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Avatar n tn I had to have 3 artieries cleared out and 2 stints. My Dr. has put me on Toprol-xl 25 gm a day. What is this medicine for and the side effects. My blood pressure is fine so is the heart beat.Have high chlorestol, runs in the family,had quad by-passes 21 yrs ago, am on zocor 80 grams a day.
Avatar n tn last night i had the worst nightmares...side effect of the toprol? i,m calling the dr this morning and getting off of it!
376186 tn?1219283105 I am back on Toprol XL, 50 mg for PVC's and have been doing a 'no no' reading about possible side effects of this drug and most of what I came away with is that this drug has lots of bad side effects for most people. There is a website where people can post their experiences with medications and 90% of the people who posted had terrible side effects w/this Beta Blocker. I hate taking meds to begin with and now I am not so sure that I should stay on this.
Avatar n tn 36yo white female, history of Sinus Tachycardia, Questionable SVT but most likely high rate Sinus Tachycardia, Been on toprol xl 100mg 2x daily, Also have bigeminal PVCs often sustained also placed on Cardizem LA 180mg. Several stress echos and was told everything was fine just some minor regergitation. Not real comfortable with Cardiologist so opted to seek evaluation of a 2nd cardiologist today.
343006 tn?1314450071 ahh you have one bad effect I read , dizzyness .. that adds a strike aginst Toprol xl !! I just got off toprol xl after weaning down slow for the past 2months, I have to say I feel wonderfull ! have energy and the one bad side effect I had went away totaly now.. low blood sugar problems. caused with long term useage 3 to 5 yrs .. I hit 5years on this junk ! I taking a Natural medication used for stubborn high blood pressure and its working so far.. fingers crossed it stays working !
Avatar n tn The last post talked about nightmares with toprol. Does metoprolol or toprol bring about panic attacks? I believe my husband is having panic attacks and will not accept it. Is the medication causing this. for one year after his heart attack, he was doing great and then out of the clear, he began getting dizzy, lightheaded, nauseaus, jittery, weak and fatigued.
343006 tn?1314450071 For me , verapamil did not work ( very fatigued), toprol XL had horrible side effects after several days, ect.. And then you may have to adjust your doseage too! I finally found atenolol, still not perfect ( none would be better) but it works the best for me with least side effects. I have found calcium/mag supplements help my heart palps- anyone out know natural remedies for B/P issues?? Good luck, and don't give up til you find something that works, either natural or pharmacutical!!
201324 tn?1191089878 i am taking 25 mg of toprol xl and have noticed hair loss, dizziness and fatigue. i have been on toprol before and had trouble with it lowering my bp. when i first started taking it a few weeks ago it worked really well for my pvcs, but i just got over strep throat and my heart was knocked out of sync and cant seem to get back on track and now i seem to have these side effects. not sure if my symptoms are from leftover infection, pvcs in bigemeny non stop or the toprol. i have weird dreams also.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Toprol XL at the same dosage and had horrible nightmares and depression. It did not improve my symptoms (PAC's) at all. However, it prevented me from having any more episodes of afib which I had as a result of pregnancy. I took it for about six months, and have been off of it now for six months. In answer to your questions: a) My cardiologist told me that the dose I was taking was "like peeing in the ocean". b) Did nothing to help my pacs.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've been taking toprol xl for just over 2 weeks for svt. It's working great for that, have only had a few runs of tachy where hr was 140-150 sustained for a few hrs, which is much improved from the usual 180-200 lasting longer. However for the past several months my resting hr refuses to drop below 100, often it is 120-130 even when lying down, and the toprol has had zero effect on this. I thought bb's were supposed to lower resting rate as well or am I wrong?
Avatar n tn Did not tolerate it well, mainly due to severe nightmares. Once removed from the Toprol, nightmares stopped. Is this a different class of beta blocker that is safer and what (if anything) should I be concerned about? Meds are aspirin (81), protonix (40), HCTZ (25), Lisinopril (10-20) sertraline (50) and now the 6.25 carvedilol.
Avatar f tn Was diagnosed over 4 yrs ago with episodes of superventricular tachycardia/high blood pressure and had been on Toprol XL 100mg since. Within past 6 mo, Ive had episodes of chest pain w/left arm/jaw/neck pain. Ive also had episodes of fluttering/palpitations coming on regularly in the middle of the night, waking me up. Went to a cardiologist that did stress test, showing 3 "pre beats" which was stated indicated possible arrythmia.
Avatar n tn The beta blockers ! metoprolol -toprol all the same - I took toprol xl for about 6.5 yrs had adverse effects from it - its used to slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure.. I have palps - it helped but didnt really knock the b.p down enough.
Avatar n tn I have now been off of Toprol now for 6 weeks after taking it for 5 months. I started on Toprol XL .50mg per day. I was also taking xanax for anxiety due to an episode of SVT that sent me inot anxiety hell. After three months I got off of the xanax and went through a month of withdrawls, I was over xanax. Everyday I took the Toprol, it made me sick, flutter heartbeat, double beats, pounding heart,etc.
Avatar m tn Your dosage is rather low and you hadn't taken it for very long so your doctor is probably correct in stopping it cold turkey in your case. I took Toprol XL 25mg for more than 3 years and weened myself over a period of two weeks. I did not have the side effects that you are complaining about, but shortness of breath and terrible night sweats - I am glad, I got rid of it.
Avatar n tn I have recently been diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope and have been prescribed Toprol xl 50 mg. The medication has helped with my dizzy spells, but makes me extremely nauseous. Will this side effect ever go away? If not, what can I do to feel better? Please help. I'd rather have the dizzy spells than this.
Avatar n tn Hyzarr 100-25 one/day; Toprol XL 200mg one/day; Metformin 1000mg one/day; Norvasc 5mg one/day. doc has added Avandia, and reduced Glyburide to 2/day. Has high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetic. Blood sugar has been hovering about 250-300. Is the combination of the infection and high blood sugar such it would cause this memory loss? Does combination of meds seem excessive? No problems sleeping; no nightmares. Some dizziness, has fallen twice in past 6 months.
Avatar n tn AFter a few months on both I weaned off of the xanax and I had a 6 weeks of withdrawl (including the weaning) and after being off of xanax for a few months, I was feeling horrible, feet and finger ice colds, palpitations, lifelessness, pounding heart, tightness in my head, I started to stutter and was forgetful... mind you I was on Toprol Xl .50mg. Not a high dosage.
Avatar n tn Also had some stomach problems but the worst side effect was the induced nightmares which would awaken me with palps and elevated BP. Finally convinced cardio to change to Toprol XL 25mg which has thegood effects of Coreg but without the nightmares. Tried Atenolol years ago after 1st CABG and had severe PVCs and was told never to take any BBs again. Just amazing how we react differently to meds. May go to 50mg Toprol to try to lower persistent high BP since Diovan had no effect.
Avatar n tn I have had fluid around my heart last year. The doctor said that I had 9,967 PvCs. I was put on Toprol 25mg then raised it to 50mg. Unfortunately, I can still feel them, not as bad though... 1. Is there anything else, I can do to stop them? 2. And is that many beats okay?? I tried the Magnesium but had to quit, it gave me nightmares. I really can't think of anything else to try. I have alot of chest pain at times, and this morning it is from my left arm into my neck...
Avatar n tn I am also wondering if taking the brand beta Toprol Xl would help better than the generic. I have heard generics don't always work as well.
343006 tn?1314450071 as this happend tome before .. years ago . while on toprol xl for 8years .. the longer you take the crap the worse you get . with b.p meds.. you would think these egg headed doctors here in lost angeles ,would notice im broken out hives 90% of the time on my back and arms and legs.. and my ankles are swollen from the verapamil side effects .. but they never see it or want to see it. I in all honesty lost faith in doctors - at least in the new school types today.. younger ones !!
Avatar n tn I am on 25mg of Toprol XL (the generic form of that...whatever it is called). I feel hopeless....I've quit all caffeine products, no longer enjoy a glass of wine, have nightmares which make me fearful of falling asleep, and have developed tightening of the chest. I went into the hospital with borderline hypertension and left with a full array of symptoms. I don't want to end up in the hospital again, but from everything I'm reading...when that withdrawal time comes - it's very likely.
Avatar n tn Therefore, the cardiologist diagnosis was vasovagal. All other test results were clear. He prescribed 25 mg Toprol XL. My blood pressure is usually low, so he did not start with the 50mg. After a week on the drug, I was doing somewhat better, but still having 3-4 episodes a day. Med was increased to 50mg after 1 week. The 50mg made more occurences(7-8 per day). Driving over 5 miles and walking in a store for over 5 minutes is difficult. The only other medicine I take is Lorazepam 0.
343006 tn?1314450071 was on toprol xl for years - got off it slow but had problems with internal shakes and nerve problems and being sick 24/7 - cramping problems and numbness in hands feet and as well a few other not nice things happend - when back on the meds it stopped I just switched meds from verapamil to corgard ccb to beta blocker . .did it slow but getting a few weard effects ,though I feel ok .. from one to another ..
Avatar n tn Got the numbness to ( side of face) Tried toprol xl can't handle it. Now i have zebeta but am afraid to try it after reading the side effects. Does anyone know if zebeta is better? I think the drs should have to try this medicine and see how it makes them feel. Don't know what to do. Thanks.
Avatar n tn of 03 and then they changed me to Toprol XL. Don't feel alone...please..because I am 32 and have been battling this beast since I was 18! It consumes your life and it is very hard to get a grip on. I had a bad episode earlier and know that is all I can think about and I am on the verge of a panic/anxiety attack. I have a 3 year old to worry about and it's hard...I know...My biggest thing is just trying to find the triggers...I know sometimes it is stress..
Avatar n tn 75mg per day and by the end of January I hope to be completely off of them. I do have tremendous withdrawl syptoms, but since I am on Toprol XL I feel comfortable that my heart rate is protected. I am 50 years old and have panic attacks since I was 20. This was my first severe attach. If I can say one thing that I have learned....learn the deep breathing technique, it will stop some of panic before you peek with the panic attack.
Avatar n tn Im glad the beta blockers are working for you, i tried toprol to tide me over until the ablation and it gave me HORRID nightmares. The only other things i can suggest are quit smoking if you do and cut out caffeine (these made huge differences for me) its hard to give up soda and coffee, but its worth it! also if you dont ,go to the gym on a regular basis! it helps alot. good luck!
Avatar n tn It's very annoying, but most nights I can sleep. I've been put on Atenolol, then Toprol XL, and then acebutolol, and none solved the problem. In fact, some made it worse. Some people just do not respond to such beta-blockers. Sometimes Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium helps. I've had times when even SALT helped!! This leads us to consider STRESS factor as a possibility (thus independent of medication), and general mental factors (attitude, etc.).