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Avatar m tn The decay extends down to alveolar bone, pulp is probably non-vital, which may need root canal treatment in order to rescue the tooth. However, restoration is difficult.Ideally, crown lenthening is needed in order to establish biologic width. However, after crown lenthening procedure, interdental papilla may recede and there may be black triangle present between tooth#9 and #10, which compromise cosmetic result. In addition, crown-root ratio needs to be considered.
947190 tn?1286991297 I've been treated twice for chronic Hepatitis C. Since the onset of the first treatment, (February, 2004), I have been losing my teeth. They simply "break" apart and fall out of my mouth. There's no pain involved but, I now have only 1 1/2 teeth remaining in my mouth. None of my "Doctors" offer me any advice, help, direction. What is happening to me?????? (It's not just tooth loss either. Every body system is being affected).
Avatar f tn Does anyone know the percent of bone loss a tooth has to have before it is no longer able to be saved? Thank you.
Avatar m tn I had a severe systemic reaction to metal based cerimic caps (2). I had one tooth pulled and the other cap repalced with ceramic with a zirconim base. I am still having tooth pain, soreness in the gums, acrid taste in mouth, and loss of taste. How do I identify if it is still an allergic reaction?
Avatar f tn t feel obligated to answer any of my questions. I guess I just needed to mourn the loss of that part of my tooth (and I know from experience that you listen).
Avatar f tn I have chronic periodontal diease and i have bone loss and gum reduction however thr dentist show me wear my bone is at and the infected tooth i want to a periocleaning but they are refusing cleaning instead she to extract the infected tooth she told me to remove all my teeth and wont set appointment until i agree to remove all my teeth in one day. I have different insurance i no longer go to the same dentist my old dentist already explained what i need to do.
Avatar n tn Approximately 3 weeks ago I had an abcess on my lower left tooth. My dentist put me on antiobiotics for 7 days. I went back a week later for a deep cleaning on my lower left quadrant. I was told to rinse with warm water and salt and to massage the gum. I was also told that it would take about a week to heal. After a week my gums were still swollen and painful.... I then called my dentist and he said that it was normal and sometimes it takes more than a week to heal and not to worry.
Avatar m tn Tooth mobility may be caused by acute periodotal infection. Once the infection subsides, mobility will be reduced.
541456 tn?1394490622 Over twenty years ago a dentist told me I had bone loss on one tooth. Never affected me until three years ago I got a stabbing pain in it and a root canal. It was fine until three months ago. Now if I floss around it too aggressively it can hurt all night long . It also snags the floss. This is something new. Two months ago it became "rough" on the inside and snags floss. There is no bump or absess and it feels fine today.
779797 tn?1263618235 hence dizziness, hearing loss, ringing in the ears, stuffy ears and as well as eyes such as pressure behind eyes, are common symptoms of TMJ dysfunction. I would also recommend you have a consultation with an ENT (Ear Nose Throat Specialist). If those symptoms fall under the category of TMJ dysfunction, after a thorough medical check up, I would recommend an evaluation by a TMJ expert. As far as how long will it last?
713126 tn?1229543236 I was wanting to know if there is any relation to thyroid cancer or problems and problems with your teeth. I have thyroid cancer and today I had a piece of my tooth (3rd one from the very back on the bottom) to break off. I have had all kinds of things to go wrong with me having thyroid problems anyways like my hair coming out, etc.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am in my early twenties and recently had my upper left premolar extracted and replaced with an implant. I know that bone loss can occur when a tooth is extracted, and the implant is supposed to prevent such bone loss from occurring, but will there be any bone loss at all? I am really concerned because I am so young and don't want my facial appearance to change. Thank you so much.
Avatar n tn Now I have to decide whether to have the tooth extracted in order to solve the abscess problem once and for all and to remove the MTA. I have some questions. Here are they: 1) If I leave the site of the extraction empty, will I be able to live with it? Will it require a great adjustment or will I get used to it? Might I also face problems with occlusion and TMJ in the long term as one dentist warned me? 2) I have asked and researched about the possibility of implants.
Avatar n tn s not only cavities that cause tooth loss, but also gum disease. Inflammation and bleeding are signs of gum disease. Gum disease can also cause heart problems. If brushing 3-5 times a day doesn't turn this around, see your doctor and get checked for medical problems causing this. Oh, and one thing is nutritional deficiencies, so take a whole-food supplement from a healthfood store and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry to hear about your bone loss. Did the dentist say how long it takes to get to that stage? I've been diagnosed with periodontal disease. I've done the first part of a full-mouth debridement. I'm doing the second part soon. I've been told this will stop the disease.
Avatar n tn I think it is only suitable if your pockets are not too, too deep and there must be enough bone completely surrounding the tooth in order for any hope of regeneration. I have heard that once the tooth can be wiggled from side to side and not just front to back, the tooth is a goner. My pockets are a maximum of 5mm so I will hold those teeth at deep cleanings every three months although my perio wants me to have the gum surgery.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the info. The pain has subsided considerably although not completely gone. An xray and tests had been done on that particular tooth in past but nothing could be found. This tooth has been a mystery as has two other teeth that I ended up getting root canaled on. A dull ache, no sensitivity. I'll wait another week and if it hasn't settled down I will look at having it extracted too.
Avatar m tn Once that happens, the tooth is usually not salvageable because it is now very brittle to begin with. A fractured tooth leaves a breeding ground for bacteria and eventual bone loss which can affect the neighboring teeth. If you do need it removed, I highly recommend an implant to replace it. The procedure is no worse than a root canal. It just takes alot longer to get to the finished product because of healing time. My DH has 7 molar implants and loves them.
Avatar f tn Food gets trapped between the gums and teeth causing the gums to pull away from the tooth and it turns to plaque which can only be removed by your dentist. If left untreated it can also lead to tooth loss due to bone loss. I hope this helps and wish you all the best. It's tough when you need dental care and can't afford it. Good luck.
Avatar m tn You need to see a dentist ASAP. Anytime a tooth starts to wiggle it is usually from bone loss or root absorption as turkee23 says. Please get to the dentist. Not to do so is to risk the loss of both of those teeth and it happens quickly.
Avatar n tn It just depends on how much tooth they have access to in order to remove it.
Avatar n tn it was vertically impacted. The surgeon removed the tooth and told me my nerve under the tooth was in tact, but he felt I would experience temporary loss of sensation resulting from the surgery. I am feeling numbness and discomfort (not pain) in my front lower jaw and my chin and lower lip from midline to my outer right lip area. It just seems strange to me that I'm feeling discomfort in this area more so than the actual area where the impacted tooth was removed... is this normal????
Avatar f tn What is tooth lengthening and the procedure, I was told necessary before a crown can be inserted on tooth.