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Avatar n tn Diana: Id say toprol xl or its generic .. metoprolol... Ive taken all three with out much trouble....hope this helps...
Avatar n tn Is one of these drugs interfereing with the effectiveness of Viagra?
Avatar n tn Coughing can also be a symptom for many people with reflux, I believe it is more prevelant if you have LPR......I take toprol XL and it doesn't bother my reflux..Someone else will have to tell you about lipitor, etc. because I don't know...
Avatar m tn Why would the ultrasound be normal in this case, and what should I do next? My GP told me to stop alcohol and my BP meds (Toprol XL 100mg, and Quinapril 20mg)and come back in a couple of months. I was also taking an herbal suplement ( Hawthorne Berry extract), CO enzyme Q10, and Taurin all of which are supposed to help stop my skipped heart beats, and which I have since stopped. I was also a heavy drinker for many years, I haven't had any alcohol in 8 months, I am 37 yearas old.
211705 tn?1326642752 I know this is prolly too much of a broad question as everyone is different ,but having been diagnosed with a-fib after I had an atttack in March ,no other symptoms for the rapid hear rate , put on toprol xl 25 mg.good for 7 mos . and another issue last week , still no other symptons but the heart flutter and rate from 50 to 160 ... Put on digoxin and it seemed to put me in a normal mode in a few hours ..
Avatar m tn Vitamin B12, Omega 3 (Mega Red Krill), and Co Q-10 (don't know if my dosage on this is high enough). Also taking prescription drugs - Imdur, Toprol XL, and Ranexa. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn The stress showed some ischemia and hence the cardiac cath but that was normal. He prescribed nitro for the chest pain along with taking toprol xl, lotrel to control the htn, and he couldn't rule out coronary spasms all together but with my history of esophogitis, gerds,ulcers etc.. he feels that this is the best treatment. I also see a internist who recently did a EGD and found that I did not have Barrett's esophogus but some scarring and inflammation.
Avatar m tn Hi Dr Mathur I have hypertension that is controlled by Toprol XL, and my last A1C was a 5.8 . CBC showed only very slightly elevated white count, thyroid and B12 was fine. AMI Panel was fine, Lipid panel was fine. CT scan of my head without contrast showed a sinus infection which accounts for the pressure no evidence of a mass, ventricles are the right size, shape. Oh, my BP at my last exam was 100/67 but it averages at 120/75.
Avatar n tn I am told this is an excellent medication and typically very well tolerated. I tried Toprol XL before for several months. Did not tolerate it well, mainly due to severe nightmares. Once removed from the Toprol, nightmares stopped. Is this a different class of beta blocker that is safer and what (if anything) should I be concerned about? Meds are aspirin (81), protonix (40), HCTZ (25), Lisinopril (10-20) sertraline (50) and now the 6.25 carvedilol.
Avatar m tn have 2 -3 drinks daily (wine or spirits) w/dinner. My meds are Toprol XL 50mg, lisinopril 30mg and aciphex 20mg daily. I have IBS (mild sigmiod diverticulosis colonoscopy 11/08), & a fatty liver for 6+ years. My CT scan 1 yr ago was unchanged from last 4 yrs: fatty infiltration of the liver with areas of relative hyperdensity adjacent to the gallbladder/fatty sparing and diverticulosis. Hepatitus panel was normal 2 years ago. I’m experiencing mild pain under my left shoulder blade.
Avatar n tn I am on Toprol XL 25 mg and a diuretic 25 mgs. The information insert on the Toprol XL says to inform the dentist I am on this medicine before any procedure. I did tell my dentist, and asked him why, and he said it is because of the chance of the epinepherine causing palps. I also asked my cardiologist if it is OK for me to receive the epi in the dental office, and he told me that the amount of epi is so small, it should not cause any problems and is OK to use.
Avatar n tn In late August of 2003 i started taking Restoril for sleep w/ occasional xanax (never take tylonel or other pain meds). A month later on Sept. 7 I started taking Toprol Xl (12.5mgs) until Dec. 4. On Dec. 4 2003 i stopped taking all medicines. That November i started noticing that my toes were red/bluish color so we went to the doctor. Went to rhuematologist and complete workup was negative so they said my toes were Raynaud's possibly made worse by Toprol.
Avatar f tn I'm a 42 year woman, overweight, hypertension, migraines (with auras), and a long family history of heart disease. I take Toprol XL 50 mg, daily aspirin, and nitro when needed. Started Prilosec this morning.
899454 tn?1295587538 Hi it is so nice to meet you, I have had a long road of being put on Beta Blocker or Toprol XL for a high heart rate one day it went up to 120 but looking back I realize it was in my opinion my thyroid it was out of whack and I was suffering from Adrenal Fatigue, I was on Toprol XL for nearly 4 years and the drug went south on me the side effects became insane and was dropping my blood pressure constantly... So I never had High Blood Pressure before the meds. So I cut it down for 6 weeks or so.
Avatar n tn You're right, it's likely not a coincidence. One of the side effects of beta-blockers (like the Toprol XL) would be sexual dysfunction. Other antihypertensives can also cause sexual dysfunction as well, but not to the level of beta-blockers. If there continues to be problems, I would continue to modify your blood pressure medication regimen to see which one minimizes the side effects. A testosterone level can also be considered to ensure a low level isn't the problem.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Toprol XL 50mg for tachycardia for two and one-half months. My thyroid medication was increased from 50 mcg to 75 mcg about four months ago because my TSH was 6. I have had tachycardia with rates of 100-140 for a while before I was treated. I was treated for stage III breast cancer beginning almost two years ago. The tachycardia started with the anemia that was worsened by chemotherapy.
Avatar n tn I have been on and off and back on Toprol XL. It has always given me relief almost instantly, with no side affect. If that is a concern you are having, I would say don't sweat it if you need to be on it for a while.
Avatar n tn I have also been diagonized with high blood pressure in the range of 160/120 - 140/100. The doctor put me on medication (Toprol XL) for high blood pressure. Does the elevated creatinine and BUN always indicate a problem with the kidneys or are there other reasons for this?
Avatar n tn Glucovance, Actos, Toprol XL, Lisinopril, Lasix w/pot. chloride, Paxil. Is this something which requires examination? My regular physician is an internist; should I seek a urologist's examination? Thank you for any attention to this.
Avatar n tn 2003, In late August i started taking Restoril for sleep and then had a blood test 10 days later which showed an ALT of 58 and everything else normal. then i started taking toprol xl 12.5 mgs with the restoril at that time..on Nov. 28, 2003 the ALT was 101 and AST 61 which drew the doctors attention...since then i've monitored it regularly and it has gone up to the max of ALT 132 on April 1 and the AST has stayed around the 17-40 range..
Avatar n tn I would like to add that I my BP is stable at 148/102 (no idea why it is elevated), medications I take are Hyzaar 100/25 q.d., Toprol XL 150mg q.d., Lipitor 10mg q.d. and Aciphex 20mg q.d. Other problems going on are microscopic hematuria, bilirubin in urine (dipstick shows +++), occasionally I have gross hematuria.
Avatar n tn Then followed up with a diffent cardiologist, who prescribed me toprol xl 50 mg.daily. I have been taking that for over a yr. now. NO problems what so ever with my hypertension/tacchycardia. However the syptoms of the leg cramps / abdominal spasms began right after my daughter was born in 1998. I mentioned the cardiology because I wasnt sure if they may be related. Sometimes I also get a tingling in my back along with numbness. Is this a muscle thing?
213044 tn?1236531060 I have MVP, very mild two years ago and not rechecked. I've had issues with tachacardia in the past and just stopped Toprol XL after taking it for a bit over two years. Took half a dose for three weeks and then stopped yesterday. My heart has been damaged by Hyperthyroidism, and my GP thinks it will take about a year for the muscles to regenerate properly.
Avatar n tn I take coreg for heart failure - I thought toprol was a substitute drug if a patient couldn't take coreg. I don't know.. I'm waiting to hear from my CHF doctors office. I called his office as well and I left a message as well - I only have 4 pills left of coreg. I had a terrible time adjusting to this drug and after mos and mos I finally started to feel decent the last few weeks and now I hear I can't get it !!!! This can't be true.. The pharmacist must be wrong.
Avatar n tn PVCs since the 80's, I am 29 yr old F, have gone to ER many times for SVT/ doc put me on Toprol XL 50 mg., I started meds 1/30/04 (I waited so long because I was more afraid of the meds than condition until recently when 1) I learned SVT can lead to clotting & 2) I started suffering horrible chest pain w/them). (Noraml echo.) I've had more problems ever w/the meds, I am very sensative to meds.
Avatar n tn If so, can you recommend one that will not harm my fetus and won't cause cardiovascular side effects like tachycardia and palpitations? I do take 12.5 mg per day of Toprol XL to control tachycardia from panic attacks - should I up this dose while going through the withdrawal period? Any help you can give is greatly appreciated as I cannot tell you how scared I am that I am going to have a seizure. I am 33 years old, in excellent health, low BP, low cholesterol levels, etc.
Avatar n tn Went and had EKG and Echo done last year, they said I have trigeminy with a couple of couplets and 1 atrial run and told me not to worry. The Dr. put me on Toprol XL 25mg once daily which may or may not be helping, not sure. I notice the palps get worse after eating, particularly junk food. I do not have caffeine or chocolate ever. I notice the palps in my stomach also and wondered how the 2 could be related? My heartbeat is generally around 90-100 and bp is 110/75 or so.
Avatar m tn on this stuff after one dose) Clonazepan Mirtazipine Zoloft Zyprexa Seroquel Prozac Celexa Toprol XL Welbutrin Lexapro Risperdal In October 2005 they did a TSH test which was 1.74, two months later .94, then 1.20 (range .35 - 4.82. I had a full check up with the following being in the high range; iron/serum, Triglycerides/serum, absolute eosinophils and a low Urea Nitrogen/serum. My other tests; Free T4 was .91 (range .59 - 1.17), T-4 Total 6.4 (range 4.5 - 12.0), T-3 Uptake 34.
Avatar n tn She put me on Toprol XL. Am I going to have to live with this (medicine and arrhythmia) for the rest of my life or can she 'reset' me and wean me from this medicine eventually? I've had no heart problems before now.
Avatar n tn I did and Im still not sure what was causing them...I was staretd on toprol XL but soon after I had esopahgeal surgery and some where in all that the palps have stopped so I dont know if it is due to the medication or the surgery....Its very scary to wake up and have your heart racing...I also take 120mg daily of bentyl and that has helped with GI spasms...