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Avatar n tn I am on Toprol XL and Hydrochlorot to help control my BP, which my cardiologist attributes to my emotional disorder of anxiety and panic disorder(which I'm also being treated for). The Cardio truly believes that once the anxiety/panic is under control, I can wean off the HBP meds. My question is: I monitor my BP at home with a good, approved, arm cuff monitor. My first measurement is usually high- like 135/82....however, on a 2nd reading appx.
Avatar m tn I am not supposed to have Beta Blockers while on allergy shots so am on a different classification of BP med. I weaned off three BP meds that I was on for high BP originally. Then recently had to go on one due to higher pulse rate and somewhat elevated BP. It is a catch 22 for sure.
Avatar n tn Dear Chirs, You asked me what medications I have tried to help with (PVC/PAC) attacks. Well, I have tried Toprol XL which is a long-acting cardiospecific beta blocker. For me, Toprol XL made be feel puffy, that is, my breathing seemed funny like I couldn't get a deep enough breath. I also felt dragged out on Toprol XL. Perhaps I should have reduced the dosage but I just stopped it. I have also tried Tenormin (Atenolol) which is also a cardiospecific beta blocker.