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Avatar m tn My Doctor started me on Toprol-XL approximately 10 days ago. A low dosage from what I read (.25mg). My two primary side effect symptons are tiredness/lethargy and a bit of anxiety/nervousness. These are the most common from all that I have read. My question is will these eventually go away as my body gets used to/ more tolerant of the drug?
Avatar n tn The nurse practitoner spoke with me and said she wasn't too concerned that it was anything immediately dangerous but was going to prescribe me Toprol XL. I am to start it tomorrow a.m. and discontinue it prior to the tests next week. I am also supposed to increase my salt intake and my fluids. Has anyone taken it before?
Avatar n tn She is switching me from tenormin to Toprol-XL. I've taken tenormin for 18 years. Is anyone here taking this? and if so what has your experiance been with it?
Avatar f tn Hi I was wondering if anyone has taken Toprol XL My new cardiologist just gave me a prescription for 25 mg of it this morning. I am worried about being on a beta blocker again because one dr had told me they do more harm then good. I am being given this for PACs and PVCs. He also said it would be good for stage fright since I am going to be the matron of honor in a wedding in March and am nervous about it.
Avatar n tn There is Toprol, which is not time released and there is Toprol XL, which is time released. Stopping Toprol suddenly could cause heart failure, so you need to be careful. When are you able to start the Lopressor? Are you without any beta blocker currently or are you taking the Atenolol? Tenormin is the brand name for Atenolol. The brand name seems to work better, at least for everyone that I know who have taken it.
Avatar f tn My BP wasn't very high 120/60 at one of my dr. visits so I was put on Toprol Xl (and generic when available) to help with anxiety. I eat healthy (teach nutrition) and am physically active. I've noticed that I am gaining weight in my midsection. (not really showing that much on the scale but can really see it in the mirror and pants are getting too snug.) The only thing that has changed over the past year has been the addition of the Toprol. I want to get off of it.
Avatar n tn What is the safest way to wean off Toprol XL? I was on 50 mg and went down to 25mg. This is my 4th day. The second day was horrible. I had extreme anxiety, elevated pulse, heart pain, tremors, and I felt like my heart was going to pump right out of my chest. I have not been able to reach my doctor. Yesterday symptoms were about 1/4 of what they were the day before. Today they are gone. Blood pressure is still 117/76.
Avatar f tn HI I have been on toprol xl 50 mg once a day for the past 12 years, the past few months I have been having strange symptoms of lightheaded, cold hands/feet,anxiety, tired..
Avatar n tn My doctor has prescribed me 25 mg Toprol XL for the PVC's (flutters) I get after I eat. After reading the possible side effects, I am a little leary. Does anyone have any advice? Does anyone know what the common side effects are?
Avatar n tn I, too, take Toprol XL as well as meds for depression and anxiety and have just learned about these problems with it.
Avatar m tn After wearing a halter monitor for 24hours and now knowing my heart rate rises to 140 in my sleep and when sitting and also I had an echocardiogram and it came back normal which is good so I know my heart is ok and this is due to my anxiety . I was given Toprol XL 25 mg to take but I am afraid to take it. I know its my anxiety talking but is it safe to take when it is for anxiety and to steady my heart rate?Also how does it make you feel?
Avatar m tn I visited a gastroenterologist who did an upper endoscopy and only found evidence of GERD. My PCP put me on toprol-xl 25mg once daily in addition to my 40mg of lisinopril for HTN. I still fear that something is wrong with my heart that no one has found yet and the chest pain, headaches, shortness of breath, and dizziness continue (it's been about a month now). From what I understand, though, this could all be caused by anxiety.
Avatar f tn I take 12.5 mg of Toprol XL per day (any more and my BP drops very low). When I'm on Toprol, I don't have the waking in the night spells but when I'm off it I do (I've tried to get off once last summer and had to start taking it again). When I had the urine test back in October 2004, I had just started Toprol XL and was taking 12.5 mg per day for about a week before the test.
Avatar n tn I have been on Toprol XL 100 for essential hypertencion. (BP was 160/100 and now averages 125/75) for 18 months with good results except for fatigue, some diziness and slow pulse (50) My Dr, switched me to Benicar 20mg last week and now my heart races at 120+ and my anxiety level is through the roof. Should I have weaned slowly off the Toprol or stayed on that dosage despite the side effects? EKG is fine but this feeling in chest and arms scares the daylights out of me.
343006 tn?1314450071 ahh you have one bad effect I read , dizzyness .. that adds a strike aginst Toprol xl !! I just got off toprol xl after weaning down slow for the past 2months, I have to say I feel wonderfull ! have energy and the one bad side effect I had went away totaly now.. low blood sugar problems. caused with long term useage 3 to 5 yrs .. I hit 5years on this junk ! I taking a Natural medication used for stubborn high blood pressure and its working so far.. fingers crossed it stays working !
Avatar n tn Hello David, These are not typical side effects of beta blockers, but if the symptoms started in temporal relationship to changing medications, it might be worth switching back to Toprol XL at a lower dose. Your symptoms are consistent with anxiety as well. Have you ever had anxiety problems? For now I would try switching back to Toprol XL. If that doesn't work, consider trying an anxiety medications like zoloft or paxil. You will get better, but it may take some time. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Been on toprol xl for a long tine and have been experiencing anxiety and depression! Can this med cause this after many year So?
Avatar n tn Hi, I am currently on 25mg Toprol XL 1x day. It has controlled my hr/bp. I tests and my heart is ok with no coronary artery disease. I had a series of panic attacks that resulted in a hospital admission. I believe the cardiologist put me on it because he knows it also will control symptoms of anxiety. I also take klonopin (.05mg) and use it for sleep and as needed for anxiety. Has anyone successfully weaned themselves off Toprol and used non prescription methods of controlling the condition.
687614 tn?1244201579 00 am and the same 50 mg at bed time 9:00 pm. A riddle in of itself!!! I have approached my doctor's about this. One says that it is okay to still take my Toprol XL 50 mg. even though my BP is 99/56 and my pulse is 58. Another says that if I don't I will have breakthrough SVT's that are even tough for ER to get down sometimes (though it is not deadly so they say!). Who's right and who's wrong!!!
Avatar n tn all the tests came back fine and the doc thinks it was caused by stress/anxiety or something i ate. i am on a low dosage of toprol xl 50 mg 1 a day.. my question is this. since it happend only once am i better off staying on toprol or taking a anxiety medicine like lexapro daily or taking xanax just when i need it. it seems kind of weird to me taking toprol when nothing is wrong with my heart. any help???
Avatar n tn I am also trying to wean off of Toprol. I should never have been put on it. My parents both died from heart attacks at an early age. I was having anxiety from lifes stresses, and getting over my mother's death. I started having palpitations. My family doctor had put me on Zanax 2 days prior, then sent me to a cardiologist for the symptoms. The day I went, my heart rate was normal.
Avatar f tn I also have Grave's Disease. I had RAI May 2010 to kill my thyroid. I am on 125mcg of synthroid daily and 50mg of toprol XL daily. I get these awful adrenaline surges and I dont know if they are panic/anxiety attacks or what. Im really not a pill taking kind of person, I dont even take a tylenol for a headache. My question is this, can you drink sleepytime tea or the sleepytime ension tamer tea while on toprol..
Avatar n tn I also think alot of my problem is anxiety related, I have always been an anxious type person. I take Xanan on an as needed basis and have samples of Toprol XL but am a little hesitant about taking them. I've heard mixed reactions about this medication. Anyways I've gone on long enough, but just wanted to say I'm relieved to know that I'm not alone with this lousy problem.
Avatar n tn why would the doctor prescribe toprol xl and paxil at the same time? Is this safe or should I get a second opinion.
Avatar f tn I went into Rapid A fib about 3 months ago and had to have an emergency Cardioversion. This was first episode for me no reoccurrence so far. My Cardiologist started me on Toprol XL 50mg daily for hypertension and to lessen the chance of slipping back into uncontrollable Rapid A fib again. At first the Toprol seemed to help and I was taking it at night and besides some drowseyness I was no worse for wear and even joined a gym and could do a full 30 mins of moderate cardio with no I’ll effects.
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Avatar n tn It finally took going to a cardiologist for someone to say a person who is battling depression shouldn't be on Toprol because it can lead to depression and anxiety (My normal MD gave me the Toprol, not the cardiologist, so he was sort of a second opinion). Once I was taken off of the Toprol, I finally started to settle down. Talk to a pharmacist and talk to your Doctor about it. It's worth a shot. There are several different meds they can put you on that will handle the heart problem....
503607 tn?1275675179 Hi, I was diagnosed with an atrial flutter almost two weeks ago, I have also suffered from pvc's for 5yrs and one bout of a-fib 3/2008. I was put on Toprol xl 25mgs, today I am having alot of palpitations, not sure if they are the regular pvc's or atrial flutters? I am so confused. My dr told me if I have sustained pvc's I should up my does to 50mg toprol. My heart does not race its in the 60's. Even with my initial Atrial flutter my heart did not go over 90 beats a minute.