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Avatar n tn ll be able to save enough money to get his tooth or teeth pulled...but in the meantime, please advise me on what to do for this beautiful little boy, named Simon.
3149845 tn?1506627771 The director brought a mom with kittens over that week. You watch the kittens while mom goes in for spay surgery. Then care for her when she gets home making sure kittens don't get too rough. It's so much work. But it did take my mind off of the misery of my loss. A few months later I adopted one of the moms. The foundation has good luck with the formal adoption of the kittens if you do your fostering and make them good little citizens. If it helps, talk about what happened.
Avatar f tn I have the same problem. My indoor rag doll had 5 kittens one tiny and sadly died today (10 days old) my other 4 kittens big healthy kittens but today I noticed they have lost fur! not in chunks or anything but went so thin that you can actually see there pink skin. This was such a shock as there coats were fine! they eat fine,no rash or anything on skin, nobody seems to know whats going on.
Avatar f tn My son just turned 5 in July. He has hearing loss, a speech problem, and is a slow learner. We have 1 cat and 2 kittens. We have had the kittens for 5 months, but before that he has never been around kittens. He would play with them kind of rough and he would be put in time out for it. He would always give them kisses and seemed like he truly liked them. Then just the other day when we woke up we could only find one of the kittens.
947190 tn?1286991297 I've been treated twice for chronic Hepatitis C. Since the onset of the first treatment, (February, 2004), I have been losing my teeth. They simply "break" apart and fall out of my mouth. There's no pain involved but, I now have only 1 1/2 teeth remaining in my mouth. None of my "Doctors" offer me any advice, help, direction. What is happening to me?????? (It's not just tooth loss either. Every body system is being affected).
Avatar f tn but there was 70% loss in one front tooth and 30% in the other. My laterals are genetically inclined to twist so my periodontist thought I might want four implants. I'd rather hold onto the laterals but need to know what the percents of bone loss are for a compromised tooth. I already know the one is going to have to be extracted. My hope is saving at least two or possible three of the others.
Avatar n tn Well, as he is eating properly, then the weight loss remains unexplained. It is definitely time to get him checked, and the cause of his weight loss found. Like Ghilly says, if it IS something like diabetes, the quicker he gets treatment, the better. I wouldn't blame stress because of the kittens. That shouldn't cause DRAMATIC weight loss in a dog who is eating well. There has to be a physical cause.
740516 tn?1360942486 constant cleaning of herself and her kits, dragging her butt, weight loss in Momma or kits, and the sign to watch for sure.... her being unable to produce enough milk to feed her kits! I would ask that instead of 'store bought'/'walmart' dewormer you get a good dewormer from your vet that will not harm her kits. Litter box training.... leave that to Momma.....she will teach them!
Avatar m tn I have often put my boobs to good use when orphans have needed warming up but in this kittens case I shall pass as she is all teeth and claws! Best wishes and I shall keep you updated with kittys progress.
11096542 tn?1415256935 Hi today I found 1 of my 7 day old cats kittens dead under the bedding hoping tis the only one but i'm worried as the other 5 kittens feel a little on the thin side mother is a rag doll she has lots of milk & sits with them all day long feeding them dad is a Siamese both been very healthy so really just wanting to know what to look out for & what can I do vet is a long way from where i live
Avatar f tn Hi Nancy, I'm so excited to read 5 of your *charges* got adopted. Poor little black ones. I hope they get adopted and appreciated soon. Seems anyone who would take a black kitty is MedHelp, lol...unfortunately :( I saw your new pics and Tucker is darling. Odd how suddenly they just start to backslide. I see him and GHM are getting along already :) p.s.
390388 tn?1279636213 Just thought I would ask you all in advance just in case the skin test is negative on what else it could be, or advise for her on what to ask her vet. Thank you all in advance.
Avatar n tn The original one still has bug repellent qualities, enough so that it will keep the fleas off the kittens until they are old enough to use an actual flea repellent on them. The kittens will be kind of greasy, but it's preferrable to the alternative of having them become anemic from blood loss to the fleas.
592047 tn?1243385987 s are....... How does an infection / abscess in the mother cat affect the unborn kittens?? What sort of abnormalities can occur in the kittens?? And..... How long does it usually take for abscesses to heal?? My cat is in so much pain and is still lame in her paw, but the vet said he doesn't want to give her any painkillers because she is pregnant.
Avatar n tn Aside the fact that there are so many unwanted kittens around, spaying will go far in preventing breast cancer(very deadly in cats) in unaltered females.
Avatar m tn I've had braces at around age 27 when the surgeon had advised me that it may cause tooth loss at a later age. I am now 57 and it's been almost 30 years since I've last visited the dentist, since I had a general fear of the pain when going to the dentist. I now have purple gums and my tooth are loose and shaky at time to time. I suspect it may be from gum disease with a combination of the side effect for my late braces. I am a drinker and a smoker.
Avatar f tn Her sudden and persistent change in behavior indicates that she is in pain. She is trying to tell you that the only way she knows how. DO NOT GIVE HER ASPIRIN. Aspirin and most other over the counter analgesics are toxic to cats.
1096641 tn?1271707225 Mystery does tend to have runny stool and his brother passed in July from what we assume was cancer (his pcv levels were extremely low...the vet and my family figured cancer and didn't want to do bone point, the result would've been the same...him passing)... Anyway...if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be grateful to hear/read them. Otherwise, I'm going to keep my eye on him and maybe take him to vet before vacation. Thanks. PS...
Avatar n tn We have had success in kittens like yours building up internal immunity and boosting overall health and wellness with organic commercial or home made diets and balanced natural vitamin-mineral supplements, some of which also contain the L-Lysine. Please keep us posted and if you need additional advice I am glad to help.
Avatar n tn Tooth pain is not always dental origin, although most dental pains do come from cavities and gum disease. Assuming there is no dental pathology identified by your dentist other than the offending tooth, the possible causes of thermeal sensitivy and aching are 1.occlusal trauma resulting from occlusal interference. 2. referred pain from myofascial trigger point pathology. 3. central nervous system dysfunction.
Avatar f tn I am so very sorry for the loss of your 3 kittens. I have no idea what went wrong. Maybe someone else will come along with an idea. Like you said, none were immunized, so possibly (obviously) a virus or disease. I hope you aren't blaming yourself; they were feral and probably difficult to catch.
Avatar m tn so i have a 7 year old lactating persian queen and she seems to have a lot of phlegm.