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Avatar f tn Could all this be from the toprol? Should I wean off this medication? Are there worse side effects if I do stop the meds?
Avatar m tn -) Researching your own medications is always a good idea, but do not become overly concerned about some of the possible side effects. Some side effects are considered minor and likely to pass. Yet be mindful of the possibility for any side effect, and especially mindful of the serious side effects. Some are life threatening. (Anaphylactic Shock resulting from an allergy to the substance). Best of health.
Avatar n tn the toprol xl, if diet and exercise will do the trick. I have also heard of really bad side effects like difficulty breathing, weight gain, elevated heart rate and depression after being on this for a couple of years. I don't want him to go through that if it absolutely isn't necessary for him to be on it. What should we do? I am so worried about this, I feel sick. Please help.
Avatar n tn Now I am off Toprol. I just think you need to know there are possible side effects. For me, the worse danger was simply the overheating and heat exhaustion. Godd luck.
Avatar f tn Tried the beta blockers, calcium channel blockers and now going on my 3rd dose increase of sodium channel blockers. I didn't experience any side effects either though with the Toprol so I think it is pretty well tolerated. I hope you find success with this.
Avatar f tn I've been taking it for a couple years, and have had NO noticable effects at all, side or otherwise. How much did you take?
Avatar n tn After a double bypass in which one did not take, I have taken Toprol-XL 100mgs since 2001. I had never felt any side effects other than periodic bouts of diarrhea. Within the past week, I took my last Toprol pill on a Sunday between 4 to 6 AM. On Monday morning without my daily Toprol dose I walked my daily 3.6 miles in my usual 50 minutes and then at 8 AM went golfing. Around 11 AM my heartbeat became rapid and felt shallow.
Avatar n tn Hi! I take Toprol also. I have been on it for just a few weeks. I really can't complain too much about it, the worst side effects I have encountered has been the tiredness and the vivid dreams. I still have episodes of PVC's, but not as frequent. I was leary too when I first started taking it, I read that one of the side effects was hair loss. What??!! But so far, I've still got all my hair. ;) I hope it it works well for you and your able to get some reliefe from the PVC's. Take care!
Avatar n tn I'm going to give it some more time to let my body adjust to not being on the med, and then make a decision about whether the benefits of the toprol are worth the hassle of the side effects. Right now my impression is that they are not. Maybe toprol would relieve the PACs at a higher dose than I was on, but I was beginning to have distressing side effects (dry mouth, trouble breathing at night, cold hands) and that could only get worse at a higher dose.
Avatar f tn Yes you can find online a few web sites , that will tell you this ! look under side effects of toprol xl - you can find it by reading (problems with toprol xl) it should come up ! a long while ago (years) bbc news reported the u.k medical asso , had found beta blockers caused cholesterol to build up in most people who took it. so they limited the use of beta blockers - they also reported that due to adverse side effects , beta blockers would be in limited useage in the u.k.
Avatar f tn My BP wasn't very high 120/60 at one of my dr. visits so I was put on Toprol Xl (and generic when available) to help with anxiety. I eat healthy (teach nutrition) and am physically active. I've noticed that I am gaining weight in my midsection. (not really showing that much on the scale but can really see it in the mirror and pants are getting too snug.) The only thing that has changed over the past year has been the addition of the Toprol. I want to get off of it.
Avatar n tn I am a 24 year old female who was recently diagnosed with Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia. I have been on 100 mg of Toprol XL for about one month now. My symptoms were major exercise intolerance, high resting heart rate and spells of tachycardia, fatigue, shortness of breath, profuse sweating, dizziness and blackout spells. The medicine seems to help more than any other I have been on. However, I am wondering about its side effects.
Avatar n tn When really stressed I miss every other beat. Is putting me on Toprol going to help. Also the listed side effects seem to be the same symptoms as having the PVC. Is having this many PVC going to cause any damage to my heart in the long run. Is there any natural thing I can do to help no have PVC?
Avatar n tn last night i had the worst nightmares...side effect of the toprol? i,m calling the dr this morning and getting off of it!
343006 tn?1314450071 Hi : I am on Toprol xl and Diovan daily. for h.b.p. iv been on the meds for about 5 years total time. I have had nothing but adverse side effects from the meds. sometimes so bad, I cant stand it ! between blurred vision and harsh cramps and belly bloating and waight gain almost overnight..its hard to belive that a pill could do this ! as well my hair is thinning out and balding in spots !! ouch !!
376186 tn?1219283105 I am back on Toprol XL, 50 mg for PVC's and have been doing a 'no no' reading about possible side effects of this drug and most of what I came away with is that this drug has lots of bad side effects for most people. There is a website where people can post their experiences with medications and 90% of the people who posted had terrible side effects w/this Beta Blocker. I hate taking meds to begin with and now I am not so sure that I should stay on this.
Avatar m tn I am no cardiologist but I have been taking toprol xl for the last 7 years and it seems that the only side effect is being tired but it could be the heart failure making me tired :)
Avatar m tn I_mort I take toprol XL to lower my heart rate and BP. It does affect your erectile function. I'm 45 and I started at 1/2 dose the doc told me which was 12.5 mg at night. Because I wasn't getting the effect I needed I uped it to 25 mg at night. I'm not totally dysfunctional but have noticed a definite decrease in that department. I suspect it can affect some of us that way.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been taking toprol xl 25 for about 3 months for palpitations and high blood pressure. Recently I had a visit with an awesome electrophysiologist who is 95% convinved that I have SVT due to my symptomology and triggers. He was happy to do an EP study ASAP but I am not entirely convinced and so I asked to do a holter monitor in 2 weeks and he obliged. Problem is he wants me to completely stop my beta blocker Toprol XL 25 before I strap on the holter monitor. I am terrified!
Avatar f tn Toprol XL is a slow release medication designed to deliver dose over 24 hour time period and it takes a week or so for the blood level to stabilize to achieve effect. It shouldn't make any difference when you take it as long as it is the same time each day. Have you discussed this problem with your doctor..perhaps a lower dosage or try another beta blocker. I take 100 mg/day and don't notice any side effects, but drug response is variable.
Avatar n tn as I came down with depression and anxiety and pannic attacks ,after I was on the stuff then was treated for it.. with other meds ! its a ban aid to mask the side effects of toprol xl .. best to get off the junk ! try something diffrent ..
Avatar n tn I have been on Toprol XL (100 mg) and Altace (10 mg) to control high blood pressure for about three years now. My PCP told me to take these about an hour apart. I should have asked why, but didn't. It's really a pain in the *** to take these an hour apart and I end up forgetting one of them sometimes.
406399 tn?1201887900 I have a @uestion please : After 6years on Toprol xl and Diovan , my Doctor switched me to another medication - verapamill and maxide - iv taken these before and had problems with them both !! fact is the verapamill ccb caused palpatations. and I was put on a beta blocker from that point on.. as to stop the palps and control the b.p. / the Toprol xl and diovan both lowered b.p well and stopped the palps for me.. but iv been living life in pain and suffering for 6years now..
Avatar f tn My problem now is that I read that beta blockers interact with SSRIs and cause the side effects of the beta blockers to become worse. This would cause low blood pressure, slow heart rate, and other problems that result from a lower heart rate. I'm already dizzy from the beta blocker and I cut back my dosage from 50mg to 25mg. Is there anyone else who takes these two meds together? What were the side effects for you? Do you still take them together?