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Avatar n tn But then after a few months I had extremely severe pain form between the tooth and my maxillary sinus on that side, and then pain back to my jaw, and below my jaw down my neck with swollen lymph nodes. Plus when I bite down that tooth and only that tooth hurts. Well, the dentist took new bite wing X-rays and didn't see an abscess or anything and gave me Amoxil which completely elminated the severe pain in 5 days...
Avatar f tn I have been taking antibiotics and pain killers and the severe pain has dulled down but my jaw and facial muscles all still ache terribly. It is really horrible, constant discomfort that makes me feel sick and depressed. I can't bear the thought of having this pain indefinitely. What could it be? Is it possible that it is related to the tooth infection, or do I need to learn to relax my jaw? It's driving me literally crazy. Sometimes I feel like my whole face, jaw and neck are throbbing.
Avatar f tn My father is 54 years old (non smoker) and for the past 3 years he's been having a reoccurring pain/swelling around the neck/jaw area (right hand side - around wisdom tooth but its not that). Sharp kind of pain that suddenly appears and is similar to nerves being trapped more or less. We have seen dentist, doctors and done x-rays, ultra sounds and so on but everything appears to be fine. It calms down with antibiotics but its no cure... Do you have any advice what could be causing this?
Avatar n tn Approximately 9 months ago, I experienced this heavy pain on my right bottom jaw. I went to the dentist who x-rayed my teeth and couldn't find a problem, thus coming to the conclusion that it had to be my wisdom tooth. I had 32 teeth in total, now I have 31 as he had removed the tooth. The pain had gone away after a week or so, but now the same pain is back again. It interferes with my concentration and I have headaches.
Avatar f tn I'm a 39 year old female. I have been through a lot of surgeries and pain. but at least then I knew what was going on. I have been suffering from some kind of spasms of my facial muscles or tissue. It hurts very bad. I draws my up to one side, one eye will get blurred, and closed more than the other, there is tightening all the way down into the front of my neck and inside my mouth. My teeth throb, my gums swell. the wierd thing is that it changes sides or is both sides at one time.
Avatar f tn I woke up in excruciating pain all along my jaw, in my ear, and down my neck. It felt like I had been choked. It was painful to the touch and along my throat had a strange soft swelling. The pain also radiated up under my eye to my nose on that side. I was going to call the doctor but decided to just go to bed. I stayed there all day. Just touching the skin on my neck hurt. By Sunday, the pain was much lessened and on Monday felt nearly gone. Yesterday was not bad either.
358304 tn?1409713092 I'm going to the Dr. on Monday to get an X-RAY just to see what it is. I went last month.. and he said he couldnt feel anything in there, and wasnt worried at all. He said my lymph nodes felt fine too.
1947337 tn?1331427490 If it is a bad tooth im really scared to go to dentist because I had to have 2 jaw teeth pulled about 6 months ago because they were so bad granted, I have never had bad teeth before, anyway, getting those pulled were excrutiating and I was in pain for 3 months in my neck and jaw. I did not know at the time that I had chiari or I might have not had them pulled. I was only diagnosed about a month ago with a 20mm extension. Fixing to start PT and on pain meds, valium, and steroids.
659608 tn?1318292966 It is however more than possible that you could have an infection in your jaw, say, from an impacted or infected wisdom tooth. Tooth pain can often make the ear and neck hurt as well (just as an ear infection can make the teeth hurt...). There is also the possibility that there is nothing wrong with you dentally either and you are suffering from neuralgic pain.
Avatar f tn For the last year I've had pain and the dentist drilled it down and now I have so much pain. I've had neck pain, jaw pain and dizziness. So much dizziness that I was referred to an ENT. After extensive testing, I was diagnosed the Vestibular Optic Reflex (VOR). I'm continuing eye exercises, but I'm still having pain and motion issues. If there a correlation between the tooth and nerve and my vision? HELP please.
Avatar m tn My doc said myo fascial pain of neck and head. In the meantime, ice your jaw and you might want to take some anti-inlammatory mets.
Avatar f tn Have you noticed a foul odor or taste emanating from the tooth socket? The lymph nodes in the your jaw or neck should also be enlarged if you are experiencing a dry socket. It seems to me that it is such an easy diagnosis they could not miss it. I suggest that you consult with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. They are dental specialists who have not only completed 4 years of dental school, but have also completed at least four years of a surgical hospital residency.
5635541 tn?1371396878 Feels like swelling is worse. Pain seemed to have subsided a bit from tooth yet now where lymhnode area where swollen is quite sore...I'm wondering if I should go sbout going back to hospital though I have no money to do so to get another set of antibiotics or is this normal. I have seen no signs of swelling improvement at all n quite conecerned. I just want the tooth out...
440535 tn?1312371665 When I started the Chiari issues I had just dislocated my jaw and hit my head and the jaw pain was causing tooth pain. They thought I might be clenching at night so I ended up with a bite guard at night and it helped greatly with tooth pain! Since you have a tight neck with Chiari it just makes sense that it will also be jaw issues so maybe teeth? Just frustrating how much pain can be in the neck area! :) Good luck!
Avatar n tn seeing an orofacial pain specialist or tmj specialist is advised.
Avatar m tn I have having pain in my right ear, jaw and neck since last 2 years. It is getting worst these days.I have seen multiple doctors including ENT specialist but cant dingos the problem, even there is nothing in x-ray but pain never goes. I visited to dentist and they extract my right wisdom-tooth but it did not solve the problem. Now this pain is reaching to right side of head and every time i can feel it also a small swelling is developing in collarbone area.
621386 tn?1221536083 After 7 months of symptoms similar to yours - I am still not sure if neck problems cause the jaw pain (and facial pain and ear pain lower back pain) or if TMJ disorder causes it all. What is helping: -Wearing a neck brace (inexpensive - get it at the pharmacy) seems to help. Espcially at the end of the day when my neck is tired. -Sleeping on my back. I used to sleep on my stomach - arms and lega akimbo. I think this put a lot of pressure on my neck and jaw.
Avatar m tn If its a breakage of a lower tooth, the more likely worse-care scenario is that it will spread down into the neck region and either cause a swelling there and compress your airway (which is life threatening) or it can travel down farther and infect the chest/heart region. Both not pleasant results and should be addressed immediately. The brain infection is generally from an untreated upper tooth.
Avatar f tn Since early hours this morning ive had really bad Tooth and jaw pain then the pain went to the bottom of my jaw and the top of my head then it stopped then I had a bad jaw and earache then that stopped then I had a pain on the top bit of my nose to my head and so on, I got told that jaw pain in pregnancy but ive never met anyone who has had It, is this Normal it not becuse im in alot of pain and paracetamol never works!!
Avatar m tn About 5 days later my mouth broke out in severe cold sores and I started getting quite a bit of pain in my jaw and underneath it as well. It wasn't a sharp pain but more of a dull pain. Every couple of weeks after that the pain would slowly subside and then I would break out with 3 or 4 cold sores again and get that same pain. After the 3rd or 4th time I was able to associate the pain with the cold sores.
Avatar n tn recommends braces and surgery to repair bite; currently in too much pain to undertake any kind of jaw surgery neurologist: - diagnosis of glossopharyngeal neuralgia; currently using medication - have tried tegretol, trileptal, amitryptiline without much success neurosurgeon: - has suggested vascular decompression of glossopharyngeal nerve at the base of the skull symptoms right side: - painful sensation of pinching in ear when talking (seems to be triggered when closing mouth) that becomes p
Avatar n tn I've been diagnosed with tmj-the jaw swells causing major pain throughout the head. You need to get a MRI of jaw to rule out TMJ (temporal mandibular joint). I have the same symptoms. The doctor ordered Valium for the evening before bed, and Naproxen, which is an inflammatory prescription.
Avatar n tn the dentist had put an extra piece for me to bit on so my jaw doesnt take the pressure, ....... the gums/tooth have healed fine, ... the main problem seems to be my jaw, .... i cant seem to open my mouth, ...... the max. that i can open is 2 finger gap, ... (about 1.25 inch) so chewing is ok, ... not a problem, .. main task is take a bit of a sandwich............... what should i do........ help...............
Avatar n tn About 8 days later developed pain in same area -- now it is severe pain around tooth, jaw and neck/face. Saw my dentist yest; took xrays; may have a tiny dead nerve but he's not sure? Teeth are in tact and ok to tap on. Thinks its definately infection. Started antibiotics yest; no change yet. Should I get 2nd opinion; call a periodontist? Any sugg. for easing the pain; taking motrin for it currently.