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Avatar n tn Can I be having a reaction to the toprol and the alcohol? How long does the alcohol stay in my system? Or could this be an anxiety attack? I rarely drink more than 2 beers a week. I know alcohol will cause the palipations but I usually feel fine before I take the medication. This does not happen often but when it does it is very distressing. Also, when on the treadmill, what would be a target heart rate since the toprol lowers your heart rate?
Avatar f tn I have some parties and weddings coming up and I'm wondering if it's safe to drink alcohol (wine, beer, mixed rum drinks), while taking Toprol? I just don't want to do something to injure myself. Thanks to anyone who can help.
Avatar n tn Because my episodes began to increase in frequency some years ago, they tried me on several drugs (none of which I like or felt helped) and I eventually settled on 25mg per day of Toprol XL (time released Metoprolol), which is a pretty low dose and I have been taking that for over a decade. I'm not much of a drinker (just don't like the taste of it or the SVT that the alcohol sometimes brings on!
Avatar n tn My internist said to ignor the skips as they sound like pvc's and my cardiologist wanted to start me on Toprol xl. I am not sure which way to go???? I have no other cardiac problems and I have limited my caffiene and alcohol use. Please help!! Thanks.
Avatar n tn It seems no one is mentioning that symptom and it worries me. I started Toprol XL (12.5) and not sure it's helping, may be causing more palps.
Avatar n tn 5%) In what quantity/frequency could NA beverage consumption be harmful? He takes monopril, toprol xl and coumadin. He'll have a MUGA in October to test his EF to determine if the treatment is working. The heart cath revealed no blockages. Thanks for your help.
201324 tn?1191089878 i am taking 25 mg of toprol xl and have noticed hair loss, dizziness and fatigue. i have been on toprol before and had trouble with it lowering my bp. when i first started taking it a few weeks ago it worked really well for my pvcs, but i just got over strep throat and my heart was knocked out of sync and cant seem to get back on track and now i seem to have these side effects. not sure if my symptoms are from leftover infection, pvcs in bigemeny non stop or the toprol. i have weird dreams also.
Avatar n tn Coughing can also be a symptom for many people with reflux, I believe it is more prevelant if you have LPR......I take toprol XL and it doesn't bother my reflux..Someone else will have to tell you about lipitor, etc. because I don't know...
Avatar n tn I am taking toprol xl 100mg.,which you said is not a high dose.I didn't tell my doctor that but again he said it is a high dose and he refuses to change the dose but he is willing to change the medication to atenolol 25 mg. I'm afraid that if this is a small dose of another beta-blocker I just will get worse. I also asked him to give me a blood test, which you mentioned, to see if I could be perimenapausal since I have been getting periods every 11 days along with these pvc's.
Avatar m tn Why would the ultrasound be normal in this case, and what should I do next? My GP told me to stop alcohol and my BP meds (Toprol XL 100mg, and Quinapril 20mg)and come back in a couple of months. I was also taking an herbal suplement ( Hawthorne Berry extract), CO enzyme Q10, and Taurin all of which are supposed to help stop my skipped heart beats, and which I have since stopped. I was also a heavy drinker for many years, I haven't had any alcohol in 8 months, I am 37 yearas old.
Avatar n tn I have been on toprol xl 100mg for about five years. In the past three weeks I have been having a big increase. My doctor gave me an echo test and a 24 hour Holter test which did indicate pacs. I am so worried can your heart all of the sudden get worse and start firing off more pacs? The Doctor also gave me a new drug to take called cozaar along with toprol. I even feel that sometimes it feels that it might be afib because heart wont stop skipping for about five minutes.
Avatar m tn I have gone to the emergency room once and called 911 also, thinking it might be my heart. But my EKG is fine. I take Lipitor (10mg once a day), Toprol (50 mg twice a day), HCTZ (25mg once a day), and Wellbutrin XL (150 mg once a day). I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My cholesterol is under control but my blood pressure sometimes spikes. I just having been feeling like myself and I'm getting worried that something's going on that is hidden.
Avatar n tn I take Toprol Xl 75mg a day for palptations and I also take Klonopin 0.5 once a day for panic attacks. I want to go out for my 30th b-day and i was wondering if drinking alcohol will cause a fast heart rate with these medicines???
Avatar n tn my doctor change md start atenolol ,lisinopril ,avapro ,lotrel ,toprol-xl ,coreg cr ,now bystolic I am 69 the reading vary from 155/83 to 177/94 the problem is the pressure is lower without the medication 142/83 162/93 kidness are ok. wheigh 195 pounds .
Avatar n tn They slowed it down with the usual drugs, and started me on Toprol XL 25mg, once a day. As of today, my BP is 120/80, and pulse is 64 which is normal for me. I will call my cardiologist first thing Monday morning and set up an appointment. I guess 48oz of decaf coffee could be a trigger, and isn't too good anyway; I guess the chocolate is also a trigger, so now I'm only going to have about 16-20 oz of decaf every morning, and NO chocolate.
Avatar n tn Get your doc to prescribe you a beta blocker they will lower your heart rate.. something like toprol XL ( Metorpolol) or Bystolic... ect..well all of them there bad loans you beena makin and wakein up at nite worrin bout em mite increase your heart rate...laffin...... I wuza banker and it gave me afib...but im 70 now and stilla tickin... good luck...Claytex ( I was teasin you but the beta blockers will likely solve your problem.
211705 tn?1326642752 I know this is prolly too much of a broad question as everyone is different ,but having been diagnosed with a-fib after I had an atttack in March ,no other symptoms for the rapid hear rate , put on toprol xl 25 mg.good for 7 mos . and another issue last week , still no other symptons but the heart flutter and rate from 50 to 160 ... Put on digoxin and it seemed to put me in a normal mode in a few hours ..
Avatar n tn I was on Toprol XL 50mg for 2 yrs and very gradually my pressure was a little higher, 140-150/78.
Avatar n tn wanted to try a different med. called Toprol XL. Many adverse side effects, but I stayed with it and my last echo showed improvement!! (+1 MR, better heart measurements etc). I have better exercise abilities also now. My question: Can this medicine actually heal the heart and/or valves or do mitral valve conditions improve on there own?? I inquired to my family Dr.
Avatar n tn I have now been off of Toprol now for 6 weeks after taking it for 5 months. I started on Toprol XL .50mg per day. I was also taking xanax for anxiety due to an episode of SVT that sent me inot anxiety hell. After three months I got off of the xanax and went through a month of withdrawls, I was over xanax. Everyday I took the Toprol, it made me sick, flutter heartbeat, double beats, pounding heart,etc.
Avatar n tn 2001 and was prescribed Toprol XL 50mg at that time. I noticed no improvement in my symptoms with these treatments. My follow-up care was very limited from 2001 until early 2004. I am now seeing another cardiologist whom, thankfully, has put me through a myriad of test and procedures. We have finally concluded that I am obstructing mid-cavity. My resting gradient is very low; but my stress/exercise-induced gradient is around 80 (I pass out once it gets much higher).
Avatar m tn I am also taking Cozaar and Toprol XL for high blood pressure. I also have some depression and anxiety. I was aslo on Paxil for 4 years prior to this beginning. If you have any suggestions on would cause all this please let me know. Thanks!
376186 tn?1219283105 Do nothing and live w/the daily arrhythmias which can cause much anxiety. I have tried Toprol XL 25mg (almost a year) and then Varapmil 180 mg and I have a question about that...would it take longer than one week to see good results, b/c I only stayed on it for that length of time. Someone told me yesterday that it takes a month or so to see a difference. Try more BB's or Calcium Blockers to see if there is one that would help.
Avatar n tn with 11 paddle hits and hard work by rescuers restoring my pulse. I now have a stent and an ICD, which seems dormant. Now taking Toprol XL 50 mg., 15 mg isosorbide (more gave me headaches) and 40 mg. Zocor. Also, a couple of baby aspirin. I asked my doctor what activities I can now engage in, and he said, "Anything." I'm trying to get back to walking, among other things, but find I can't get normal pulse rate response. Only getting pulse in the 90s while working fairly hard.
Avatar n tn ) Since being diagnosed I had been on 50mg. Toprol xl, .25mg Lanoxin, and 1 baby aspirin daily (occaisional coumodin). After visit was put on additional medication of adult aspirin + 150mg Tambacor. I voiced my frustration to cardiologist. He recommemded cardiac-electrophyscialogist. Saw EP month later - still in AFib. (In past Afib never lasted more than 24hrs.) EP felt Tambacor was not helping.
Avatar n tn I was also taking 100mg of Toprol XL after my heart attack last year. I was having chest pain, dizzy, palps alot. After about 3 months the dizzy problems went away. Doctor lowered my Toprol to 50mg a day and I seem to have alot less chest pain. What I'm saying is I'm not taking Nitro's every week now. Still get flutters once in a while. So eat lots of veggies and walk around the block every day. Lower your BP, then see if Doc will lower your Toprol dose. I feel good on 50mg's...
Avatar n tn I am a 42 year old female who is slightly overweight at 155 lbs, has mitral valve prolapse, taking Toprol XL 25 mg daily for heart palpitations, and reactive hypoglycemia ( dropped to 64 at 4th hour of 5 hour glucose tolerance test). Over the past three years I have gained approximately 20 lbs and I have a HIGH stress job (self-employed). Up until recently I would consume about 3 beers when our family grilled out on the weekend.
Avatar f tn I am 31 years old female and had surgery when I was 9 years old for asd and now having problems with my heart rate. It will go as high as 240's. I am on toprol xl 25mg as my cardio just increased it last week due to the fact my heart rate went high on low dose(1/2 tablet). My heart rate is still in the 90's or 100's on the 25mg but can not increase the toprrol more due the fact that I have low blood pressure problems. I am to have stress test and holter on Monday to find what's causing this.
Avatar f tn Interesting. I have taken Toprol XL 50mg prior to see if it helps, seemed to calm it down a little. The problem of it seeming to 'have a memory' is interesting as my heart rate will automatically go up to this set point between 140 and 160, stay there, and then calms down automatically when it's ready. We'll see what happens with the holter. Just don't want an underlying condition I'm not aware of. Thanks for the input.