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1709021 tn?1308184343 Why is it that the government will allow medical insurance coverage in the social security area but when it comes to dental the only coverage goes for the children. This is good for the parents sake but....... Seniors need medical dental coverage. Most medical or lots of medical infections in the body may start from infected teeth and gums. This is why I feel this area should be checked into. Have or has anyone priced a set of choppers today?
Avatar n tn HAVING OCCULAR PROBLEMS,SPASMS IN LEGS. HAD 11spinal surgeries and am concerned about the myelin. The occular problems are abnormal because I have implants from cataract surgery-so not supposed to happen. They are also checking for Sjogren's. I don't want either! I have had spinal problems since age 11 and have spent a life in and out of hospitals and now have rods from the top of my spine to the bottom. ENOUGH!!!
Avatar f tn I have problems with numbing tooth in lower jaw and am waiting for an extraction on the NHS under GA When I saw a consultant he said it was always possible to get numb with a local anasthetic but I am not imagining this, it is really painful. He has put me to the bottom of the list as he feels my dentist could have removed the tooth under a local. Is it because I have some complicated nerve pathway ?
Avatar m tn my right front tooth has been sensitive to cold, it has also been sensitive to cold air, when i would be outside and i would breath in heavly my tooth will get very sensitive. i have braces on top and bottom teeth (dont no if that could be a factor). i got my braces tightened 3 days ago and the sensitivity started this morning. i was thinking it could also be that my teeth have been moving around. i really dont want a cavity on one of my front teeth.
Avatar f tn Lol , the tooth fairy takes your teeth to take care of them. And if you brush and take care of them she will leave you something special.
1284078 tn?1271587111 Im going tomorow for an ultrasound scan but let me know how yours goes. ive been sacked from my work because they said they couldnt keep me on with all the time ive had off. at the end of the day my health comes first! i feel better knowin theres someone else out there with the same problem. im not sure what back pressure in your kidney means but if you fid out it'l be nice to know?? do you ever get pains that bad that you haft to sit down? even if your in a public place??
Avatar f tn hey my daughter is 4 and has a tooth coming (where adults get there wisdom tooth) she also has a swollen gland on this side. I thouth the worse that she had cancer but had her at the ENT and he said he thinks it the tooth.
Avatar f tn dealt with the high pollen and allergies and again fluid in the ears. Tomorrow I go to have tubes put in. I am extremely nervous because I will be awake for the procedure. Any advice as to what I can except, during and after?
Avatar f tn Babies take a lot of calcium from their mothers body so tooth problems can be common during pregnancy.
Avatar m tn I went for a cleaning appt , when they did x-rays the tooth deteriated in the gumline and bone .An oral surgeon extracted the tooth and did a bone graph due to bone loss. I was never givien antibiotics. After a wk I still had swelling in my face and the site was oozing pus. It was the weekend I had antibiotics of my husbands (enough for 3 days)I was sure this was an infection.I made an appt w/the oral surgeon . My jaw felt dislocated I couldnt chew and could barely open my mouth.
Avatar n tn s the tooth next to the crown, but the dentists cannot figure out the problem (even with Xrays), whether it may be a cavity in that next tooth, an infection in the root canal, a nerve, or what one dentist suggested -- that the filling in that next tooth is old and is pressing on a nerve. He told me I may have the same problem, and filed down the filling some. It helped me for a while, but I too have discomfort (not actual pain) when I chew on that molar area.
Avatar f tn I had 3 root canals in a tooth a few weeks ago, the tooth did not settle and I continued to have continuous pain, worse after eating or drinking. The pain and sensitivity increased so the tooth was eventually removed. I thought this would be the end of the problems. Things still have not settled and whilst there was some improvement the teeth either side of the extraction are now aching and ache for some time after eating or drinking.
Avatar n tn I am 20 and I still have this baby tooth.. The permanent tooth has not erupted yet so I had it my teeth x-rayed and they foud tiny little teeth underneath instead of a formed permanent tooth.. They do not have a dentist that specializes on this. Please...I need an answer...
Avatar n tn I have had no problems since then. The molar behind this tooth also had to have a root canal and was eventually pulled eight months ago due to a cracked root. I am not sure what to do about this tooth pain. Does it mean that this tooth may also have a cracked root? Are there any treatment options other than getting it pulled? Why would it start hurting all of a sudden after eight months of no pain?
Avatar n tn About a week ago I started getting a toothache in my 2nd molar, upper right side. This particular tooth has had some problems (bad cavity, which was filled). Anyway, I went to the dentist and he said there was another cavity and he would fill it in a couple of weeks but there was a possibility it wouldn't work and the tooth would have to be extracted or i would need RCT.
Avatar n tn Is that why we're suppose to use Biotene?
Avatar m tn Why is there such a large deviation or difference of opinion in different doctors on whether or not amblyopia can or cannot be treated in adults? Is it still because studies such as those conducted by McGill University (tetris) are relatively new?
Avatar f tn Could this sinus infection ive had for about two weeks be affecting my jaw because it is really painful. I know my jaw is slightly unaligned because I need braces and my wisdom tooth out and I get that. Im just wondering why its hurting this bad with this virus I have. I cant chew foods or open my mouth slightly, its not extreme pain but its bareable, I feel it.