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Avatar m tn When I quit vikes my heart was also racing but blood pressure was 115/75. Doc put me on Toprol XL to help.
Avatar n tn I also get PVC's and PAC's and I used to get SVT which is controlled with Toprol XL. I still get irregular beats with exercise but I continue to exercise. Once you get over the fear of the heart you'll realize you'll be fine and the exercise will actually make you feel better anxiety-wise. Good luck!
Avatar n tn i suppose.. has been Toprol XL.. not sure if that is what made them diminish.. but i dont have nearly as many as i did before taking that med... Like all of you... strucurally normal.. they just popped out of the blue at age 49. Stress, a factor... lack of sleep, a factor... Do i have days that are worse than others... yes... but.. after almost 3 yrs of living with this demon... it has become easier... peace to all..and pvc free days.