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Avatar m tn -) Researching your own medications is always a good idea, but do not become overly concerned about some of the possible side effects. Some side effects are considered minor and likely to pass. Yet be mindful of the possibility for any side effect, and especially mindful of the serious side effects. Some are life threatening. (Anaphylactic Shock resulting from an allergy to the substance). Best of health.
Avatar f tn To anyone who has suffered serious side effects of Metoprolol Succinate ER (Generic form of Toprol XL), please take 5 minutes and fill out an FDA medwatch form. The web site is: https://www.accessdata.fda.
Avatar f tn My BP wasn't very high 120/60 at one of my dr. visits so I was put on Toprol Xl (and generic when available) to help with anxiety. I eat healthy (teach nutrition) and am physically active. I've noticed that I am gaining weight in my midsection. (not really showing that much on the scale but can really see it in the mirror and pants are getting too snug.) The only thing that has changed over the past year has been the addition of the Toprol. I want to get off of it.
343006 tn?1314450071 p med , that has few side effects that isnt a Generic type. as im allergic to most Non Generic drugs. due to the fillers they use.
376186 tn?1219283105 I am back on Toprol XL, 50 mg for PVC's and have been doing a 'no no' reading about possible side effects of this drug and most of what I came away with is that this drug has lots of bad side effects for most people. There is a website where people can post their experiences with medications and 90% of the people who posted had terrible side effects w/this Beta Blocker. I hate taking meds to begin with and now I am not so sure that I should stay on this.
343006 tn?1314450071 I've been taking 100 mg toprol xl for about 4 years. Just recently switched to the generic-taking 50 mg am and 50 pm. Never noticed any side effects from the toprol, and haven't had any from the generic, either. That 200 mg sounds like an awful high dose to start on. In fact, I've had several people tell me that 100 mg a day is a lot. Of course, I don't have any idea how they determine those dosages. Have you tried splitting your 100 mg between am and pm? Just curious about that.
406399 tn?1201887900 I have a @uestion please : After 6years on Toprol xl and Diovan , my Doctor switched me to another medication - verapamill and maxide - iv taken these before and had problems with them both !! fact is the verapamill ccb caused palpatations. and I was put on a beta blocker from that point on.. as to stop the palps and control the b.p. / the Toprol xl and diovan both lowered b.p well and stopped the palps for me.. but iv been living life in pain and suffering for 6years now..
214864 tn?1229718839 I tryed generic toprol xl and had very bad side effects and problems from it.. forced me to buy the non generic toprol xl for $$$ out of pocket !! due to Medco plan for meds. I think the FDA should check all the b.p meds Generic and Non Generic for problems as well. and really check the big pharm companys outside the U.S.A . that send us some of these drugs ! I would be 9 out of 10 companys wouldnt meet the u.s. standerts !
Avatar f tn I'm just wondering if anyone has been switched from toprol xl to lopressor and if so what kind of side effects, if any, have you had? I was taking toprol xl 25 mg in the am and 12.5 in the evening, and continued to do the same thing with the generic lopressor. Unfortunately for me, this was NOT the same, b/c the lopressor only lasts 10-12 hours and I was getting breakthrough tachycardia quite often. Thanks for any input!
406399 tn?1201887900 does anyone know of a good or half good beta blocker or b.p med that has less side effects than toprol has.. so far I counted over 35 side effects , including some real bad ones .. I have alot of problems with side effects and have allergic reactions to generic drugs due to the fillers they use in the pills. it just seems no matter where I go for help, hmo or ppo plans Im going in circles and getting nowhere at all.. meantime I suffer daily from unwanted side effects..
Avatar f tn On searching the internet, I came across alot of message boards that say that alot of people have had many side effects, including arrythmias, when they were switched from name brand Toprol XL to the generic version. I was on Toprol XL for over 10 years with no problems. I was switched by my drug company last October and the PVC's started in November. In Feb, I was switched again to generic Lopressor, which from what I heard, is the same things only not extended-release.
Avatar n tn I do get vivid dreams (not nightmares) and some tiredness with Toprol XL but those are already accepted side effects. I returned the generic to the pharmacy and exchanged for the real Toprol. Well considering they have the same co-pay amount and my insurance premium shot up to $500/month, why would I settle for anything less??
Avatar m tn For the past 8 years I have been taking toprol xl 100 and then about 5 years ago when the generic metrolol xl came out i started taking it. For the past three years I have developed Joint pain in the balls of my feet, and swelling in the toes that limit joint movement and make my toes feel as though they are webbed. There is some tingling in the toes and fingers. Is there an alternative medicine i should be looking at.
Avatar n tn I am 45 ys young, and was hospitalized in August from an ER visit for arrhythmias and panic/anxiety that would not calm down. I am now currently taking 50mg toprol xl, 200 mg amiodarone daily, and as needed, 5 mg diazepam. I seem to feel better, but still have off days. I am not sure what to expect long term for the particular meds I am taking. I had a 24 hour IV of Amiodarone in the hospital after an MRI and echocardiogram of my heart showed no structural abnormality.
Avatar f tn Since then, I've switched to Atenelol (generic of Tenormin) and NO side effects.
Avatar m tn The only somewhat unusual recommendation I have would be to avoid the new generic version of Toprol XL. It is supposed to be the same medication, but many have complained about experiencing terrible side effects from it. Good luck. If you decide to switch medications, I hope it works out for you.
343006 tn?1314450071 im also slowly weening off the toprol xl - as I can no longer take the adverse side effects. oh yeah im seeing a Holestic Doctor soon, so will have help weening off the meds. as I know there are with drawal symptoms that happen. been there done that !
201324 tn?1191089878 I just switched taking the toprol from morning to the evening to ward off side effects. They are still horrible! Don't feel good, foggy, can't function! How can I live like this?? How has anyone else fared on this stuff? Please share! makes me want to quit taking it!
Avatar n tn There has been a recall on Metroprolol. I was on the brand name Toprol XL for about 5 years and never had a problem.-200mg. Then my new coverage was not covering so doctor switched me to Coreg CR-80mg- it seemed to work, although BP was a little elevated. (I was also on Cozaar and then Avapro). I never had a problem until this new doctor switched me to generics in October of 2010. Everything went downhill. I was on Atenolol and Lisinopril-coughing for 2 months.
Avatar n tn Maybe this is a dumb question, but is there any chance that a beta blocker (metoprolol ER, the generic form of toprol XL) could actually increase the frequency of PACs? I was put on toprol almost a year ago after an episode of a-fib. After taking it for several weeks, I began to have PACs more and more often. My cardiologist kept increasing the dose to reduce the PACs, but every time they just kept increasing. Now I am having extended periods every day where every 3rd or 4th beat is a PAC.
Avatar f tn Since they are in the same family of drugs, you really shouldn't have any side effects. I went off propanol onto Toprol XL, both beta blockers with no issues at all. The problem may be in the dosage or even the fact it's a generic. I find the generic not to be as effective as the brand but perhaps that's just me. I suggest you call the doctor or pharmacist. You are on a very low dose. I take 50mg of Toprol XL twice daily and that does not totally keep the SVT under control.
Avatar f tn My husband also has irregular heart rate and this week we got him switched back from generic metoprolol succinate to toprol XL and lo and behold he is back in good heart rhythm. That got me thinking if indeed my problem could be thing that has really upset me is that after my heart attack my EF was at 42% and it has dropped to 30% and again wonder if I need to be on diferent drugs. My dr thinks that isn't the answer but I'm not sure...... Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn I have recently stopped taking the beta blocker Toprol xl (generic version), and my pulse has been higher than normal. On the medicine it was around 80, and before the med it was around 88. Today I felt really poundy, and I noticed my pulse was around 120, I recently took it and it was 97. I was wondering if this was a side effect of coming off the medicine? I weaned myself like the doctor said taking my dose every other day for a week. I was on a small dose of half a 25mg tablet.
Avatar f tn See the posted FDA warning on generic Generic Toprol XL, or Metoprolol Succinate ER. Consumers have experienced increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and ectopic beats, as well as side effects such as nausea, dizziness and headaches from this generic. Call your prescribing doctor...
Avatar n tn I have been on Toprol XL and now the metoprolol( generic for toprol) for about 12 years. I have had no side effects from it. I am older than you (67 now) however I have walked 8-10 miles a day for 30 plus years.. I now usuallly walk 4 miles per day and ride a recumbuent stationay bike 10-12 miles a day with lots of tension or resistance on it.. Plus after I retired in 1996, I had a farm for about 8-9 years and did lots of hard physical work on it..
Avatar n tn I understand Metoprolol SR and Toprol XL are equivalent, the Metoprolol being the generic, and much lower in cost. I've taken both, albeit it has been at least 6 years since I last used the brand-name Toprol XL. I guess I'm 'lucky" as far as HR goes. If I take 100 mg twice a day of Metoprolol my rest HR goes into the 70s at rest. I have been trying lower dose to see if that reduces the dream problem I have.
Avatar n tn I also was detected by the cardio to have WPW, but he said it was better every year he did the EKG. ( THANK YOU JESUS) but my worst side effects with the toprol is edema. In hot weather i can barely go outside in the heat. Ankles and hands swell so. I am definately going to ask the Dr about the metoprolol and see what he says...Recently I have had alot of the skippies I called him he will see me next week on the 20th. Seems like when i read these posts it makes it seem less threatening....