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Avatar n tn How does Rolaids or tums help with the tingling sensations caused by taking topiramate?
Avatar f tn I'm day 5 into taking Topiramate 25mg at night for migraine prevention. My migraine is a daily pressure headache at the base of my skull. I have Chiari malformation type 1 but neurosurgeon says I don't need surgery, thankfully. He and my neurologist advised i try Topiramate as Amitriptyline didn't suit me (made me suicidal) and my asthma prevents them trying me on beta blockers.
Avatar n tn He checked my blood levels and all were good. I am taking two Topiramate at night and treximet when I feel a headache coming on. I have had this tingling feeling for about three weeks now. It is in my elbows down to my hands, knees to feet, and face. Also my joints in those same areas hurt really bad! They will sometimes go numb. It happens at all times throughout the day and will last hours at a time. I am still having headaches and still very cold.
Avatar n tn the type A migraines with all the neurological side effects. Now I am starting to experience numbness and tingling i my hands and feet and arms and legs. It happens every day at least 5-10 times aa day and may have nothing todo with my migraines, but it is very uncomfortable and frustrating. Just now, it happened in my right hand and when I tried to stretch my thumb out it wouldnt stretch... kind of hard to explain. It felt almost heavy like it was to heavy to lift.
Avatar m tn I take 150 mg of topiramate for cronic cluster headaches every night. Sometimes this causes me to have wake up with pain/tingling in my feet as a side effect. I find relief from this pain by using a "hidow" electronic massager that uses electricity on the bottoms of my feet. I'm not sure if that is relevant but that's what I had just started using when the pain in my feet was so intense.
Avatar f tn The drug is also used in clinical trials to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.[15] A pilot study suggests that Topiramate is possibly effective against infantile spasms.[16] A study by Harvard recommends topiramate as an effective treatment in the prevention of Periventricular leukomalacia in preterm infants after an hypoxic-ischemic injury.[17] In May 2006 the U.S. National Institutes of Health web site clinicaltrials.
Avatar m tn I had a lumbar puncture 2 months ago & am still miserable. The day that I had it done I had such severe vommitting and vertigo that I had to be rushed to ER. They gave me a couple IVs and anti vertigo & nausea meds. I was in bed for 6 days before feeling better. I never got back to "normal" but good enough to work and function, but now the past few weeks I have had so much pressure in my head, neck, and shoulders that all I can do is lay on the couch.
Avatar n tn Topamax (Topiramate) is not a weight loss medication; I'm surprised you'd find a doctor to prescribe it for that. I take it daily, for peripheral neuropathy. I've been on it for about 2 yrs and it's done nothing to help with weight loss. Of course, the dosage has a lot to do with it... what dosage are you on?
Avatar m tn Still top of hands, top of wrists looks swollen, hurts to bend wrists. Tingling (pins and needles) sensensation. Has anyone experienced a rare topamax side affect with tendon pain in these areas? Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed in 2002 with seizures but all the professionals that have seen me still cannot tell me what kinds, I have tons of MRI's, eegs, ekgs, Cardio grams, and more and still they have all come back normal. To this day I am on topiramate twice a day to control whatever spells happen. Just last year I was driving at 3:20am in the morning and I had tunnel vision because I was having an attack, it started off with the sharp pains in my head, tremors, and so on.
Avatar f tn I get severe nausea, and vomiting. It feels like my flesh is burning. Its like a tingling sensation. my whole head is perfectly fine, it's just one spot. And eyelids feel like they are droopy, and on fire. I have been taking painkillers and anti nausea medications, and nausea medicines makes me sleep otherwise i have trouble sleeping due to the headache. I sleep, and wake up after one hour. Its the same pattern the whole night.
Avatar f tn For a long time now, I've been searching and searching for a diagnosis. I have tingling on the left side of my face, that can be mild to severe, with or without pain, that marches down my arm. My left side goes numb. I have extremely poor word recall, confusion, dizziness, vertigo, migraines, temporary dyslexia, and obscured vision. Now, after 25 years of bookkeeping, there are many occasions that I'm not sure if I've gotten the right change. My illness is named hemiplegic migraines.
Avatar f tn [15] A pilot study suggests that Topiramate is possibly effective against infantile spasms.[16] A study by Harvard recommends topiramate as an effective treatment in the prevention of Periventricular leukomalacia in preterm infants after an hypoxic-ischemic injury.[17] In May 2006 the U.S. National Institutes of Health web site clinicaltrials.
237152 tn?1206654636 Tags : pain, topamax, fibromyalgia, cfs Topiramate Shows Promise for Treatment of Neuropathy and Chronic Pain NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Feb 08 - The anti-epileptic drug topiramate may be an effective addition to the arsenal of agents used to treat neuropathic and sympathetically maintained pain, researchers in Oklahoma report. Dr. Michael G. Jenson and associates, of the Pain Evaluation and Treatment Center in Tulsa, treated 61 patients with topiramate.
Avatar n tn I have never heard of Topamax (topiramate, carbamazapine), an anti seizure med, being used for weight loss. I'm on it now for five years for migraine treatment. I had been migraine free thanks to it for the last four years. During that time I have gained 30 lbs. Hmmm? To be fair I have also been on Zoloft hmmm, thats an SSRI. I later went off Zoloft and lost some weight with an astounding amount of effort on my part.
Avatar f tn This final year is crucial and to be honest, I'm somewhat scared to get myself on the full dosage of this medication because I don't want it to start affecting my cognitive functions and I not be aware of it. I'm already getting some pretty bad tingling in my feet and in my lips from it, which I expected and which I can live with so long as the medicine takes away my pain. Are my concerns legitimate, or am I worrying over nothing?
Avatar f tn He also is having me take both the gabapentin and topiramate together along with tylenol 3 for pain as needed. We'll see how that goes. He stated it's more than likely neuralgia because of the numbness, tingling, where the pain is and the length it's been going on. The meds just make me zombified at this point and adding the pain meds, just makes it worse. I know I'll get used to them, but it's a struggle till then.
Avatar n tn So I have a question related to the mix of antidepressants= For the last 18 months the doc added 50 mg's of topiramate and Abilify to a very old mix of sertraline 200mg and 2 mg of Lorazepham daily.. I had stopped functioning well and quit taking the new additional two scripts two weeks ago now it's like I have bugs in the LEFT side of my face and it's making me worried and sore-Is there a bad mix of the four together? How long until this tingling wears off?
Avatar f tn I saw my Neurologist, I mentioned I am getting tingling in areas other than my areas, particularly on my face. She asked if it was associated with headache, and after thinking about it , it was, to more symptoms to add to aura. After reading on the internet, my periodic problems speaking and finding words are probably also symptoms. She is changing my medication, phasing out the topiramate, and starting pregambalin.
410475 tn?1262945967 Hello cat9841 Topiramate (brand name Topamax) is an anticonvulsant drug.
Avatar f tn In September this increased also to facial numbness, difficulty sleeping, tingling in my hands and tinitus. On an admission to hospital in october a neurologust saw me, felt it was chronic migraines (without triggers) but did an MRI brain. This showed - Cerebral tonsil herniation of 4mm below the formentum magnum - in keeping with Chiari Malformation. I saw the neurologist 2 weeks ago, she said her specialist radiograpger has checked it and doesnt consider chiari malformation.
253566 tn?1219683299 Vyvanse (for chronic fatigue), Omeprazole, Topiramate, Baclofen (both pain meds), Lorazepam (Ativan - anti-anxiety), Ambien. Interferon (a form of chemo) is the main med for Hep C that I treated with. New patients are lucky as they are trying to do away with it as it is so damaging! Back when I treated the usual was, at the longest, 42 weeks but due to a lab error I was on treatment for 72 weeks! Ribavirin is the other main med. It is a booster med to the interferon.
1041303 tn?1421390941 My wife started at 25 mg twice a day. Her side effects were tingling and slight numbness in her hands. She now is @ 100 mg daily with no appreciable side effects. It does have a positive effect on reducing the number of migraines. We've tracked the number of episodes since 1999, adjusting for seasonality as well. This is how we know it has had a positive effect. In some people it can cause the formation of a certain kind kidney stone.
1475196 tn?1296309865 and I feel it is a result of the Topamax as it did get better after surgery and has increased again since being on this med- What side effects can this medication cause? Topiramate (brand name Topamax) Topiramate may cause other side effects.
Avatar f tn Migraines usually begin from one side of the face or head, back of head, may throb or be dull aching, may begin from the back of head reaching up the front of face, the tingling and numbness( pins and needles) experienced around one side of the face could be a part of the aura which usually precedes the headache. Since you have a history of being hit on the right side of the head, you must make note if all the episodes of migraine are localised to the right side in you?
1268537 tn?1323633089 A year ago I was diagnosed with epilepsy and have been taking my anti-seizure medicine the entire pregnancy, Carbamazepine and Topiramate if it makes a difference. In all honesty I've had a relatively easy pregnancy. The seizures have dropped from a dozen+ a week to one or two a month. Point is everything has been perfectly fine and dandy up until now. Last Wednesday I was checked and 50% effaced, no dilation, and baby was in -1 station. Roughly the same as my first child was at the same time.
Avatar m tn I have been having trouble with my speech, at times I have had to grip my tongue to the sides of my teeth to gather the strength to say things. The list really goes on and on. Pain and tingling all over my body, weakness down my arms. I have been having trouble supporting the weight of my head. Severe headaches. Neurolgists says I don't have a neurological disease. MRI of my brain shows a "benign cyst" on the right side of my brain. I had a spinal tap, everything came back fine.
Avatar f tn Hi Topamax (topiramate) is indicated in adults for the prophylaxis of migraine attacks. Its usefulness in treating acute episodes of migraine headache has not been established.
Avatar f tn no need to wait for a lumbar puncture. Start TOPIRAMATE 50 mg 1 tab and reach the dose of 1 tab 3 time daily after 1 week.. that will decrease all of your symptoms and dispers the pain into a feeling of body tingling which is not such terrible like the headache or body pain you have now.