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Avatar n tn Within 3 day, I began coughing terribly, and spitting up clear mucus. On 2-21, the doctor took me off Toprol and prescribed Cardizem to clear up my coughing. I felt and sounded as if I have a bad case of Bronchitis. I will never take this medicine again.
Avatar f tn HI I have been on toprol xl 50 mg once a day for the past 12 years, the past few months I have been having strange symptoms of lightheaded, cold hands/feet,anxiety, tired..
Avatar f tn I take 12.5 mg of Toprol XL per day (any more and my BP drops very low). When I'm on Toprol, I don't have the waking in the night spells but when I'm off it I do (I've tried to get off once last summer and had to start taking it again). When I had the urine test back in October 2004, I had just started Toprol XL and was taking 12.5 mg per day for about a week before the test.
Avatar f tn I was at my doctors today and he prescribed Toprol XL 25mg's this is a first for me and I havent been taking it before BUT he told me to NOT get the generic brand of this, he said MAKE SURE the pharmecy gets you the TOPROL XL and not generic because it doesnt work as well and there has been some big complaints. SO there is something behind it all......
Avatar f tn I also have Grave's Disease. I had RAI May 2010 to kill my thyroid. I am on 125mcg of synthroid daily and 50mg of toprol XL daily. I get these awful adrenaline surges and I dont know if they are panic/anxiety attacks or what. Im really not a pill taking kind of person, I dont even take a tylenol for a headache. My question is this, can you drink sleepytime tea or the sleepytime ension tamer tea while on toprol..
Avatar f tn My pharmacacy switched my "Toprol XL 50 mg" to a Generic one called "Metoprolol Succinate ER 50 mg" (manufactured by Sandoz) in December 2007. I have been on some form of Beta Blockers for years and I thought nothing of it. Within a week I was at my eye doctor because my left eye went from 20/20 to 20/60 and was so blurry that I felt like I had suntan lotion or something in it. Since then I have been to so many doctors because things just kept getting worse.
Avatar n tn I have been on Toprol XL 50 for one year. Recently I have had a problem swallowing and loss of appetite, All tests so far have come back negative, including blood, thyroid, diabetes, endoscopy etc. I have also had some lightheadeness, dizziness, weak feeling,shaking sometimes, feel like I am on a boat at times. I am doing best to eat more and have not lost anymore weight. I am just wondering can side effects appear after a year of none.
865758 tn?1285956504 Too much thyroid hormone and arrythmias just do not mix. Best of luck, and let me know how you do once the thyroid is suppressed.
Avatar n tn However, I still continue having problems with a constant forceful beating, my head bobs with every beat, and I can fell my heartbeat througout my body. My legs and arms shake with every heartbeat. He did mention that my thyroid was borderline overactive with a TSH of 1.1, but that it did not need to be treated. My question is, could this be causing my unexlpained sypmtoms? The research I have done on the web states that this level is actually normal.
Avatar n tn Basically all the symptoms of both Hyper and Hypo at once. My heart does not race because I am on Toprol XL. No stamina, fatigue, taking two naps a day. Sometimes one, sometimes three. My vision keeps changing, but I don't want to see the eye doctor again until all the other stuff is under control. One Endo thought he could get me right with Methimazole to suppress the thyroid, and Synthroid to adjust the hormones.
1090352 tn?1257451616 It has gotten somewhat better. (I tried toprol XL and had bad headaches). I don't know your age, but hormone testing and starting bioidentical hormone replacement has helped me alot. Good luck to you and your surgery. You will feel relief just knowing the "suspicious" nodules are gone.- at least I did. Let us know how it goes please!!
Avatar n tn My cardiologist got the readings from an event recorder, and told me it was SVT (about 150bpm). Just last week, he prescribed Toprol XL 25mg bid for the SVT which I haven't started to take yet due to fears of it leading to other problems (impotence, diabetes mellitus, etc). Here are my questions: 1. Am I at an increase risk of sudden cardiac death and/or V-fib from the SVT runs, especially due to the bad mitral valve? 2.
Avatar f tn Cardiologist now suggested starting Toprol XL 50mg once a day and that more blood work and an CTA may be a good option. My question is , will the Toprol affect my exercise tolerance. I run but usually only 2-3 miles but I usually play the whole or almost the whole soccer game. Would the Mitral Valve prolapse be enough to cause some pretty stead chest discomfort?
1015629 tn?1251150488 When my heart rate is in the uppoer 80s to low 100s it feels as if it is beating hard. No health problems prior to LAVH. I have been started on Toprol XL to control my tachycardia until they find out the underlying cause. Echo nl, stress test abnormal, cardiac cath nl. I am waiting on 24 hr urine results but here are the labs I have. Thyroglob AB 37 ref <60 Iu/ml, Thyroid Perox 30 with same ref, Prolactin 6.7, Cortisol 12.9, T4 0.87, T3 uptake 0.34, ESR 7, CRP <25.
1015629 tn?1251150488 When my heart rate is in the upper 80s to low 100s it feels as if it is beating hard. No health problems prior to LAVH. I have been started on Toprol XL 25 mg to control my tachycardia until they find out the underlying cause. Echo nl, stress test false positive, cardiac cath nl. When I have episodes of sinus tach my blood pressure also elevates. I typically run 90-100 over 60 but with the elevated rate, it runs 160-180 over mid to upper 90s.
Avatar f tn Feel like I have a lump in my throat June 27, 2008 sent for neck ultrasound -- shows two nodules and an enlarged left lobe of thyroid. July 18,2008 - Thyroid Scan w/RAI uptake. Elevated three and 24 hour I-123 uptake. No evidence of thyroid nodules (but evidence on ultrasound, so I know they are there) Larger left lobe and hyperfunctioning of thyroid gland. July 15,2008 Thyroperoxidase AB 704.7 (<9.0) Thyroglobulin AB screen 1.8 (<4) Free T4 0.74 (0.5-1.2) T3, Total 1.25 (0.
363243 tn?1331037450 You could respond to a different beta blocker though. I know they started me on Toprol xl and that was the worst nightmare of my life. Not only did it not work for me, it made me have HORRIBLE symptoms on top of what I already have. I take atenolol now which I LOVE. It's like the best sensation to take it and have my heart rate go right down. If its not working talk to your doc about increasing the dosage or changing. Once you find the right amount the beta blockers are a God send.
1090352 tn?1257451616 Recently my heart murmur (innocent) went crazy and I have had PVC's regularly despite being on Toprol XL 75 mg/day. My TSH levels are never consistent and I was just Dx'd with Hashimoto's and have two nodules on the left. One at 2cm and the other at 2.9cm, the larger shows "suspicious for follicular neoplasm" and now I will be heading for surgery. I am also in remission with my severe RA which I was dx'd with in 2005.
Avatar n tn I was afraid to take them so I just kept going back complaining about other things, because I didn't want to discuss depression or take the pills. One day he finally put all the complaints together and decided maybe my thyroid was the problem, and he ran tests that came back showing I was in need of thyroid hormone replacement.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed PTU as well as Toprol XL to take some of the strain away from my heart. At the time my thyroid levels were dangerously high, however, have been relatively maintained over the last few yrs. The problem is that over the last couple of months I have noticed some severe changes in my health. I have always had a small goiter, however, in the last month or so it has gotten so enlarged to the point I have difficulty swallowing normal amounts of food.
Avatar n tn I have been on Lotensin 40mg BID, HCTZ 25mg, and Toprol XL 50mg for about 5 years and suddenly none of those drugs are keeping my blood pressure down. My cardiologist tried me on Bystolic and Sular, but still no noticable improvement. Now he wants put me on Minoxdil and the side effects scare me to death, beside I don't think the root cause of problem has been addressed --overdosage of Synthroid. I am 64, weigh 140, have diabetes and coronary artery disease.
Avatar n tn Norvasc 10 mg QD Catapres TTS-2 patch 1x per week Avalide 300 mg QD Toprol XL 50 mg QD In addition, she was RX Levoxyl 125 mcg QD after her thyroid was removed. AFTER this med was given she started experiencing arrthymias, and she took it upon herself to stop a couple of the meds for a day or so to determine if they were the cause. Is there any drug interactions with any of the above meds that may cause the irregular heartbeat?
Avatar n tn This is as far as I've gotten in the work-up. My major symptoms are tacchycardia (110 resting, but down to 100 w/50mg Toprol XL), jittery feeling, restless sleep, muscle weakness and pain, fatigue, slowed thought, distractability. The muscle pain is most disturbing and what I've read doesn't mention this as common with hyper. I feel bruised all over, even in places that I forgot I had muscles.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've been taking toprol xl for just over 2 weeks for svt. It's working great for that, have only had a few runs of tachy where hr was 140-150 sustained for a few hrs, which is much improved from the usual 180-200 lasting longer. However for the past several months my resting hr refuses to drop below 100, often it is 120-130 even when lying down, and the toprol has had zero effect on this. I thought bb's were supposed to lower resting rate as well or am I wrong?
Avatar f tn bloodwork, and requested (1) Antithyroid Antibodies (Thyroglobulin Antibodies and Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies), (2) Thyroid Panel (Free T3, Free t4 and TSH), and (3) TRAb and TSI Combination Panel. Hopefully this will help me figure out what exactly is going on. Once again, thanks for the insight.
Avatar n tn It was panic attacks for me, and I did start taking Toprol XL 12.5 mg a day which has helped a lot. I have low BP and normal HR too, so I can't take a big dose of betas. I would really love to be off them but am afraid of the adrenaline rushes coming back.
Avatar f tn Just a little piece like that will take the adrenaline out of your body and STOP the panic. It has really been a life saver for me. I tried toprol first and it didn't help me at all. Atenolol releases everything all at once so it REALLY starts working quite fast. I believe there are others that perform like atenolol, but I don't know their names. You might already be on one since you were hyper. I've learned there is little differences between the symptoms of hyper and hypo.
Avatar n tn A couple wks later I got palpitations every 10 mins. all day. Dr. prescribed Toprol XL and said to take if I had a bad day. So far haven't taken them. I don't get bad ones too often, but I had one a couple of weeks ago that felt like my heart was being squeezed, it got really tight, felt like it stopped beating. Only lasted a few seconds but Wanting to have another baby and my cardio said he's not worried at all, that my heart is healthy and fine.
370638 tn?1298299511 My TSH was 30. Started on Synthroid, given Toprol XL for the heart irregularity. I was told it was Atrial Flutter and the condition is benign and apparently it is for I have had it for many, many years. Relax, even though I know it's hard . I've had it all these years and it still frightens me. Good luck to you.