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Avatar n tn 1)is this normal reactions to Toprol 2) should I be concerned with my readings 3) is it too soon for it to be helping my pvcs or do I need to try something else. Thanks!!!
Avatar f tn Well for starters I a senior male, so I may have different reactions just for that reason. I've been on Toprol XL in the past and moved to Metoprolol EL (generic) to save some $$$$, otherwise I think it is the same. The only problem I can associate with Metoprolol is fatigue and some tendency toward dizziness if I change my physical level too quickly. Then too, that is only a problem when I am at my maximum dose level of 200 mg a day (100 twice).
Avatar f tn I still don't feel 100% and have been back on the brand TOPROL XL for 9 days now. Keep in mind I didn't know what was happening to me, I never thought twice about the switch to generic, it was cheaper and I also had a lot of stress going on in my life at the time. My pharmacacy switched my "Toprol XL 50 mg" to a Generic one called "Metoprolol Succinate ER 50 mg" (manufactured by Sandoz) in December 2007.
406399 tn?1201887900 what is the best way to wean off ,of toprol xl beta blocker medication. iv been on it for 2yrs now and I dont like its effects at all. been to 2 doctors and they refused to take me off it ? or change it to another medication. I was put on this med for palpitations that come and go. and high blood pressure that wont drop down easy at times! my ekg tests over the years have been normal and had stress tests done , again normal ? why then toprol xl ??
Avatar n tn Well, I completely changed my workout but also was put on Toprol XL at the same time....... The lifestyle change in my workouts did the trick.........but, at 50 mgs a daily of this medication within a few weeks the PVCs and Flutters started coming while on the medication.........and then the PVCs came big time when I laid down to sleep and caused an afib attack! Well, I lowered the doesage and started getting less PVCs skipped heart beats you name it..........
343006 tn?1314450071 very little on Allergic reactions. as I have taken this drug before, and was switched off a nasty beta blocker Toprol xl -and put on verapamil - about 3months ago.. iv been ok- but got a few side effects, but nothing bad.. so far.. up untill today, when I got a slight burning feeling in my left arm - upper area only. had this before.. when on this drug, so it didnt shock me ! it was like here we go again !!!
Avatar m tn I am also taking Cozaar and Toprol XL for high blood pressure. I also have some depression and anxiety. I was aslo on Paxil for 4 years prior to this beginning. If you have any suggestions on would cause all this please let me know. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Hi there again, I posted about the switch to generic Metoprolol from brand Toprol back in March. Just a thought, I wonder if when they switched you back to the Brand Toprol...did they put you back on Toprol "XL". It's long acting. The generic "metoprolol" Succinate ER did not stay in my system like the Toprol XL, something about the binding properties that didn't let it last the full 24 hours. Taking the generic was like taking nothing at all for me.
Avatar f tn I was wondering how well toprol xl is tolerated in the general population. My doctor (regular doctor not cardiologist) wants me to try metoprolol (toprol xl) he gave me a very low dose of 25 mg and told me to break it in half for the first four days then take the whole pill there after. First off I do not like taking medications at all and second of all im so afaid of the side effects.
544531 tn?1221343201 it's been almost 3 weeks on Toprol XL (25mg) and I CAN'T BREATH! I have asthma already and absolutely cannot breath, which I now find out can be a side effect of Toprol. I literally can't walk 50 feet without having to rest and heave and ho and huff and puff on an inhaler to breath. While the Toprol is pretty much controlling my blood pressure, it does not last the full 24 hours.
443862 tn?1238003039 I'm taking Toprol XL 50mg, one in the morning. I can tell when I get up that yesterday's pill is done working. It is usually about an hour after I take one that I feel like it is back in my system. I wonder if your light headedness and other symptoms are from the blood pressure meds. I don't seem to get side effects from the Toprol, but when you're sick and taking several drugs, who can tell what is what. Hope you're feeling better soon.
183202 tn?1219857259 I also want to make you aware of the generic for Toprol I was on. Both the generics by Sandoz and Ethex for Toprol XL have been proven to be less effective, and even have caused adverse side effects while the regular Toprol does not, as well as it can also do the opposite of what Toprol is supposed to do.
Avatar n tn I was also taking 100mg of Toprol XL after my heart attack last year. I was having chest pain, dizzy, palps alot. After about 3 months the dizzy problems went away. Doctor lowered my Toprol to 50mg a day and I seem to have alot less chest pain. What I'm saying is I'm not taking Nitro's every week now. Still get flutters once in a while. So eat lots of veggies and walk around the block every day. Lower your BP, then see if Doc will lower your Toprol dose. I feel good on 50mg's...
183202 tn?1219857259 I have heard of all sorts of weird reactions to these drugs, with people having hair loss and of course just end up switching back to the Name-Brand Toprol XL and being FINE afterwards. So could this also have caused my seizure-like spell? And WAS it a seizure?? Or just something coincidental? It sure as hell seems like a seizure (more Petit Mal in origin), but was it? I have read somewhere of people with panic attacks and panic disorder having seizure like spells.
Avatar n tn While I've never heard of that association with Inderal, its certainly possible. Some important drug reactions can effect the mucous membranes of the mouth and I would discuss this symptom with your physician.
343006 tn?1314450071 over the past few months after being switched off or weened off on toprol xl and diovan meds.. I began to get dry eyes - mostly to the left eyeball at night I wake up with sore or real dry left eyeball.. it takes a few winks to get it wet again - or as of last night , it dryed good and had to use eye drops to get it wet and lubed up. after 1hour my vision returned to its somewhat normal blurryness not to mention I feared what had happend !! thus made it worse with b.p going up !!!
Avatar f tn I think you would be best advised to get one physician to review all the meds/dosages/timing and then try to coordinate what you take for treatment. Off the top of my head since your pulse is very low try taking toprol-xl 2x/day instead of 3x. That might allow your pulse rate to come up a bit, but then your BP might rise. This is self medicating and not a good idea. I suggest getting an appointment with your PCP sooner than later.
Avatar n tn I had trouble tolerating Atenolol, but everyone has different reactions to medication so please don't let that discourage you. I take another beta blocker called Toprol XL, which seems to work better for me. Do you take anything with your beta blocker to help raise your blood pressure? How is treatment working out for you?
899454 tn?1295587538 Hi it is so nice to meet you, I have had a long road of being put on Beta Blocker or Toprol XL for a high heart rate one day it went up to 120 but looking back I realize it was in my opinion my thyroid it was out of whack and I was suffering from Adrenal Fatigue, I was on Toprol XL for nearly 4 years and the drug went south on me the side effects became insane and was dropping my blood pressure constantly... So I never had High Blood Pressure before the meds. So I cut it down for 6 weeks or so.
Avatar n tn yes I was on one of the "safer ones".........Toporal XL and my lone afib that was first caused by only intense lifting in the gym now became more frequent in episodes when I took the medication...... It also gave me a slew of PVC's PAC's you name it......dizziness, shortness of breath, even an awful feeling in my chest, arms and legs. I've been weaning off it going on 3 weeks and all symptoms are continuing slowly to subside from it..........Back when I was still on it.....
Avatar f tn So my nsvt seemed to be getting worse and I couldnt cope anymore so I got brave and said ok im gonna try the meds. So the ep/cardio wanted me to try metoporol/ toprol xl. So filled the prescription of toprol xl lowest dose 12.5 mg. I was very nervous because im such a light weight to meds. So the first day I cut the pill into quarters wanted to start out slow, so I took a quarter of the pill the first and second day by the thrid day I got brave and took half of the pill.
183202 tn?1219857259 I have heard of all sorts of weird reactions to these drugs, with people having hair loss and of course just end up switching back to the Name-Brand Toprol XL and being FINE afterwards. So could this also have caused my seizure-like spell? And WAS it a seizure?? Or just something coincidental? It sure as hell seems like a seizure (more Petit Mal in origin), but was it? I have read somewhere of people with panic attacks and panic disorder having seizure like spells.
183202 tn?1219857259 Hello Ryan. Thank you for all of your help! You have no idea how appreciative I am with all of the assistance you have given me. I DO have one other question, though. Do you suspect I could possibly be suffering from Lyme Disease or some other TBD (tick borne disease)??
Avatar n tn I did ok - on a few beta blockers over the years- but when put on Atenolol or Toprol xl both beta blockers, I had the worst side effects ever ! and had rapid waight gain .. as well hair thinned out very fast ! There are meny b.p medications out there - I think some Doctors should take the time and test each person , for reactions to the meds. before putting them on it. but were in a fast paced world - so were all fast tracked into just take it !
Avatar n tn While being monitored there I had tachycardia and a night of afib, I don't know if anything else. I was on Toprol XL 50 mg. Anyway, all of that just to ask if these are benign, too. I have mild MVP w/mild MR and TR, but since dr.'s seem to think this is normal I don't think that should matter, but have read... Also, about the NCS...I was told in the beginning I wasn't textbook by both my neuro and EP. According to Dr. Blair Grubb (not my dr.
343006 tn?1314450071 For me , verapamil did not work ( very fatigued), toprol XL had horrible side effects after several days, ect.. And then you may have to adjust your doseage too! I finally found atenolol, still not perfect ( none would be better) but it works the best for me with least side effects. I have found calcium/mag supplements help my heart palps- anyone out know natural remedies for B/P issues?? Good luck, and don't give up til you find something that works, either natural or pharmacutical!!
Avatar n tn started with a beta blocker (Toprol XL), then added Norvasc. beg of july moved to Exforge and then changed the BB to Bystolic in early August. Everything seemed to be worked fairly well since august and my BP had more or less stabilized to acceptable levls. then, on Dec 1, i began feeling dizzy out of the blue. then i became nauseous on a dalily basis. have not gotten any better since Dec 1.
Avatar m tn Losartan 25, 50 and 100mg Toprol-XL dosage 25, 50 and 100mg Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5, 25, 50, and 100mg GENERIC NAME: escitalopram BRAND NAME: Lexapro DRUG CLASS AND MECHANISM: Escitalopram is an oral drug that is used for treating depression and generalized anxiety disorder. Chemically, escitalopram is similar to citalopram (Celexa).
Avatar n tn I am 45 ys young, and was hospitalized in August from an ER visit for arrhythmias and panic/anxiety that would not calm down. I am now currently taking 50mg toprol xl, 200 mg amiodarone daily, and as needed, 5 mg diazepam. I seem to feel better, but still have off days. I am not sure what to expect long term for the particular meds I am taking. I had a 24 hour IV of Amiodarone in the hospital after an MRI and echocardiogram of my heart showed no structural abnormality.