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Avatar n tn Pay close attention to your meds. Post CABG was on hospital standard of 40mg Zocor 50mg Toprol XL & Lasix. Discontinuing Lasix relieved swelling and pain in ankle where vein was taken for graft...the very swelling and pain the Lasix was supposed to minimize. Changing Toprol XL from 50mg to 25mg eased depression and provided more energy. Had to drop Zocor after 3 months because of elevated liver enzymes, muscle and joint pain.
Avatar m tn For the past 8 years I have been taking toprol xl 100 and then about 5 years ago when the generic metrolol xl came out i started taking it. For the past three years I have developed Joint pain in the balls of my feet, and swelling in the toes that limit joint movement and make my toes feel as though they are webbed. There is some tingling in the toes and fingers. Is there an alternative medicine i should be looking at.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with some type of neuropathy about 6 years ago of a so far unknown cause. About the same time I developed symptoms of fatique, muscle weakness, joint pain, burning/tinglinng/numbness, loss of balance at times after I eat certain foods. This happens every time I eat certain foods and has become quit disabling. I can only eat all natural vegetables and fresh meats.
Avatar n tn I have been on high doses of steriods, topamax, relpax, veralan PM, amitripytline, neurontin, toprol XL, nortriptyline, colchicine, acyclovir, imitrix sc injections, injections into site through pain center and have used an alpha stim 100 unit-all of this to no avail. The pain is still in the right side of my face-stabbing pain behind the eyeball and right inner ear and shooting pain to top and bottom molars.
Avatar n tn Folks: Here's the deal. I was put on 50mg of toprol xl last week for pvc's pac's and svt and let's just say it has not been a picnic. I'm exhausted and feel out of it. But here's my question. I read that long term beta blocker usage significantly raises your risk of getting type 2 diabetes. What's worse is I have a strong family history of diabetes including my two uncles and my grandfather who died from it. I'm only 40 and wondering if I should switch to a calcium channel blocker.
Avatar f tn *tired, severe joint pain, hives (they are sporadic, they have only happened twice, but are driving me crazy), weight gain (i'm 5'2 200lbs) , sweating, diarrhea / constipation,hair loss, thin hair, irritability, depression, muscle pain, bone pain, change in color of skin darker pathces, insomnia (I am physically tired but I can not sleep average about 4 hrs of sleep) , stiffness, forgetful, extremely hungry, palpitations, ear ringing... This is all I can remember at the moment.
Avatar n tn I'm 28 and have been having weird symptoms on and off for years (high resting pulse sometimes, losing hair, joint pain, etc) No history of anxiety or panic. Calmest person you've ever met. I've had blood tests and the only abnormality for years has been a low normal TSH. (hovering just below 1.0 for years) So I just lived with the periodic symptoms. Fast forward to this year. My TSH suddenly began to steadily fall. When I get it tested every few months it's always lower.
443862 tn?1238003039 I'm taking Toprol XL 50mg, one in the morning. I can tell when I get up that yesterday's pill is done working. It is usually about an hour after I take one that I feel like it is back in my system. I wonder if your light headedness and other symptoms are from the blood pressure meds. I don't seem to get side effects from the Toprol, but when you're sick and taking several drugs, who can tell what is what. Hope you're feeling better soon.
Avatar n tn I also take BP med Toprol XL but only .25 mg. per day, most of the time half the tablet so only .12.5 mg. I have felt pressure or squeezing in my neck and wonder if their may be blockage in the arteries. I have had EKG's, Echo, and also cat scan to determine seizure or something else which was negative. I do not exercise regularly, history of eating fast foods often, need to lose about 70-80 lbs. My triglycerides are also twice what they should be but good and bad cholesterol are fine.
Avatar n tn I wanted my doctor to let me try it (I am currently taking Toprol XL - which helps a little, but not a lot). My doctor said it is an older drug, so he wanted me to stay with Toprol. I think whenever you start a beta blocker - you feel more tired until you get used to it. I'm not sure about the blurred vision. Why don't you call your pharmacist - they can be very helpful.
282804 tn?1236837191 I've recently gotten some serious joint pain, which may be delayed from the taxol or may be the Avastin. But my energy level is good and continues to improve and there's no nausea, hair loss, mouth sores, etc from the Avastin. There are a few very serious side effects that occur in around 2 to 4 percent of ovca patients taking Avastin (perforated bowel, blood clots, stroke) but I figured that's 96 to 98 percent who don't get those.
Avatar n tn Toprol XL 100mg - zocor 40mg- Folbee 1/2 tab - Provera 5mg - Estratest H.S. My sex drive SUCKS big time, I have NO desire what so ever. It's not bad enought that I have a stress full life but now I also have this FAT that I can't get rid of. I went to see an OBGYN, and he said that he realy can't do anything because if he tries hormones it will put more weight on me and if he tries something for my sexual problem it will raise my cholesterol. WHAT AM I TO DO???? I hate being this FAT....
Avatar n tn The problem with that beta blocker for me was that I had joint pain, pain down my thighs, and increased urination along with severe fatigue. I also would wake up at 5am on a full capsule and 7am on a half capsule...i.e. it also disrupted my sleep. It only comes in the U.S. in capsule form so it's hard to break in half like you can with the atenolol.
2014820 tn?1328235655 I went from a sciatica to a neuropathy diag. I have horrible leg and joint pain and also numbness in the leg, it is like dragging a stump and sometimes it just turns to spaghetti. I did have a tick fever 2 years ago but the pain and numbness started before that. I have had a Cat scan and MRI of the back and head all clear but without contrast due to a dye allergy. I feel like I am beating my head against the wall.
789820 tn?1315452113 Because I also have a fast heart rate in general, I take a beta blocker, Toprol XL (often prescribed for high b.p., which I don't have). It keeps my heart rate down to a normal rhythm, and also eliminates the fluttering for the most part. When I do start to feel it, my doctor has me take an extra 1/2 tablet. It is very common and not a threat at all, especially if you're under 60 or so.
Avatar n tn 10/31/02: 25mg Toprol XL once per day 01/31/03: Increased Toprol to 25mg twice per day 03/26/03: Added 25mg Zoloft twice per day 05/07/03: Stopped taking Toprol 05/29/03: Added 0.
Avatar m tn Musculoskeletal System Joint pain or swelling or tenderness Stiffness of joints, back, neck Muscle pain or cramps Bone pain Heavy feeling in one or more limbs Neurological System Tremors or unexplained shaking (especially at night) Burning or stabbing sensations in the body Weakness or partial paralysis/stroke-like symptoms Pressure in the head Numbness in body, tingling, pinpricks Poor balance, dizziness, difficulty walking Increased motion sickness Lightheadedness, wooziness Sud
Avatar f tn He has put me on 100mg metoprolol - I'll be taking the 2nd dose (50mg) in a few minutes. He wanted me on the brand name Toprol XL, but the pharmacies are having a hard time stocking it right now so I'm on the regular (not extended release) version, taking it in the a.m. and again in the p.m.
687079 tn?1230952212 I am happy to report that she no longer has PVC's, muscle pain, joint aches, constipation w/ blood in her stools,moodiness, temp. issues etc....She is optimal and feeling great. To prove it, we just returned from a family ski trip at high altitudes, where she skied every day with no physical issues of any kind! She could not have done that a year ago! Her Freet3 and Freet4 are kept higher in the reference range now and her TSH is supressed to well under 1. She is not hyper in any way.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with that at least 20 years ago (been on betablocker since, Toprol XL now - no hypertension - just to calm that fast heart rate) and since diagnosis of HCV I have gone every year for ultrasound of the heart and EKG (they've been fine - no changes, no worsening of prolapse or ventricular enlargement) and stress test last year was fine.
Avatar n tn Decent shape but alittle heavier than I'ld like. Toprol XL for keeping my heart regular. I am not taking vitamins, so I don't believe medications are causing this. My best guess would be nerve issues. With the stress we all deal with, I really think we need to start stretching more. Our lifestyle, I believe is our problem, and lack of exercise. Although, exercise alone without stretching can be hazardous if you are tight.
Avatar f tn They prescribed and stated I had to start taking Toprol XL to keep the speeding and palpitation away. I read up on it and was shocked and scared at the side affects but I am more scared of the speeding heart and palpitations so today I swallowed it. 25mg. I just new in my heart and mind that some how these symptoms were related to food digestion and after reading this site I am convinced this is so! Now what does one do?
Avatar f tn my mother has got ms and had it since she was 46 five years ago i was told i had chronic fatigue i am so tired most days i can only do smalls tasks but recently i have had constant pain in my left leg i am tripping over when i do to much my face gets a numb pain and i get very confused forget directions my mother suffered these same things before we found out about her ms i am worried is it possible i have ms what are the signs of ms the tiredness iget is terrible and comes on so quick i just co
Avatar n tn I was in agonysing pain for around a year after the treatment and in fact was only having minor pain beforehand. The vision, jumpy eyes, puch drunk feeling, coordination problems, dizziness, ONLY seem to be really bad when either my neck gets very stiff and sore or especially when I get an extreme pain between my shoulder blades, almost like a large burning knot.
Avatar n tn I started smelling cigarette smoke back in April when I finished taking some heavy-duty pain meds for a bad back sprain. That is the only thing new or different that I introduced to my body. Now ever since then I will randomly smell smoke. My family thinks I m nuts but it is so real it is like someone sitting next to me smoking. I have mild seasonal allergies. I was prompted to get on the net and find out about "phantom smells" after watching and episode of "LOST".