night the TV is on in the house...usually I read a book and hubby watches TV - but I am in the same room with him. I wonder if there is any correlation - I am thinking that it could be affecting part of our brains that "turns on" this smoke smell.