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Avatar f tn hi , just got changed to toprol xl because of supraventricular beats i had a 24 hr montor and i had 2892 supraventricular beats 3% it says is this dangers, and does this mean my heart was racing when it happen because i never felt the racing heart. i just went on atenolol now this toprol xl, its scares me to change meds my heart fluttering now thinking of it . she wants me to go on 50 mg in morning anyone doing this med and how has it been for you . thanks for all input.
Avatar n tn The nurse practitoner spoke with me and said she wasn't too concerned that it was anything immediately dangerous but was going to prescribe me Toprol XL. I am to start it tomorrow a.m. and discontinue it prior to the tests next week. I am also supposed to increase my salt intake and my fluids. Has anyone taken it before?
Avatar m tn My Doctor started me on Toprol-XL approximately 10 days ago. A low dosage from what I read (.25mg). My two primary side effect symptons are tiredness/lethargy and a bit of anxiety/nervousness. These are the most common from all that I have read. My question is will these eventually go away as my body gets used to/ more tolerant of the drug?
Avatar n tn My husband got put on b/p medication Toprol xl 25 mg. He has been taking it for 5 days now and his bp has stayed within 117/71 to 120/79 with a pulse that ranges from 64 to 77. I understand these are very good readings, but I am concerned about the long term effects since he is only 31. His bp readings were 138/87 to 145/97 and at times as high as 148/101, but only at times before the medicine.
Avatar n tn This rebound affect can POSSIBLY cause your BP and heart rate to fluctuate in a rather chaotic fashion. So, if you do decrease your Toprol XL dose by 50%, record your BP and heart rate at least 4 or 5 times a day, until it becomes stable again. You would logically think that reducing a dose of BB would cause your BP and HR to increase, BUT it can have the opposite affect.
Avatar n tn I take 25mg of Toprol XL daily for mitral valve prolapse. I don't have high bp. Is fatigue a common side effect with such a small dose? I have been on this dosage for about 4 years, but I feel tired during the day sometimes. I recently took up running and am a very active person who enjoys running several times a week. My resting heart rate is 48 bpm. Also, what is the best time of day to take this med?
Avatar n tn After taking Toprol XL 50 for ten months, my doctor has said that I can wean myself off it gradually over a few weeks. He's suggested breaking the pills in half, taking only a half each day instead of a whole one. I know that these pills are time released and I am wondering if breaking them in half defeats the time release action and if this is an appropriate way of getting half dosage. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn My BP wasn't very high 120/60 at one of my dr. visits so I was put on Toprol Xl (and generic when available) to help with anxiety. I eat healthy (teach nutrition) and am physically active. I've noticed that I am gaining weight in my midsection. (not really showing that much on the scale but can really see it in the mirror and pants are getting too snug.) The only thing that has changed over the past year has been the addition of the Toprol. I want to get off of it.
Avatar n tn What is the safest way to wean off Toprol XL? I was on 50 mg and went down to 25mg. This is my 4th day. The second day was horrible. I had extreme anxiety, elevated pulse, heart pain, tremors, and I felt like my heart was going to pump right out of my chest. I have not been able to reach my doctor. Yesterday symptoms were about 1/4 of what they were the day before. Today they are gone. Blood pressure is still 117/76.
Avatar n tn My doctor has prescribed me 25 mg Toprol XL for the PVC's (flutters) I get after I eat. After reading the possible side effects, I am a little leary. Does anyone have any advice? Does anyone know what the common side effects are?
Avatar f tn HI I have been on toprol xl 50 mg once a day for the past 12 years, the past few months I have been having strange symptoms of lightheaded, cold hands/feet,anxiety, tired..
Avatar n tn I have a question about Toprol XL and exercise. I had a mild MI at 46 and the angiogram at the time showed a 100% blockage of the RCA with collateral arteries completely refilling it beyond the blockage, and a 80-90% blockage in the Circumflex which they assumed had caused the MI by shutting down the collaterals. They opened the circumflex and put a stent in it, and decided to leave the RCA alone because the collateral circulation was refilling it so well.
Avatar n tn I did have some decrease in bp with Toprol XL 25 mg. But when I was also taking altace I was in the range that you was awful. It may be the combination. With Toprol alone (but a smaller dose than you are on) I did not experience those symptoms. Best of luck!
Avatar n tn The correct coversion of toprol xl 300 mg = lopressor 150 bid for a total of 300 daily. It should have not been 300 mg qd at once as this should have been giving in divided doses. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn I have taken 50 mgs of toprol XL for 12-13 years. It is a very safe and a good medication in my opinion. The XL means that it has an Extended Life .. in other words one pill is supposed work for at least 24 hours i think... but anyway... I dont know why the doc would say just use it when your rate is fast.. if you took one a day ....your heart rate should stay pretty regular Id think.. but Im not a doctor... I dont really know about taking it occassionally... doesnt make alot of sense to me..
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been taking toprol xl 25 for about 3 months for palpitations and high blood pressure. Recently I had a visit with an awesome electrophysiologist who is 95% convinved that I have SVT due to my symptomology and triggers. He was happy to do an EP study ASAP but I am not entirely convinced and so I asked to do a holter monitor in 2 weeks and he obliged. Problem is he wants me to completely stop my beta blocker Toprol XL 25 before I strap on the holter monitor. I am terrified!
Avatar n tn I was a walk in at a clinic because I was having a panic attack (I thought I was dying) the doctor told me to take 25mg of toprol a day to help slow my heart rate and lower my blood pressure - after a couple months I gradually started having a very hard time breathing I went back and she told me it MIGHT be the toprol causing the problem yet told me to double the dose to 50mg once a day(because my bp was still kinda high) and gave me albuterol for the breathing the albuterol did absolutel
Avatar m tn I_mort I take toprol XL to lower my heart rate and BP. It does affect your erectile function. I'm 45 and I started at 1/2 dose the doc told me which was 12.5 mg at night. Because I wasn't getting the effect I needed I uped it to 25 mg at night. I'm not totally dysfunctional but have noticed a definite decrease in that department. I suspect it can affect some of us that way.
Avatar f tn Hello to everyone. My questions are concerning the drug toprol xl. I've been on this medication for about 6months now, and have over these past few months I've developed symptoms that initially led me to believe I had ovarian problems. that was found not to be the case, had ct scan and pelvic ultrasound. everything is normal , except for a umbilical hernia and degenerative arthrits, with some spurring of the spine. I had already been diagnosed with the arthritis.
376186 tn?1219283105 I am back on Toprol XL, 50 mg for PVC's and have been doing a 'no no' reading about possible side effects of this drug and most of what I came away with is that this drug has lots of bad side effects for most people. There is a website where people can post their experiences with medications and 90% of the people who posted had terrible side effects w/this Beta Blocker. I hate taking meds to begin with and now I am not so sure that I should stay on this.
Avatar f tn Toprol XL dose of 150 mg is not too high of dose. The heart rate and blood pressure you listed are not too low and likely the dose doesn't need to be reduced. The symptoms you might notice would be weakness and light-headiness if the dose is too high.
Avatar n tn No, I think you'll be fine if you accidentally take a double dose, or for that matter skip a dose. Toprol XL is the timed released version of Metoprolol. I use to take Toprol XL, until I discovered the far cheaper Metoprolo. The primary difference is that I must take it twice a day instead of only once. I've taken a double dose on many occasions to aid conversion of SVT episodes.
Avatar n tn Hi - I was on toprol xl for about 6.5 years - the high dose is 200mg top end. for toprol xl - dont know how anyone can take it at that dose ! Doctors give a beta blocker for palpatations in most cases. however some give ccb's like verapamil as they too can control palps. I myself am doing a study on palpaitions - causes and how to control them. and or stop them totaly! with or without medications. I think it would be wise, if your b.
6887703 tn?1385792954 I'm 63 and have been on beta blockers for nearly 30 years; Toprol XL 100 mg BID for about 9 years and on 200 mg BID for about 8 months. More than a week ago I requested my pharmacy contact my PC doc to refill my Rx. Two days ago I called my PC's office and still nothing. I had cut my dose to 1/2 about 4 days ago and took my last 100 mg. this morning.
Avatar n tn Does it matter whether you take Toprol XL in the a.m. or the p.m? My doctor says no, however, another person I know says their doctor said DEFINITELY in the a.m. Also having issues with generic Toprol XL - racing pulse, irregular heartbeats - only started since switching. Thought it was my imagination until reading these forums.
406399 tn?1201887900 I have a @uestion please : After 6years on Toprol xl and Diovan , my Doctor switched me to another medication - verapamill and maxide - iv taken these before and had problems with them both !! fact is the verapamill ccb caused palpatations. and I was put on a beta blocker from that point on.. as to stop the palps and control the b.p. / the Toprol xl and diovan both lowered b.p well and stopped the palps for me.. but iv been living life in pain and suffering for 6years now..
Avatar n tn I have been on Toprol XL (100 mg) and Altace (10 mg) to control high blood pressure for about three years now. My PCP told me to take these about an hour apart. I should have asked why, but didn't. It's really a pain in the *** to take these an hour apart and I end up forgetting one of them sometimes.
Avatar n tn Hi, On Tues. I was prescribed Toprol XL to help my SVT. So far I am feeling really sluggish, sleepy, no appetite and I think it has considerably lowered my bp though I have no way to check. Despite these side effects I am feeling better on this med. My question is will these side effects lessen or go away after I've been on this med for a time, or are they something I'll just need to get used to? I've had toprol before but it was half this dose and I didn't experience any side effects.