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Avatar n tn I had to have 3 artieries cleared out and 2 stints. My Dr. has put me on Toprol-xl 25 gm a day. What is this medicine for and the side effects. My blood pressure is fine so is the heart beat.Have high chlorestol, runs in the family,had quad by-passes 21 yrs ago, am on zocor 80 grams a day.
Avatar n tn The operation was totally successful and I was prescribed 25 mg of Toprol XL to be taken twice daily. My local cardiologist (who has been treating me for the past 20 years) says my heart muscle has shrunk back towards normal size and that I'm "doing so well" I should cut my Toprol XL dosage by 50%. Do you concur? Would this reduced dosage have any negative impact whatsoever on the mean-time-to-failure of the replacement valve? Thank you very much. CCF is simply the BEST!
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been taking toprol xl 25 for about 3 months for palpitations and high blood pressure. Recently I had a visit with an awesome electrophysiologist who is 95% convinved that I have SVT due to my symptomology and triggers. He was happy to do an EP study ASAP but I am not entirely convinced and so I asked to do a holter monitor in 2 weeks and he obliged. Problem is he wants me to completely stop my beta blocker Toprol XL 25 before I strap on the holter monitor. I am terrified!
Avatar n tn I take toprol xl 100 mg once daily. I don't know if I already took it today. Any danger in possible double dose?
343006 tn?1314450071 ahh you have one bad effect I read , dizzyness .. that adds a strike aginst Toprol xl !! I just got off toprol xl after weaning down slow for the past 2months, I have to say I feel wonderfull ! have energy and the one bad side effect I had went away totaly now.. low blood sugar problems. caused with long term useage 3 to 5 yrs .. I hit 5years on this junk ! I taking a Natural medication used for stubborn high blood pressure and its working so far.. fingers crossed it stays working !
Avatar f tn The difference between Lopressor and Toprol XL is the release time (12 hrs vs 24 hrs). Since you're still taking your doses twice daily, you should experience the same results. If not, the generic Toprol XL 25 mg is available again.
Avatar n tn Well, I completely changed my workout but also was put on Toprol XL at the same time....... The lifestyle change in my workouts did the trick.........but, at 50 mgs a daily of this medication within a few weeks the PVCs and Flutters started coming while on the medication.........and then the PVCs came big time when I laid down to sleep and caused an afib attack! Well, I lowered the doesage and started getting less PVCs skipped heart beats you name it..........
Avatar f tn Hi, Everyone. My EP switched me from Sotalol (160 mg daily) to Toprol XL (25 mg daily). His instructions were to stop taking Sotalol (no weaning) and start taking Toprol. It was a HUGE leap of faith for me as I have tried to not obsess about this. Today was my first day. I'm doing fine, but want to know if anyone else has made the same switch and faired well. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have taken both Toprol XL and I am now taking Metoprolol twice a day. The Toprol XL was making me so sick that I weaned myself off. I was having headaches (like a tight band around my head) I started to stutter and have palpitations all of the time and vivid nightmares. I had a recent AVNRT episode and the ER doc gave me Metroprolol twice a day and I feel great. It is something about the extended release that doesn't set well with me.
Avatar f tn I went into Rapid A fib about 3 months ago and had to have an emergency Cardioversion. This was first episode for me no reoccurrence so far. My Cardiologist started me on Toprol XL 50mg daily for hypertension and to lessen the chance of slipping back into uncontrollable Rapid A fib again. At first the Toprol seemed to help and I was taking it at night and besides some drowseyness I was no worse for wear and even joined a gym and could do a full 30 mins of moderate cardio with no I’ll effects.
Avatar n tn I have been on Toprol XL 50 for one year. Recently I have had a problem swallowing and loss of appetite, All tests so far have come back negative, including blood, thyroid, diabetes, endoscopy etc. I have also had some lightheadeness, dizziness, weak feeling,shaking sometimes, feel like I am on a boat at times. I am doing best to eat more and have not lost anymore weight. I am just wondering can side effects appear after a year of none.
687614 tn?1244201579 I have been having problems with sinus tachycardia, atrial tachycardia and SVT at night. They put me on 100 mg of toprol XL. Started out as one dose 100 mg in the morning I had been taking it this way for about 3 weeks. It didn't hold throughout the night and into the next morning. I was tachy at night before bed and upon waking. So they divided the dose into two 50 mg in morning and 50 mg in evening. I have been taking it this way for about 4 days now.
Avatar n tn I started taking Toprol XL 25 mg once daily for arrythmias and noticed immediate improvement. After several months, arrhythmias seemed to increase so I consulted my internist and slowly titrated the dose upward to 50 mg q day. After several more months, I noticed my arrhythmias increasing again so titrated the dose to 100 mg TWICE daily. This gave me excellent PVC free days and nights - for a while!
Avatar n tn With the once a day 40 mg dose of Toprol, I felt really bad in the morning until thirty minutes or so after taking my daily Toprol xl tablet, and felt dizzy between 7-8 pm (about half way through the 24-hour Toprol time release phase). My most recent echo yielded an ef of 15%. My internist suggested that I cut my 40 mg Toprol xl tablets in half and take one half in the morning and half in the evening to alleviate the evening dizziness and morning tiredness.
Avatar n tn I am also taking Altace10mg/once daily,lipitor 20mg once daily,and Toprol XL 50 mg daily due to a prior heart attack.What information can you provide on this rare condtion?
Avatar n tn Can a mitral valve prolapse go undected by a stress echo? And can it really cause all these symptoms? I am currently on toprol XL 25mg twice a day, and the symptoms are somewhat better controlled. I am 55 years old, normal weight and cholesterol panel, exercise daily and a vegetarian. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I suggest you call the doctor or pharmacist. You are on a very low dose. I take 50mg of Toprol XL twice daily and that does not totally keep the SVT under control. It's possible you are not taking enough.
201324 tn?1191089878 Would taking 50 mg of Toprol XL twice daily be better? Less side effects?(less low sex drive, and tiredness?) I have been told that as long as I take it at the same time each day, that it would be fine. I know that fast acting metoprolol generic can be taken BID, but what about the XL? Thanks for your time.
343006 tn?1314450071 is a listed side effect of both drugs! I talked to 4 people who take toprol xl and diovan together daily. they are all unhappy with the outcome! b.p is down , but bad side effects ! 3 had trapped gas and bloating problems as well heavy cramps daily. while 1 only had headaches and waight gain ? go figure /????
Avatar n tn I won't now and I'll wait to see what the doctor says about the Toprol. I have been on Toprol XL since September 1999. I started on 25mg. twice daily, now I'm on 150mg. daily, I take a pill and a half twice daily. I have been thinking about becoming pregnant, but terrified if I have to go off the medicine. My heart has been racing since October, 1993, and finally this one day in February it didn't slow down like it usually does. I went to the E.R.
250051 tn?1328134730 IT is also the hardest drug to get along with in comparison to any of the other drugs I take. - I take Toprol XL and alot of it, I take 125 mg 2 times a day, people that usually take this medicine take way lower doses and only once a day...because it is a once a day medicine. I take it for AVNRT, high blood pressure, and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). Then there is Sotalol 120 mg twice a day, which I take for V-Tach and A-Fib it is also a beta blocker which helps lower my BP even more...
Avatar n tn the metoprolol won't bring down my heart rate alone but in combination with the cardizem my heart rate remains normal and my bp is normal.I haven't tried toprol xl for my heart rate but I was taking it when I was first diagnosed with afib and it worked to a degree. maybe I can try it again for my heart rate. I've just got to find an alternative to the cardizem cd.
Avatar n tn I've been off Toprol for 4 days. I was only on Toprol XL for a week anyhow. Anyone have these symptoms before? Should I worry? What would cause me to only get PVCs now when I first stand up? Has anyone heard of PVCs happening only when you first stand up? Thanks!
Avatar f tn She had to take the brand name Tenormin and then she felt much better until her heart failure advanced. Then, she took Toprol XL which is like Tenormin, but stays at a constant level throughout the day. She felt tired and not so well when she was on the Toprol XL. She was allergic to the ace inhibitor, which would have helped her heart failure a great deal.
Avatar n tn This site has been a godsend for me. I have atrial tachycardia and elevated lipids. I take Toprol Xl 25 mg twice daily, zetia, 10 mg; ativan 5 mg twice daily (as needed); ambien 5 mg (for sleep) 1 multivitamin; Omega 3 (1000 mg)3 X daily; coQ10 100 mg; daily and aspirin. I have developed kidney infections twice in the past month (treated with antibiotics). Could my meds be contributing to my kidney problems?
492869 tn?1285022533 ) I took some Codeiene, Zofran, Tylenol, Guaifenesin, Toprol XL, and Theo-24 at around 7pm. I'm back on oxygen, but haven't needed my nebulizer in two days. So, my blood pressure is floored, but that happens. Hopefully I'll be feeling better in a couple of days. At least this didn't happen while my friend was visiting. My friend and I had played card games like Skip-Bo, and also we played Nintendo Wii gamed like Elebits! It was really great!
Avatar f tn I was on good ol Toprol xl for about 6.5 years with DIovan ! bad combo ! I suffered for years, on these idiot drugs. I tryed a few times to get off the meds - however blood pressure spiked high on me - and I had massive dizzy spells happen - due to h.b.p shes right on the mark, about kidneys damage - and heart damage due to b.p being high and untreated - as well the arteries get damaged too and clogged up. as the blood pounds threw the vains to the heart ! alot of damage can happen !
Avatar n tn I have been on Toprol XL and now the metoprolol( generic for toprol) for about 12 years. I have had no side effects from it. I am older than you (67 now) however I have walked 8-10 miles a day for 30 plus years.. I now usuallly walk 4 miles per day and ride a recumbuent stationay bike 10-12 miles a day with lots of tension or resistance on it.. Plus after I retired in 1996, I had a farm for about 8-9 years and did lots of hard physical work on it..
Avatar n tn I have been having PACs and PVCs for nearly 4 years now. I take Toprol XL daily. Do any of you other ladies find that you get more skips as that time of the month draws near? I am definitely noticing that they increase for me. I just haven't had anything quite this scary in awhile.