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Avatar n tn are your wisdom teeth coming through,when my were coming through the root of the tooth was growing into my ear drum,giving me intense pain,i had an x ray and then had it removed in hospital
Avatar f tn I had a infected dental implant removed from my bottom teeth over two weeks ago immediately following the pain in my neck and ear began with swallowing problems. I'm on pain medication that bad. Went to an my ENT who put a tube down my nose and said she saw nothing. but I'm not getting any better. wants me to call every week to see if I get worse. Says I will improve .I find that strange to say if you haven't determined what the problem is.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your reply. I have seen 2 ENT between December - Febraury THE OSU SPECIALIST in Columbus found a Osteoma from a temporal bone CTscan, he Said it could be from TMJ to see an oral surgeon. Which I did, 2 weeks ago. I had a tooth cut out which was a crown that I had tried to save. The oral surgeon said my tooth was bad and he thought it might had been causing my ear and head pain. The oral surgeon ruled out TMJ and now I'm seeing a neurologist.
Avatar n tn Then the tooth pain eased completely but now the ear pressure is back. This is sometimes precedeed by neck/throat pain. Is this teeth problems or ear, eye nose and throat problem? I have an appointment with a dental surgeon on tues but I don't even know if I that's the right kind of doctor. I made the appointment last week when I was experiencing severe tooth pain. Now the tooth pain is gone but I feel this swelling in my left inner ear. What should I do?
Avatar f tn During last spring it was examined and found out that the symptoms were not due to temporomandibular or tooth problems or middle ear or sinus problems. A neurologist said that the symptoms might be caused by muscular dystonia. Could there be some kind of infection or inflammation somewhere in my ear-throat area? Or blood vessel problem, or something else?
621386 tn?1221532483 After 7 months of symptoms similar to yours - I am still not sure if neck problems cause the jaw pain (and facial pain and ear pain lower back pain) or if TMJ disorder causes it all. What is helping: -Wearing a neck brace (inexpensive - get it at the pharmacy) seems to help. Espcially at the end of the day when my neck is tired. -Sleeping on my back. I used to sleep on my stomach - arms and lega akimbo. I think this put a lot of pressure on my neck and jaw.
Avatar n tn The same thing just happened to me! I had vertigo, headaches and neck pain. I saw all the specialists but found out I had an infected tooth. It was fixed yesterday and my headaches and vertigo disapoeared. Amazing!
Avatar f tn At the same time, I was experiencing a pressure/pulling sensation down my jaw, around my ear and down my neck. I was first given a round of antibiotics, and the pain, abscess and pressure/pulling sensation all went away. I then went in a few weeks later to have the cavities filled as there were 2 right next to each other that were very close to the root, but the dentist was able to just repair them with a filling and not a root canal.
Avatar m tn left neck swollen cheek, swollen headaches and ear pain dizziness and fatigue.
Avatar f tn Has anyone with chronic and active lyme experienced this horrible teeth and facial and jaw pain. I know one person described me exactly, even severe ear pain, all seeming to stem from my teeth issues. I'll try to keep posted on what will eventually work. I still have hope. I am a critical care nurse and work in the intergrative field as well now. So far traditional medicine is not the answer for me.
Avatar n tn 3 weeks ago I had a tooth implant (bottom wisdom tooth plus adjacent tooth). The swelling of the gum next to the implant extended to the next 2 bottom teeth. IV antibiotics were given plus antibiotic tablets with little effect to reduce the swelling. The pain was mainly at the ear, the joining teeth and the back of my head. Then I started having swelling of the lymph node near the jaw with pain/discomfort spreading to the lower part of the neck (the side of the implant) and shoulder bone.
Avatar m tn And sometimes even sightly makes the other side of my neck and MINOR bit painful. The pain seemed like it started in my upper neck and now is mainly the shoulder and where the neck and shoulder meet. ALL of this pain goes away after hot showers or when heat is applied, by the way. My doctor thought is was a pinched nerve in my neck, and my dentist thinks its TMJ. I have a big impacted upper wisdom tooth on the side of the pain also. The right side upper wisdom tooth was removed two years ago.
603946 tn?1333941839 2 months ago I had lower left molar pain- woke in the night molar throbbing- Naprosyn relieved pain. This tooth has crown - 23 years ago and root canal 15 years ago (went right thru top of crown) also had a pin-stabilizer post (not sure of the real name)- there was not much tooth left/ so I have gotten 15 extra years out of this tooth- I am 47.
Avatar n tn The first root canal on #30 tooth was done on May 21 and then about five days later I started getting pain in the tooth area and thoughout my jaw area and into my ear. I went back to my endodonist who said it was not the tooth and then referred me to an oral surgeon/Maxillofacial dentist who said I was having jaw spasms due to the fact that I had two root canals done just a few days apart and my mouth was open for so long.
Avatar m tn I have having pain in my right ear, jaw and neck since last 2 years. It is getting worst these days.I have seen multiple doctors including ENT specialist but cant dingos the problem, even there is nothing in x-ray but pain never goes. I visited to dentist and they extract my right wisdom-tooth but it did not solve the problem. Now this pain is reaching to right side of head and every time i can feel it also a small swelling is developing in collarbone area.
Avatar f tn Have the Sam e thing.Got a sinus infection that infected my eye and caused upper jaw pain. And some in my ear.
Avatar n tn Still no pain in the tooth or the one behind it; but severe pain in the jaw and ear and glands in the neck. The dentist wasn’t very optimistic about a root canal and said that was an option or having it pulled, I chose to have it pulled; but wasn’t sure which tooth needed pulled. She said the one that had a cracked filling; the tooth might have a crack in it.
657020 tn?1238037518 About the same time I noticed a rotating pain between my lymph nodes in the head/neck, sinuses and ears. This was accompanied by dull pain in the neck, jaw and sides of head (temples), ringing in the ears, fluid in the ears, and pressure building in the ears/frequent popping. I've also been told that I'm overdue for a wisdom teeth extraction and have dysfunctional eustachian tubes.
Avatar n tn Soon after I had internatal vibrations (head and arms), tightening around neck area, ear and gum pressure and some vision problems. I have had a clear MRI and all blood work came back ok apart from B12 level of 120 and low calcium and vitamin d level, but after taking suppliments these levels rectified themselves. Therefore my doctor has ruled out vitamin deficiencies and the neurologist also seems think there is nothing seriously wrong.
Avatar f tn Had MRI w/o contrast that showed no problem. Saw ENT that found no problems from looking in my ear and nose. Over counter meds have been more successful in alleviating symptoms with no known side effects. Inflammortary pain medicine, sinus pressure and congestion medicine works the best. However have to take almost everyday to cope. Other Pain/Medical History Had previous auto accidents that resulted in disc buldges on neck and spine.
Avatar f tn pains in top of head on same side, pain across same side cheek bone, upper jaw where tooth meets gum (only on one tooth on same side) pain from corner of sore eye down the nose (this nostrill is always blocked and i dont have any sense of smell when i get up in the morning) and deep in the back of my neck just behind my ear, i had mri scan which has come back clear, i got a nasal spray called Flixonase but when i sprayed it into the nostrill it caused severe pain in my nose the top of my head
Avatar n tn I found myself wanting to bite down to help with the pain, it started hurting my left ear, and now the pain has moved into my lower left row of teeth and kind of into my neck, like a strained feeling in my neck. Some day's I feel nothing for panin, and others it is pretty bad. I still have a wisdome tooth on that upper left side, that has grown in oddly forward. The pain isn't really in one area alone, and like I said some day's it just goes away. What could this be?
Avatar f tn This can cause pain in whole of head and neck region. Glands in neck and temporal bone pain can be due to this. I would suggest you consult a dentist and an ENT specialist soon. Maybe your PVP can arrange it. If there is no problem in the teeth and ear, then there is a chance that you have compression of cervical spinal nerves due to overuse of computers, work involving straining of neck, canal stenosis, bone disease, spondylosis, poor posture etc.
Avatar f tn but this pain comes up my neck sometimes too.. he gave me some ear drops but i used them before and they didnt work as i told him. The pain in my head doesnt stay there all the time it comes and goes so i cant be anything serious i dont think? like a growing anyeurism you would feel that and a tumour.. i had an MRI done a few months ago but i think im gonna go about seeing an ENT doctor.. do you guys know how to book an app with one of those?
Avatar n tn I have been to 4 dentists and so far this is what happened i went to 1 because i had chipped my tooth on a bone he put a cap on it and said i'd be fine i was in pain and afterwords was still in pain it feels like this sharp shooting daggers through my jaw bone and throbbing and kinda like labor pains only in my jaw contractions i guess after the crown the pain is still there and i went back he sent me to sombody else who said oh well its wisdom teeth and so i had those pulled The pain is sti
Avatar f tn Sometimes ear ringing and I have got little lymphnode on the right side of my neck near jaw maybe 2 centimeters big. May wisdom tooth cause that problems ?
Avatar f tn The length of the episodes very from a minute to several minutes. The pain seems to be getting worse as the days go by. I had an absest tooth once and experiaced some ear pain with that, but I had that tooth pulled about 6 months ago. My remaining teeth I belive are ok, so I don't feel that the ear pain is related to dental problems a before. Please advise on what I should do.