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Avatar n tn I can also get this for a shorter period of time. It concerns me and I was wondering if you think it may be multiple sclerosis? I have a family history of neurological diseases (father-Lewy Body Disease, paternal aunt - migraine, Pic's Disease). Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar f tn What I was wondering was my mother was diagnosed with MS at when she was 20, I am now 25 years old and I am suffering alot of the tingling and numbness, all food tastes off to me and makes me constipated, what I would call crazy eyes my migraines are less frequent but are coming on rather sudden I've done my research and these sound like symptoms of both ms and topamax I don't want to lower my dosage because my migraines have gone from 5 server ones a week lasting 5-24 hours to 1-2 a week lasti
Avatar f tn I started Topamax 2 months ago for migraines and started having very bad chest pains. I thought the chest pains were associated with gall stones which appeared around the same time. I have since had my gall bladder removed and the pain has continued and even gotten worse. I don't really want to just stop taking this medicine because the chest pain only lasts a few seconds at a time while the migraines were unbearable pain for 2 days straight atleast 8 times a month.
556500 tn?1222342230 i need my rest as i just came home from a hopitalization from a multiple sclerosis relapse. everything i read about topamax has not been good.
Avatar n tn This will evaluate for signs of multiple sclerosis and/or the paraneoplastic thyroid condition. There are also specific antibody tests (blood work) that can be sent to test for this condition (that your neurologist or endocrinologist can send). An EMG (nerve muscle test) can be conducted to evaluate the health of your peripheral nerves. I would also recommend starting a medication that is effective for neuropathic pain such as neurontin, elavil, lyrica, topamax, cymbalta, etc.
680813 tn?1288004298 Multiple sclerosis is a chronic demyelinating neurological disorder where the disease phase is characterized by active phase and remissions. It has multiple symptoms and signs and is a diagnosis of exclusion. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are loss of balance, muscle spasms, numbness in any area, problems with walking and coordination, tremors in one or more arms and legs.
Avatar f tn Hi, An abnormal EEG finding suggests Epilepsy. Another cause of the symptoms could be Multiple sclerosis. Sometimes there is a clear MRI as MS may not manifest in the initial stages. Please wait for the 24 hr study because it will help in narrowing the findings and detecting the cause. Please consult a neurologist for the evaluation of the diagnostic reports. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar m tn Your neurologist could be close to correct diagnosis of motor neuron disease. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis can have muscle weakness and atrophy, spasticity and muscle fasciculations. There may be a progressive bulbar palsy causing choking and respiratory difficulty. Consult back your neurologist with these concerns. In addition, multiple sclerosis needs to be excluded.
Avatar n tn I have MS and for me I had classic symtoms presented in the MS way which is over time in different places. Thats why it is MULTIPLE sclerosis not single sclerosis. Its a shame you're being accused of faking. Where in the hell do you work, thats just not right. You didn't say if your seeing a neurologist, if not get referred to one, preferrably someone with a large practice of MS patients.
Avatar f tn However, the numbness and tingling caused by topamax is usually in both hands and feet in the finger tips and toes rather than on one single side of the body. Thank you for using the forum I hope you find this information useful good luck.
Avatar n tn It is usually prescribed for patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis or spinal injures resulting in paraplegic. These patients truly suffer from terrible problems with cramps and RLS and spastic muscle movement. I telling you I believe your problem to be an out of control addiction to Vicodin. Anyone who tried to detox on their own without the assistance of a medical professional is in for a hell of a ride.
329994 tn?1301666848 Yes I would be very interesred in topamax and lyrica. I feel like a guinnie pig. I am gainning weight and just sarted topamax which mad me feel dizzy.Any help would be great.
Avatar n tn the concern arises when you detect a change in size on multiple serial MRIs. a large cyst could cause compression of cerebral aqueduct and symptoms and signs of hydrocephalus. Otherwise, it should not be a cause for concern. I would still suggest that you consult your neurologist to give you a trial of different drugs to control a migraine attack if topamax is not effective. CAM treatments or complementary and alternative medicine is also effective for pain management.
Avatar n tn I also suffer from from chrons and migraine's and take topamax and asacol and robinul and reglan. My doctor started me on clonazepam for 3 weeks to give my liver a rest form the lortab, but I already have been getting some side effects that scare me like moody ness, feely depressed and not feeling right. My pain is getting worse since I stopped taking the lortab ( which I only took 1 tablet(s) 3 times a day.
Avatar f tn The symptoms and story that you describe are most consistent with migraine headaches and/or depression. Twitching is not a typical symptom of multiple sclerosis, although it can present with vertigo and numbness (but the numbness is usually more focal [not both hands at once]). Given your symptoms of vertigo an ENG (electro-nystagmogram) might help determine the etiology (central [brain] vs peripheral [ear]).
Avatar m tn I have had to have blood transfusions multiple times and a ferritin infusion once. It helped a great deal. My hemoglobin has been normal recently for the first time in years, so was perplexed as to why I am having rls. My internist said hemoglobin can be normal, but ferritin low, so she tested it Monday. Sure enough - low. So I am taking iron again. Apparently an infusion wouldn't be covered by my insurance with my hemoglobin normal.
Avatar n tn For the past year, I have been experiencing burning and stinging in my vulva (which is NOT made worse by peeing), which comes and goes but can last for over a month and is extremely uncomfortable. The area looks normal, and there is no unusual discharge. The last time I had these symptoms was in March - they came on suddenly with a stinging sensation, and lasted for 6 weeks.
220917 tn?1309788081 I have no idea what kind of abnormality it was.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On to Dr. Meds, Inc.
Avatar n tn The dizziness resembled being carsick, with lightheadedness and occasional moments of nausea and feeling faint (but I never passed out). I had a CAT scan and blood work twice, and so far no diagnosis for the dizziness/fatigue. It got better for a few weeks but last week I began to have dizzy spells again, this time accompanied by maxillary sinus pressure. I had just switched allergy medications, from Nasonex to generic Flonase, right at the time my symptoms returned.
Avatar f tn other causes of tremors are drugs, brain, nerve or movement disorder, alcoholism, low blood sugar, multiple sclerosis overactive thyroid can cause a postural tremor. Treatment would be according to the diagnosed cause of tremors. If home care does not help, you might need certain tests like blood counts, thyroid function tests an glucose, EMG, NCV, Head CT, MRI head etc.
572651 tn?1333939396 Full story Glatiramer-IFN Combo in MS a Toss-Up NEW ORLEANS -- Radiologic findings from a closely watched trial of glatiramer acetate (Copaxone) and interferon-beta-1a (Avonex) combination therapy in multiple sclerosis were mixed, a researcher said here.
Avatar n tn Treatment includes injecting local anesthetics and other medicines, moist heat muscle relaxants and NSAIDs along with physiotherapy. Multiple sclerosis would also need to be excluded. Treatment for migraines include drugs that prevent the attack like anti convulsants and drugs which treat an attack like triptans, ergots etc your queries should pertain to all these possible differential diagnoses. Trigeminal neuralgia needs to be considered.
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Avatar f tn I have migraines regularly and have had them for 20 yrs. I am currently taking Topamax 50 mg 2x daily for them. Before I tell you what is going on I need to tell you that I have had a migraine for 2 days with me taking my meds. A couple nights ago I was laying in bed trying to relax and go to sleep with my mind racing (eyes closed) as usual when all of a sudden I had the sound of a light bulb blowing and the bright flash of light that accompanies the bulb blowing in a dark room. I jumped.
Avatar n tn The MRI findings that you relate are non-specific, but can be related to many things including hypertension, migraine angiopathy, multiple sclerosis, vasculitis etc. (Although given the report, hypertension seems the most likely). The 'capping' of the anterior horns of the lateral ventricles is a finding that suggests white matter disease in the frontal regions of the brain (similar implications to the hyperintense lesions found in the white matter of your frontal lobes).
Avatar n tn protonix, xanax, zoloft, topamax, asa, synthroid, aleve, imitrex prn, donnatal prn. I have chronic pain, was addicted to morphine and oxycontin last year and I stay away from strong narcotics. Use ultram prn. Used to be a nurse, have not worked in 2 years. I am on ss disability. Recent brain MRI done( with and without contrast) by neurologist shows "possible inactive multiple sclerosis lesion" My question is how will my neurologist decide if I have ms?
Avatar f tn I also have optic nuritis right now due to my multiple sclerosis. I don't know if anyone has experience with that as well and if they know how to deal with that let me know please. Thank you for listening and letting me get out my hot mess right now. Lol. I'm. Really just trying to find out all the information I can and after reading some of these post I was a little scared.
Avatar f tn I get numbness and weakness down the left and sometimes lose sight out of the left side. It is trial and error for everyone. Topamax and other anti seizures have not helped. My Doctor is going to try another one I can't remember which one. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Then it abated and I was fine for a couple of months, until I started experiencing the tingling again, this time accompanied by numbness and weakness in my arms and legs. I had trouble walking and using my hands and my balance was off. This lasted for a few weeks and my primary had my nuerologist do a spinal which came back clear. When that episode subsided, I had another MRI, this time of my spinal column, which did not show any lesions.
Avatar n tn Rarely, ADEM can recurr or what was thought to be ADEM may turn out to be multiple sclerosis. Steroids also have negative effects as well including weight gain, thinning of the skin and weakening the immune system. That being said, Many patients suffereing from ADEM require an extensive steroid taper, due to recurrent symptoms.