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Avatar n tn I have been on Toprol XL 100 for essential hypertencion. (BP was 160/100 and now averages 125/75) for 18 months with good results except for fatigue, some diziness and slow pulse (50) My Dr, switched me to Benicar 20mg last week and now my heart races at 120+ and my anxiety level is through the roof. Should I have weaned slowly off the Toprol or stayed on that dosage despite the side effects? EKG is fine but this feeling in chest and arms scares the daylights out of me.
343006 tn?1314450071 ahh you have one bad effect I read , dizzyness .. that adds a strike aginst Toprol xl !! I just got off toprol xl after weaning down slow for the past 2months, I have to say I feel wonderfull ! have energy and the one bad side effect I had went away totaly now.. low blood sugar problems. caused with long term useage 3 to 5 yrs .. I hit 5years on this junk ! I taking a Natural medication used for stubborn high blood pressure and its working so far.. fingers crossed it stays working !
Avatar f tn I went into Rapid A fib about 3 months ago and had to have an emergency Cardioversion. This was first episode for me no reoccurrence so far. My Cardiologist started me on Toprol XL 50mg daily for hypertension and to lessen the chance of slipping back into uncontrollable Rapid A fib again. At first the Toprol seemed to help and I was taking it at night and besides some drowseyness I was no worse for wear and even joined a gym and could do a full 30 mins of moderate cardio with no I’ll effects.
687614 tn?1244201579 I have been having problems with sinus tachycardia, atrial tachycardia and SVT at night. They put me on 100 mg of toprol XL. Started out as one dose 100 mg in the morning I had been taking it this way for about 3 weeks. It didn't hold throughout the night and into the next morning. I was tachy at night before bed and upon waking. So they divided the dose into two 50 mg in morning and 50 mg in evening. I have been taking it this way for about 4 days now.
Avatar n tn I have taken Toprol xl 25 mg for about 5 years. My doctor switched me to metoprolol several months ago. When I filled my prescription this time, it was from a different mfg and I think I may be having problems with it as I just don't feel right. Could changing the mfg make a difference? ALSO, my doctor prescribed 50 mg to be cut in half for my prescribed 25 mg dose. Does cutting this tablet in half compromise the time release?
438063 tn?1235366373 I was also diagnosed with Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 and the Neurologist w/o even looking at my file said I was making that one up too!.. I currnetly take MS Contin 30 mg BID, Neurontin 300 mg TID, Baclofen 10 mg TID and Toprol XL. Did I get a bum deal on the house staff that day or should I go elsewhere? Should I get new scans and labs done?
458072 tn?1291418786 I don't know much about the slow release T3. I'm not sure if that is Cytomel, or if they have come out with something new lately. I just have seen mention of slow release T3 medication a few times in the last month or so on this board. I know Toprol comes in a "regular" form, and then there is Toprol XL. The XL is a slow release formula. I just use that as an example.
4927707 tn?1361148482 The zoloft is for general anxiety and today is day 4 and am starting to feel a bit better, just a touch of anxiety this morning from it. The toprol xl is 25mg...can I start out w/ 12.5 mg (splitting pill) to make sure it doesn't lower my bp and heartrate too much?
1054923 tn?1258523671 The new symptom also was the Tachycardia that followed, at times 130 which for me at 35/42 was very fast and scary. Hence the new beating machine. My doctor subscribed Toprol XL/25 once a day. NO WAY I said, no medication for me. I went Home from the hospital on Friday and Sunday afternoon I was right back in the ER with a speeding HB where my Cardiologist happened to be on duty.......Well little will you take your pill; he said smiling? I did.
Avatar n tn strong family history (father extensive CAD CABG x 5 at age 60, maternal grandmother extensive heart hx in 40s and 50s death at age 61 from MI I am a 37 year old female. HTN started approximately 2 months ago. PCP tried 3 meds. Toprol XL appears to be working. BP runs 130-140/80-95 on Toprol. Recent labwork by PCP: LDL 141; HDL 73; Triglycerides 92. Previous to this Total Chol 200-250 and HDL 70s at healthfairs. PCP ordered renal u/s due to HTN and age.
Avatar n tn i went to office she put me on toprol-xl and that brought my heart rate down from 96 to 62 So this is day two of no thyroid meds at all LOL tomorrow i start synthroid again.. did i mention my tsh fell from 1 to 10 in four months. I've been on synthroid my whole adult life. I'm 40 and have been on it since 18 , 10 years on 150mg To be fair I've had panic attacks off and on since oh 1995. but this seemed worse with armour. I also had radio active iodine at 18 so hypo was induced by ral.
1558471 tn?1331225635 Verapamil only worked for 2 weeks and then they all came back. I am currently taking cardizem xl 240mg. I've only been on it 2 weeks. I have not had any "fast heartbeating" episodes, but it hasn't significantly reduced the number of PAC and PVC. (I feel most of them). My cardiologist believes he can ablate the PVCs but not the PAC nor the place that triggered the fast heat beat.
183202 tn?1219857259 Hello Ryan. Thank you for all of your help! You have no idea how appreciative I am with all of the assistance you have given me. I DO have one other question, though. Do you suspect I could possibly be suffering from Lyme Disease or some other TBD (tick borne disease)??
Avatar f tn 00. Saying I feel good when I get up is an exageration, but by 8:00 I often feel BAD, and it doesn't really improve until after supper. It get's a little better later in the morning, but not much. When I get up I am tired and bloated and in pain until I have a few visits to the bathroom. But by 8:00, I feel weak, and taking a shower is work. I feel out of breath and my heart bothers me, but I figure that is because the Toprol has worn off from the day before.
Avatar n tn I guess my years of hard training and borderline bp brought this on. I left the cardio yesterday and she gave me toprol xl (which im scared to start taking) and told me no lifting at all until i get the ct scan (thats if the insurance approves it) if it is indeed 4.0 im not allowed to lift ever again. This is devastating on me for many reasons, one is that lifting has always been a sort of therapy for me as well as an excellent stress outlet.
438063 tn?1235366373 I currently take MS Contin 15 and 30 mg BID, Neurontin 300 mg QID, Baclofen 10 mg TID and Toprol XL. Did I get a bum deal on the house staff that day or should I go elsewhere? They said to get more scans done.Should I get new scans and labs done? BTW the Neurologist I speak of in this post is the one at the hospital. My neurologist here in town and at Duke Medical diagnosed me with MMD type 1. And I failed to mention NHRMC (where is was treated for 4 nights in CCU) is a teaching hospital.
Avatar f tn It electro cardioversion) would work for a few months and then here we would go again. I took toprol XL for several years then the afib got worse and they put me on Flecainide the last year or so and it worked really good. Flecainde is a pretty strong medication though and should not be taken unless ones heart is in otherwise good condition. If the heart is weak, flecainide can cause congestive heart failure in some people.. I had no side effects as a result of taking it..
Avatar n tn 1)What can I do to become less aware of the heartbeat? Right now I am on Toprol XL, 50mg per day in divided doses. 2. Would it be a good plan to try a different beta blocker or do you feel I am getting the best out of the Toprol given my symptoms above? 3. Could I be adding to the problem because of adrenaline? When these eipisodes occure I do deep breathing which helps sometimes to shorten the episodes.
21064 tn?1309312333 Ignoring them hasn't worked, so here i am. IF anyone has taken Predaxia or Toprol XL, i would greatly appreciate any insight into these medications. thanks!!
Avatar f tn I was on toprol XL when I first went hyper and it did not help at all. For some reason, the extended release does not work as well for this. Atenolol or others similar that release everything at once make a WORLD of difference in how you feel. Atenolol was a life saver for me and I read a few studies in which doctors prefer it in for those with hyperthyroidism. Sometimes people take it twice a day during this time too. I pray that you can get relief soon. I do understand.
Avatar f tn If you wait too long to start the med, it won't reach full potential before it's time to test, if your doctor is having you test in 6 weeks, which is typical when just starting out, since it takes 4-6 weeks for the med to reach full potential in your blood. You might try splitting the pills for a few days to make sure you tolerate it before you take the full 50 mcg if that would make you feel more comfortable. Don't go by other people's horror stories. Those aren't that common.